Interesting Details on Kimberly Anne Scott’s Family Life And Net Worth

There is no beating around the bush when it comes to the fact that Kimberly Anne Scott is famous because of her relationship with legendary rapper, Eminem. While most spouses of celebrities often stay in the background, supporting the craft of their husband or wife, Kimberly made the news several times over issues like domestic abuse and drug possession and even became a subject of one of the rapper’s most iconic songs.

Kimberly has become a somewhat appreciated chapter of Eminem’s legendary history. Through her actions, she ensured that the rapper had stories to tell and become a legend of the hip-hop in the process. It, therefore, pays to have a look at who she is and learn more about her.

Read below as we take a look at the life of Kimberly Anne Scott.

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott and How Old is She? 

To a majority of the world, Kimberly Anne Scott is the controversial ex-wife and baby mama of Eminem. However, many do not know that she is also a puzzle writer, children’s book writer, and a freelance illustrator. Her artistic interest shares a similarity with Eminem’s childhood interest as a comic book artist.

On the 9th of January, 1975, Kimberly Anne Scott was born to Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck in Warren, Michigan. She arrived with a twin sister, Dawn Scott. As for her childhood, it is well established that she had a difficult childhood. Her parents did not last as a couple and she ended up being raised by her mother and her stepfather. She suffered domestic abuse, including ones that were sexual in nature.

She attended Lincoln High School, which became significant in the life of Kimberly Anne Scott because that was where she met Marshal Bruce Mathers III, popularly known to the rest of the world as Eminem.

When the domestic abuse got too severe for Kimberly Anne Scott and her twin sister, they moved out of their home into a shelter before a coincidental house party meeting with Eminem led to the sisters living with the rapper and his mother. A move that kickstarted one of the most dramatic relationships in the music industry thus far.

What is Her Net Worth?

One would expect the wife of the rapper to be worth a significant sum, having been in a relationship with him that has spanned over two decades. That is however not the case. Kimberly Anne Scott is worth a total of $2 million. While that doesn’t exactly make her poor, it pales in comparison to her ex-husband, Eminem who is worth over $200 million.

Who Are Her Spouse and Children?

Kimberly Anne Scott
Kimberly and her former husband, Eminem

After Kimberly Anne Scott met Eminem at a house party, through music and the similarity in their childhood experiences, Kimberly and Eminem had an instant connection. At Kim’s request, Eminem offered to house Kimberly and her sister in his home with his mother.

The similarity in her experience with Eminem, who was also suffering from abandonment by his father, and their proximity eventually led to a relationship between Kim and Eminem. The flow and solidity of their relationship were tested when Kimberly’s pregnancy coincided with an opportunity for Eminem to grow his rap career. This period became the first of several fights and conflicts between the couple. They gave birth to their first and only child, Hailie Jade Mathers on the 25th of December 1995. The arrival of the baby combined with the challenges of Eminem’s career resulted in a collapse of their relationship in 1996.

However, Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem would later have an on-and-off relationship, with some of the ‘on periods’ leading to marriage twice; first in 1999 and then again in 2006. Her relationship with Eminem officially ended in 2006.

As for children, Kimberly shares one biological child with Eminem but she has two other biological children. She has a child, Whitney Scott with a man named Eric Hatter and a third child, Parker Scott with a man whose identity is unknown. After her sister, Dawn Scott died, she adopted her daughter, Alaina Scott.

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Details Of Her Siblings

Other than the fact that they both shared the same difficult childhood, not much is known about Dawn Scott, Kimberly Anne Scott’s only sibling. Dawn re-entered the news on the 19th of January, 2016 when she was found dead in a home in Macomb County in Michigan. She was believed to have died of a drug overdose. Her only daughter, Alaina Scott was adopted by Kim and Eminem.

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