Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Ann Vadala
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Even though Kimberly Ann Vadala was married to a media big shot, she has effectively kept a very low-profile over the years. Widely known as a celebrity wife, Kimberly has a booming career that she has also chosen to hide from the public knowing that fame comes with its own fair share of troubles. Their divorce has also made finding some details about her very difficult as Kimberly has chosen to lead a reclusive lifestyle. Regardless, we have been able to dig out some important information about this woman who rose to immense fame as the heartthrob of Colin Cowherd some years back. Read ahead to find out more.

All You Should Know About Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd’s Ex-wife

When Was Kimberly Ann Vadala Born?

Kimberly is a private person who has succeeded in hiding her personal details from the prying eyes of the media. Besides her place of birth which is in the United States, and the fact that she is of Caucasian background, the ex-wife of Colin Cowherd has not opened up about her birth details including her year of birth, parents, siblings, and early life. The same goes for her educational history as there is nothing about her early education. For higher education, there are indications that she obtained a degree in economics from yet an unknown college.

Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Career

Details regarding Kimberly Ann Vadala’s career are also scrappy but she is best known as a fitness enthusiast whose passion for yoga and pilates made her change her early career gaze which was to pursue a career in journalism. The former wife of the TV icon and co-host of The Herd, Colin Cowherd not only excels as a fitness trainer but also as a model.  She continues to earn a living both as a model and a fitness trainer even though she shies away from sharing her success in the limelight.

What Led To Her Divorce From Colin Cowherd?

It’s no news that Kimberly Ann Vadala and Colin Cowherd ended their marriage in 2007 after many years of keeping it together. But what actually led to their divorce you may ask. Well, there seems to be no known reason why the duo decided to end the beautiful thing they shared and nobody could’ve imagined their split. Their love affair began sometime in the late ’90s and led to an official union in 1996.

In fact, their love seemed like a story straight out of a fairytale and the duo managed to live joyfully for a full decade with no rumors of divorce. However, something went wrong and the two decided to part ways citing irreconcilable differences.

While the ex-lovers have refused to let out the reason for their divorce, rumors quickly spread quoting that Colin complained that Kimberly was becoming too controlling and that she also exhibited some bad attitude.

Colin And Kimberly’s Children, Who Are They?

Colin Cowherd and his two children
Cowherd and Kimberly with one of their kids (image source)

Kimberly Ann Vadala is a mother of two adorable children; a girl and boy. The children resulted from her marriage to Colin Cowherd. Being the custodian of the kids, the two kids live with her while Colin also has full access to them.

Is Kimberly Dating Someone Or Has She Remarried?

Since Kimberly’s divorce from Cowherd, the fitness expert hasn’t shown interest in any man although Colin moved on in 2010 with a woman now named Ann Cowherd. Ann who is also a divorcee has been a caring wife and seems bothered by the health of her husband. She nudged Cowherd to create a gym in their basement worth $ 3million so he could stay fit.

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What Is Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Kimberly Vadala is not known but from the look of things, her fitness career is generating enough money to afford her a good life. Moreover, her ex-husband has a net worth of $14 million and surely pays her child support.

Is Kimberly On Social Media?

As we already mentioned, Kimberly Ann Vadala is a private person and being on social media can only lead to sharing some details she would rather keep personal. To ensure nothing slips, she is not on any social media platform and is unapologetic about it. Her ex-husband, however, is very active online and uses his platforms to share his career progress and sometimes, sneak peeks of his family life.

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