A Timeline of Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Marriage, Divorce and Why She Is So Famous

Even though Kimberly Ann Vadala was married to a media big shot, she has effectively kept a very low-profile over the years. Widely known as a celebrity wife, Kimberly has a booming career that she has also chosen to hide from the public knowing that fame comes with its fair share of troubles. Their divorce has also made finding some details about her very difficult as Kimberly has chosen to lead a reclusive lifestyle. Regardless, we have been able to dig out some important information about this woman who rose to immense fame as the heartthrob of Colin Cowherd some years back. Read ahead to find out more.

Who is Kimberly Ann Vadala?

Kimberly is a private person who has succeeded in hiding her details from the prying eyes of the media. Besides her place of birth which is in the United States, and the fact that she is of Caucasian background, the ex-wife of Colin Cowherd has not opened up about her birth details including her year of birth, parents, siblings, and early life. The same goes for her educational history as there is nothing about her early education. For higher education, there are indications that she obtained a degree in economics from yet an unknown college.

Whether she made a career out of her economics degree remains unknown, but the ex-wife of the sports anchorman notably worked as a model and a fitness trainer.

Vadala’s Marriage to Colin Cowherd – How It Began and Ended

1996 – Kimberly and Colin Cowherd get Married

Sadly, nothing about Kimberly Ann Vadala’s relationship before 1996 exists as public information. While it is presumed that she and Colin dated for a considerable period, the exact dates remain elusive. However, in 1996, Kimberly and Colin’s love story began in the spotlight.

The couple got married in a private ceremony and began their marriage. Aside from their marriage, 1996 was also the year her husband, Colin Cowherd, moved to Portland, Oregon and became a full-time sports anchorman for KGW-TV. This move launched his path to becoming the co-host of Fox Sports Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

2000 – Kimberly and Colin give birth to their daughter

Kimberly Ann Vadala
Kimberly Ann’s daughter, Liv, with her ex-husband, Colin Cowherd: image source

Four years after Kimberly and Colin said ‘I Do’, they welcomed their daughter, Liv Cowherd on the 12th of September, 2000. Liv is one of the two children that came out of the couple’s marriage, and Liv is the most famous of the former couple’s children. To those who might not be in the know, she is an internet star with over 150,000 followers combined across Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram.

Her only sibling, and Kimberly’s second child, is a boy, but every other detail, including his birth year, remains locked away as part of the Cowherd’s private life.

2007 – A sad but lowkey divorce

Seven years after Liv became a part of their family and after about a decade of being man and wife, Kimberly Ann Vadala and Colin Cowherd parted ways. In very low-key fashion, the couple got divorced, citing irreconcilable differences. Some rumors suggested the marriage came to an end over infidelity by the sports anchorman, but that has not been confirmed by either party.

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Another rumor also suggested Kimberly was becoming too controlling and her increasing bad attitude made the marriage inconducive. But like the infidelity rumor, this has also not been confirmed and we will simply have to settle for the generic reason, ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Kimberly is famous because of her Ex-Husband

Kimberly Ann Vadala
Kimberly was the first wife of The Herd’s Colin Cowherd: image source

Kimberly Ann Vadala was thrust into the spotlight because of her marriage to The Herd’s co-host, Colin Cowherd. Although he had not attained this level of fame when she walked the aisle with her husband, as his profile grew and he became the voice for millions of sports fans, Kimberly’s name grew along, as his wife.

However, despite her fame as a celebrity wife, Kim does have a life of her own. After giving up an early life interest in a journalism career, she became a fitness instructor, for yoga and pilates. She was also reportedly a model at a point in time. But, neither of those career paths made her the notable name she is today.

Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Life Today

When Kimberly Ann Vadala was Colin Cowherd’s wife, she kept her life away from the spotlight. And since they got divorced, she has continued her reclusive life. Such is her insistence on privacy that she is not known to be on any social media platform. A huge contrast to her ex-husband, who uses Twitter and Instagram to share his career progress and sometimes, sneak peeks of his family life.

One of the few things many are curious about regarding Kimberly’s life today is her love life. But as with other aspects of her life, everything remains locked away from the reach of the media. We do know, however, that her two children continue to be a central part of her life as their main custodian since the divorce.

Kimberly Ann Vadala
Her ex-husband, Colin has remarried to Ann Cowherd: image source

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is confirmed to have moved on to another marriage. He got married to a woman named Ann Cowherd in 2010. Like Colin, Ann is also a divorcee and their marriage has made them parents to a combined six children, four of whom came from Ann’s previous marriage.

As for her present whereabouts, that is unknown. But one thing is for sure, wherever she is, she is enjoying life outside of media attention.

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Is She Rich?

Thanks to a very reserved life, the exact net worth of Kimberly Ann Vadala remains elusive. It is unknown how much of her modeling and fitness training career has contributed to her financial success. However, we do know she has earned handsomely since the divorce thanks to alimony and child support from her ex-husband, who is worth a reported $14 million. His high net worth is a proceed of his sports show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, which is syndicated nationwide.


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