Who is Khalyla Kuhn, What Exactly Does She Do For a Living?

Fame is a very tricky mistress. There are those who spend their entire life courting her but never get her, there are those whom she simply falls into their lap and there are those who trick her, by marrying someone or dating someone who has already found her. The latter is what Khalyla Kuhn has been accused of by fans of actor and comedian, Bobby Lee.

For those who might not be familiar, Khalyla Kuhn has been married to Bobby Lee since 2016 after they spent a few months dating, and Bobby Lee is a Korean-American comedian who has made appearances in films like Pineapple Express, The Dictator and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

In this article, we have compiled five interesting facts we believe you will love about Khalyla Kuhn. Read on.

Khalyla Kuhn’s Biography

Before diving into those interesting facts, here is a quick introduction into who she is and her life so far.

Khalyla Kuhn was born sometime in 1984 somewhere in the United States. Details about her parents or her childhood have so far been kept away from the media and the only available information so far about her is that she has a sister named Julianna Kuhn and a mother named Marites Kuhn.

As for other important parts of her life, like her education history, there is also very little information available regarding her that with the only public information being that she is a graduate of biochemistry. Before she became a recognized podcaster, she worked as a nurse.

For years, Khalyla Kuhn existed outside public consciousness until she met Bobby Lee and started a relationship that has both been emotionally and socially rewarding. Without further ado, here are five interesting facts about her.

She met Bobby Lee via Tinder

Khalyla Kuhn
Khalyla Kuhn with her husband, Bobby Lee while recording their podcast

For all the talk about the negatives of technology, and there is plenty to be said, one positive is the ease by which it has made meeting men/women for romantic partnership. The app, Tinder, which has been in existence for a couple of years is the foundation of the very modern relationship between Bobby and Khalyla Kuhn.

After they both swiped right on each other, they hit it off via jokes and interesting conversations, and what is often a one-night stand meeting turned into a full-blown relationship that led to marriage.

She has worked as a tutor

A recent controversy suggested that Khalyla Kuhn is in a relationship with Bobby Lee for his money, essentially calling her a gold digger. She categorically refuted the term and established that she has been an independent woman, earning her pay since she was 17 and it is on record that Khalyla, who is a graduate of biochemistry, tutored students who studied anatomy, microbiology, and physiology.

She is mixed race

There has been a significant change in the social profile of the world since the 80s and one way that has changed is the rapid increase in inter-racial marriages, creating a world of diverse people born from the marriage of two different cultures. Khalyla Kuhn is a product of this beautiful change and it exists as a relationship between a Filipino mother and an American father, although closer look shows that her American father is of Egyptian heritage.

As part of the many controversies that have defined Kuhn’s public life, she has been caught in a lie claiming to be French. She has however explained it was out of the refusal to identify with her father’s ancestry having been raised alone by her mother.

She is a big lover of dogs

There is plenty of love for dogs in the world, there is no denying that but Khalyla Kuhn has a passionate love for dogs that goes beyond the average person. She has several numbers of dogs and she never shies away from expressing that love in public through her social media profile, Twitter, and Instagram where millions of people get to share in her affection for her pets.

She hosts a podcast with her husband

For all the talk about Khalyla Kuhn marrying Bobby Lee for the money, the fact seems irrelevant with the couple who have built a loving relationship that goes beyond their domestic life. They also share a professional life as podcasters, publishing weekly under the title – TigerBelly.

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The podcast, which has over 270,000 subscribers on YouTube and has been viewed over 37 million times has Bobby and Kuhn hosting and discussing various social issues from news in the entertainment industry to racism and sexuality. The podcast lasts for an average of one and a half hours with over 180 episodes released since it began in 2016.

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