Who is Kerri Higuchi? Here are Facts About The Actress & John Cho’s Wife

From Star Trek Beyond to the Harold and Kumar films, the name John Cho has been in films for several years which has made the actor one of Hollywood’s leading Asian actors. Since he became a star in his own right, not much has been gathered about John Cho, particularly in his personal life, but we now know he has been married to Kerri Higuchi for over a decade, making it one of Hollywood’s most stable relationships.

Although Kerri Higuchi doesn’t share the spotlight with her husband, she is equally an actress, who has appeared in several popular projects, particularly on television from Scandal to Grey’s Anatomy. We take a further look into the life of Kerri Higuchi and you can read all about it below.

Kerri Higuchi’s Personal Life

If a majority of fans of the film industry do not know that John Cho is married, and to a fellow actor no less, that is because like her husband, Kerri Higuchi courts a private life despite working in the most media-driven field in America. This desire to keep her life private has resulted in the absence of several pieces of information about her, including her childhood background, educational background (although we know she attended UC Berkeley because she met her husband there), and even her date of birth.

Her relationship with her husband suggests she may have been born in the 70s but there is no confirmation of that. She made her first professional appearance onscreen in 1998, for a short film titled World Inside Me, playing the character, Emi.

Since then, she has further starred in shows like Hollywood Residential, ER and Without a Trace; she has also made her feature-length debut for the film Sorority Boys and also appeared in other films like Enough. She began to star in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Elizabeth Chen in 2009, all within the first decade of making her first appearance as an actress.

In Grey’s Anatomy, she starred in the same project alongside her husband and she has repeated the feat in other projects like Selfie in 2014. Other appearances for Kerri Higuchi over the course of her career includes shows like Battle Creek, Scandal, FlashForward, Parks and Recreation and a couple of others. In film, she starred in the short films Day of Independence in 2003 and More Things Change in 2010.

Family and Relationship with John Cho

Kerri Higuchi
Kerri Higuchi with her husband, John Cho at the Oscars

According to some scientists, there is a statistical chance that you have met the person you will marry before you clock the age of 18. While several people have proved to be outliers to that statistical analysis, John Cho and Kerri Higuchi fall into that bracket.

They met for the first time in college at UC Berkeley but while their first meeting dates all the way back to their carefree years filled with the joys of youthfulness, they did not begin dating until they were professional actors in the industry, working in Los Angeles.

The timeline of their relationship suggests they began dating when both of them starred on Grey’s Anatomy but there hasn’t been a confirmation from either party. The two of them eventually decided to tie the knot in July 2006, starting a life together as husband and wife and they have been together ever since.

Since Kerri Higuchi and John Cho got married, they have not only been enjoying the companionship and support that comes with marriage but they have also been blessed with two children, a baby boy born in 2008 who was named Kage Cho and a baby girl born in February 2013. The name of their second child is unknown.

With two children and a very busy husband, Kerri Higuchi has primarily stayed back as a stay-at-home mom, but while modern ideologists might thumb their noses up at the arrangement, Kerri has been credited with holding the home together, particularly by John Cho who praises his wife for her impact in making him a better actor.

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Other Facts About Kerri Higuchi

  1. Kerri Higuchi body profile includes features like dark brown eyes and black hair
  2. At a body height of 5 feet 7 inches, Kerri Higuchi has a body height higher than the Asian woman average.
  3. She is a credited director and writer having written and directed the 2005 film, Mr. Isaac.
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