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In the past, sports journalism used to be a male-dominated industry. But with skilled women like Kerith Burke who not only bring their looks to the fold but also their extreme experience and qualification, things have changed. While Burke may not be among sports reporters with the highest profile, she has a vast experience in presenting sports news and with that, she has landed big opportunities like reporting for NBC Sports Bay Area and Golden Warriors. Among her many experiences so far are covering UConn women basketball national championship victories from 2011 to 2016 and reporting at Rio Olympics U.S gold-medal-winning women’s team and Geno Auriemma Show. Here’s more about the sports anchor.

Early Life and Career Achievements

Famous as one of the most beautiful sports reporters, Kerith Burke was born on the 23rd of February 1983 in Seattle Washington to a family with a long military history. She spent much of her childhood traveling around different military stations in the United States including Georgia, Fort Benning, Fort Lewis, Washington, and New York. The longest she lived in a place in her early life was 5 years. Little is known about Kerith’s early life, siblings and parents but it is known that her father worked as a member of the Ranger Battalion which was why her family moved around the country.

Kerith’s reporting education began at the Murrow College of Communication at Washing State University. There, the journalist who was in the broadcasting department honed her inborn skills. Also at the school, she took up college games such as hockey, football and sometimes basketball as hobbies without plans of carving out a career out of the activities.

Her first work as a journalist was at the official TV station in Washington State University – Cable 8 productions. During Kerith Burke’s years at the TV station, she gained a reputation as an excellent reporter. She spent significant time hosting an early morning 3 hours music radio show on KZUU 90.7FM every Friday and was so proficient in it, an experience she described as exhilarating.

After spending four years in her TV job, Kerith was hired at Pasco station in Washington as a general assignment reporter. Her reporting technique captured the audience’s attention and she soon worked her way to become the interim sports director, officially drifting her career to sports reporting.

The new position required her to move around including touring in Pasco, Boise, and Raleigh where she counted among her credits, stories from ACC basketball powerhouses Duke and North Carolina and their hall of fame coaches Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams. Later on, she took up a sideline reporting job at KTVB News Channel 7 ABC Eyewitness News in 2007 before joining SportsNet New York.

Kerith Burke worked with a number of other media outlets including SD Nation, Sterling communications and NBC Universal. But it was not until in 2017 that she gained popularity as a sideline reporter and sports journalist for NBC Sports Bay Area and Golden Warriors, a responsibility she has proven to be a pleasant fit for her.

She successfully reported main programs like Golden State Warriors Pregame Live, Postgame Live and other important sports events. She also had the opportunity to chat with remarkable golden state players such as Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, and Klay Thompson.

Details of Kerith Burke’s Family Life

Kerith Burke and husband David
Kerith Burke and husband David (image source)

There have been rumours that Kerith Burke’s mother is Doris Burke, the expert ABC basketball analyst and the reason for this speculation is basically because they both bear the same last name. However, apparently, Kerith has no blood relationship with Doris. Instead, Kerith is just a fan of the ABC reporter.

Kerith has never mentioned the name of her mother or what she does for a living. What most Kerith Burke’s fans know about her mother is that she is passionate about books and while in search for a typical Irish sounding name, she picked her name from a novel written by American author James A Michener.

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Kerith is the wife of a man who is known by just his first name, David. They got engaged in early 2018 and married on 26 September 2018 in a low-key romantic wedding ceremony that took place by the sea. The lovers live in New York and are enjoying a blissful marriage

How Tall is She?

Kerith Burke may not be among the tallest sports reporters in the world but she does pack a bunch. She is 5 feet 9 inches (1.79m) tall, about 4 inches above the average American female height of 5 feet 5 inches. More impressively, at that height, she weighs about 59kg or 130lbs.

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