Who is Kelsey Darragh, How Old is She and Is She Dating Anyone?

The internet, cable television and streaming video services have paved the way for personalities working behind the scene to rise to prominence and the likes of Kelsey Darragh, an American video producer, actress and development partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures has benefited from the buzz attached to this profession that is largely considered as one of the most exciting fields in the entertainment industry.

Darragh who is also a famous comedian and YouTube star gained much fame from her role in a popular comedy web series Harder Than It Looks. Her hard work and dedication both onscreen and behind the camera makes her more popular across the internet platforms.

Who is Kelsey Darragh, How Old is She?

Kelsey Leigh Darragh is a Florida native born in Tempa on the 16th of April 1990. Daughter of Mike and Kristy Beeny Darragh, Kelsey has a female sibling Megan she often feature in most of her Instagram videos.

Kelsey was a student of Auburn University where she studied Radio, Film, and Television from 2008 to 2010. While studying at the university, Kelsey joined the Theatre Humane Society of the United States. After spending two years at the University, she transferred to New York Film Academy (NYFA) to learn acting and by 2012, she was already out with a BFA. Kelsey also revealed that she was the first in the history of her college to write a film thesis performance that was screened at Warner Brothers. In addition to being a skilled actress, Kelsey has experience in camera work, lighting, editing, producing, as well as directing. After being screened at Warner Brothers, the NYFA made her a producer for inaugural theatre production.

When she moved to Los Angeles County, California, she began her acting career proper, writing contents for production, as well as directing and producing her own video content. In 2014, she joined Playboy Enterprises, Inc. to work as a content developer but after about seven months, she left the company to start producing her own videos online.

Kelsey Darragh began to rise to fame following her fast-growing fan base on the internet and in July 2015, she became a member of BuzzFeed as a video fellow.

Her Career At BuzzFeed

Kelsey Darragh has an amazing career as a member of the Buzzfeed inc. After about four months of joining the company as a video fellow, she was made a junior producer. Added to her duties as a junior producer was the role of a development partner and with much dedication to her career, the internet media company made her it’s development partner cum producer.

In addition to creating great video content which made her popular on the internet, Kelsey Darragh was notable for her role in building one of the fast-growing Facebook pages, SOML. The page was even rated as the 15th most viewed page.

Not only does she make videos, she also appears in some of them. Her most notable video, however, was Shit Girlfriends Say which now has its t-shirts on sale. Following the success of the YouTube video, she hosted Ladies’ Room and produced the web series, Harder Than It Looks. While doing these, she also featured in Married vs. Single and appeared as a guest in Jane Levy’s Suburgatory.

In addition to her growing fame, Kelsey is believed to have earned a lot from her multiple careers in the entertainment industry. According to a number of sources, the comedian and video producer has a net worth that ranges between $700,000 and $800,000.

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Is She Dating Anyone?

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The beautiful Florida native is in a relationship with Jared Lucas, a DJ and co-producer best known by his stage name ‘Kap Slap’. The two could be said to have started dating officially in 2017 when the video producer announced via her video that she is in a “serious” relationship.

Having confirmed that she is suffering from a health condition she called Trigeminal Neuralgia which makes her to sometimes have panic attacks, the producer said via one of her tweets in April 2018, that she made a list of areas where her boyfriend will focus to help her control the disorder. Among the to-do list is that he should provide her with a glass of water, help her in breathing techniques, give her a long hug and be sweet to her whenever she has a seizure. Lucas in return appreciated her openness to him on her health condition. He also said how much the list would help him to understand her condition during periods of trauma.

Details Of Her Height and Weight

Also nicknamed “Wah”, Kelsey is 7 inches taller than 5 feet. Other measurements such as her weight, hips and waist cannot be found but from a look at her picture, there is no doubt that she maintains an enviable figure.

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