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Blessed with a mesmerizing voice and breathtaking facial beauty, Kelly Tilghman is an American broadcaster who has come to be known as one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting in the USA especially in the field of golf. She has reported golf events for a long time and is, in fact, now widely regarded as one of the most recognizable faces in that field. She happens to be first female lead announcer for the PGA TOUR. Apart from just reporting about golf, she is also a great lover of the sport and played it professionally for some years.

Kelly Tilghman is now a broadcaster for The Golf Channel, a popular American pay TV network which focuses mainly on the coverage of the sport of golf. She has worked as a course reporter for The Golf Channel, winning a lot of fans who have fallen in love with her voice, beauty and persona.

Kelly Tilghman – Bio

Kelly Tilghman was born on the 6th day of August in the year 1969 in North Myrtle Beach, a city in South Carolina, USA. It was also here that she grew up with her parents and siblings.

Kelly was born to a father identified as Phil Tilghman and a mother known as Katherine Tilghman. Kelly’s parents have accomplished great things; her father is reported to be a solid businessman who used to be the Mayor of North Myrtle Beach. Her mother is also a businesswoman who forged a successful career in media sales. Both her father and mother were professional shag dancers who won the admiration of many people back in the day. In fact, her mother, Katherine was inducted into the Shag dance National Hall of Fame.

Kelly was born the only girl in her home; she has four brothers with whom she grew up in North Myrtle Beach and she happens to be the oldest child. The siblings share a special bond, having spent a beautiful childhood together.

Growing up, Kelly Tilghman fell in love with basketball and golf but she loved basketball more because, according to her, it was a reactionary sport. However, her father who was also a great lover of golf convinced her that she was built to play the sport so she started going to the golf course more with her father. Before long, she was deeply in love with the sport.

The love for golf runs in Kelly’s family. It is on record that her grandfather identified as Melvin Hemphill, was a golf coach. Also, another family member identified as Kathryn Hemphill, her great aunt, also played golf. Even her mother played golf at some level and her father also loves the game. In fact, the family owned their own golf course called the Gator Hole Golf Course for a long time. It is not surprising at all that Kelly took a liking for golf.

Kelly started playing golf from childhood and eventually found success in the sport. In fact, she was so good that she was given a scholarship to study and play golf at Duke University. When she left home and started schooling at Duke University, she found the whole experience very liberating and became distracted. She kept going to night parties and slept through classes. Her grades dropped and she was no more doing well on the golf course. However, after some advice from her college golf coach, she bounced back and started making better choices.

Kelly started doing better and won the admiration of her peers and coaches, Her grades also improved. From 1988-1991, she worked very hard, earning a victory and securing three top-20 finishes and a tie for 33rd place in the 1991 NCAAs. She helped in taking Duke University to the 13th place overall with the best score on her team.

After graduating from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History, Kelly decided that she was done with playing golf and started looking for something else to do. She eventually began working as an assistant JV basketball coach and as a substitute teacher at Xavier College Prep.

After some time working at Xavier College Prep, she quit and eventually returned to playing golf. From 1992-96, Kelly played golf professionally in Australia, Europe and Asia and did quite well, winning some fans in the process.

Her Work with Gold Channel

Kelly Tilghman
Kelly Tilghman at work for Golf Channel.

In 1995, Kelly Tilghman was offered a job at Golf Channel which had just been launched at the time. This was when she started to get even more famous as a golf personality. Kelly worked a variety of roles at Golf Channel; she served as a co-host for Gold Central and covered Sprint Post Game and the Live From … telecasts.

In 2007, Kelly started a collaboration with Nick Faldo, a lead analyst at the channel and formed the lead broadcast team for the majority of Golf Channel’s PGA Tour telecasts. Today, she has risen to become one of the most recognized faces on the channel and even became the female lead announcer for the PGA TOUR.

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Salary and Net Worth of The American Broadcaster

Apparently, Kelly Tilghman has been able to rake in a substantial amount of money over the years with her work as a golfer and as a TV personality. She has made fame and has become a well known face among golf lovers around the USA, making money in the process.

According to reports, Kelly receives an annual salary of $375,000 and is worth between $4 to $5 million. However, these figures are still subject to confirmation.

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