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Where there is no law, there is no sin. The foundation of a functioning and peaceful society has always been dependent on the administration of the law and execution of justice. For many developed countries, this truth is achieved through a network of the legislative arm of government, judges, and lawyers. If lawyers are the foot soldiers of maintaining law and the execution of justice, there are fewer exemplary soldiers than Kelly Siegler.

If you are unfamiliar with Kelly Siegler, she is a lawyer who has developed a strong reputation for her prosecutorial abilities and a frequent star on the show, Cold Justice. She has been at the helm of 68 murder cases over the course of her career and has never recorded a loss thus far. Learn more about Kelly Siegler, her life and career below.

Who is Kelly Siegler?

Hollywood, especially when it comes to television, is littered with fictional criminal justice shows displaying the life of prosecutors who have chosen to spend their lives in the pursuit of justice. While the NCIS and Scandals of television tell fictional stories, Kelly Siegler is at the helm real-life criminal justice on shows like Cold Justice and 48 Hours. Today, Kelly is not only a super lawyer, but she is also a television star. Her life began on the 12th of October, 1962, when she was born to parents, Billy and Evelyn Jalufka in a town in Texas called Blessing and was given the birth name, Kelly Renee Jalufka.

We do not know much about the background of the excellent prosecutor, we do however know that her father Billy runs a barbershop in her hometown. Her parents got divorced when she was thirteen years of age and she lost her mother to the claws of cancer in 1999. We also know she has a sister, named Lea Jalufka. Though there are no specifics regarding her high school education, there is no doubt that she was an outstanding student. After high school, she attended the University of Texas located in Austin. While there, Kelly studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business in 1984 before she proceeded to law school at South Texas College of Law and graduated with a JD in 1987.

Following the completion of her education, she joined Harris County and worked as a prosecutor. While she was there, she served in different positions, such as the Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau. It was a significant position to hold over the course of her career as a public official. The position placed her in charge of major subdivisions like Major Offenders Division, Major Fraud Division, Identity Theft Division, and a couple of others. This unique position combined with her excellent public speaking skills made her an attraction for a TV reality show about the real-life prosecution process.

Her first appearance was in a documentary series called American Justice in 2005. However, the show that made her famous on television, began in 2008 when she appeared as part of the cast on the long-running true crime docu-series, 48 Hours. She appeared on the show from 2008 to 2017. In 2013, she joined Cold Justice, where she has starred in over 60 episodes.

So far, Kelly Siegler has built a great career for herself in both the law and on television. Her law career has seen her make notable achievements such as trying 68 murder cases without a single loss and 20 death penalty cases with 19 of them secured. As a public speaker, she has made presentations in various seminars and programs all over the country lecturing on legal subjects such as Final Arguments, How to Pick a Jury and Jury Presentation.

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Husband and Daughters

Kelly Siegler
Kelly Siegler, her husband Samuel and their daughter, Samantha

Kelly Siegler may have spent all her life as a public official in front of the people, but she has also had a thriving personal life of her own. She has been married to a Dr. Samuel Lewis Siegler II since 1988.

The couple has been able to raise two daughters, who are named Kelsey and Samantha Siegler. Her daughter, Kelsey graduated college in 2018, having studied at the University of South Sewanee.

Details of Her Net Worth

For over 20 years, Kelly Siegler was a prosecutor in the state of Texas. While she was there, she earned an estimated annual salary of just over $60,000 per year. However, her appearances in a few television shows and her appearances as a public speaker has helped her to a decent net worth of about $1 million.

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