Who Exactly is Kelly Nash and How Old is She, How Much Does She Make?

Being a broadcaster is an amazing experience. Not only is it a means to national and global popularity, but it is also a way to be a conduit of good news to millions of people every day. Even more enjoyable than simply being a broadcaster is being a sports broadcaster and that is a privilege Kelly Nash currently enjoys as a sportscaster on the Major League Baseball Network.

Kelly Nash is known across America and fans of Baseball across the world as one of the co-hosts of The Rundown and was a host of Quick Pitch in the 2018 Major League Baseball season. Not only does she work as an integral part of the baseball experience in America, she is also a TV personality for the NHL (National Hockey League) Network.

Who is Kelly Nash and How Old is She?

According to Topendsports.com, Baseball enjoys a 100% popularity in the United States. Along with Football, the sport is one of the leading sports in the country and this status is solidified by personalities like Kelly Nash who help to maintain the entertainment element of the sport for American followers.

Her career began in 2011, 21 years after she was born on the 22nd of October, 1990 in South Carolina, Florida. Much has not been revealed when it comes to the background of the famed sportscaster. One of the little pieces of information known about her upbringing is that she was raised alongside two sisters, Kaitlyn and Carolyn.

As for her parents, other than the fact that she got her interest in sports through her father who regularly took her to sporting events, not much is known of them. Having fallen in love with sports as a child, Kelly Nash sought to become a sportswoman but she was let down by her lack of physical attributes and talent. She instead chose to pursue another career in the industry as a broadcaster.

In pursuit of this, Kelly Nash, after graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, attended Clemson University in South Carolina where she earned a degree in Youth Development Leadership. She then proceeded to the popular University of Miami where she earned herself a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, taking her one step closer to becoming a professional sportscaster.

While on her academic pursuit to arm herself with the academic experience in broadcasting, Kelly did not wait until its completion before she began to seek practical experience. While she was in college, she auditioned for the Food Network but was turned down.

Upon graduation, she began working for ACC Digital Network, starting out as a production assistant and host. After two years at the network, having earned the most important first practical experience in her field, she moved up to Fox Sports Florida in 2013 where she became a reporter, specialising in news about a few of Florida’s top teams such as Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tampa Bay Rays.

Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash during her ACC Network days

The universe is chaos and the path to the top is never defined. Gaining national reputation is the goal of any aspiring broadcaster, especially in sports and Kelly Nash achieved hers in 2013 through a selfie. The infamous selfie which led to the national attention that eventually led her to the job as co-host for The Rundown, was of her taking a picture at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, while a ball came within inches of hitting her.

She began to work for the MLB Network in 2015, achieving a childhood dream of becoming a national broadcaster, by replacing Lauren Shehadi as part of the host line up on The Rundown. Since then, she has become a mainstay of the network and has expanded her broadcasting responsibilities to other shows and networks, including the NHL Network and hosting a podcast, Baseball and Chill with Scott Braun.

Details of Her Net Worth

Kelly Nash’s exact salary is currently believed to be $70,000 per year, and has been a part of the national broadcasting network for one of America’s biggest and most popular sports since 2015. Kelly Nash’s net worth has received a significant increase since her days at Fox Sports, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. With a long career ahead of her, Kelly is expected to be worth significantly more in the near future.

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Height & Body Measurements

Kelly Nash’s broadcasting admiration is not only limited to her knowledge of the sport or her delivery of the news to attentive viewers. She also benefits from a beautiful body which stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She has a bodyweight of 58kg and a body measurement of 37-24-35 inches, as her bust, waist, and hips measurements respectively.

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