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For many industries and economic sectors, getting through the door requires a string of academic qualifications which at the very least, includes completed high school program and a Bachelor’s degree. That, however, does not apply to the entertainment industry, especially acting where you can work in if you have the talent, a fact which has benefited several young actors and actresses, including Keidrich Sellati, an actor known for his work on The Americans.

Keidrich Sellati made his onscreen debut in 2013 when he was cast as Henry Jennings on the hit show, The Americans. Since he made the debut, he has gone on to star in a number of other films and TV shows. Learn more about him and his career below.

Keidrich Sellati – Biography & Age

On the 22nd of October 2001, Keidrich Sellati’s parents welcomed him into the world in Colorado. We do not have information regarding his parents but he has maintained a close relationship with his parents, who are believed to be a businessman and a homemaker.

Ever since he grew old enough to understand films and TV shows, Keidrich Sellati had developed an interest in the art of filmmaking, specifically acting. While most aspiring actors would have waited to complete their basic education and possibly college, Keidrich put himself out for auditions at the young age of 10, landing his first and most significant role, Henry Jennings in The Americans.

He has played the role till date, growing along with the character and has so far, appeared in over 70 episodes. During the course of his time playing the role, his excellent portrayal of the character has earned him other roles in other projects, including his first role outside of The Americans, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he appeared in an episode, Reasonable Doubt, as Daniel Summers-Maddox.

Keidrich Sellati then made his first appearance in a feature-length film in 2017, starring in Rockaway, playing the younger version of the lead character as Young Anthony. His performance in the film earned him some critical praise.

As Keidrich juggled his acting life with his academic life, he made another appearance in another TV show, The Enemy Within as Andrew Gordon in an episode, The Ambassador’s Wife. He has also made another appearance in a feature-length film, as Julio Niente in The Jesuit.

Outside of acting, he has been featured in a couple of commercial ads, including the Scholastic Choice Magazine.

As a young person in the age of social media, Keidrich Sellati has a notable presence across social media on both Instagram and Twitter via the handle, @Keidrich.


Keidrich Sellati
Keidrich Sellati and Holly Taylor during a press event

Not only does Keidrich Sellati physically compare to grown adults, but he also has a couple of awards to his name as an actor, something not every working adult actor in the industry can boast of. He has won an award or been nominated for an award for two of his projects – The Americans, which earned him Young Artist Award and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nominations. He has also won the Jury Award and the Sunscreen Film Festival Award for his 2017 film, Rockaway.

What Is Keidrich Sellati’s Net Worth?

One interesting benefit to the low age barrier of the acting industry is it gives young people a chance to be financially independent, even before they are old enough to vote. Since he made his debut on The Americans, Keidrich Sellati has been earning a decent sum per episode appearance on the show, all of which, combined with his other projects, have helped him to a net worth of $400,000.

With a possible long career in the industry ahead of him, Keidrich Sellati is set to be worth a whole lot more in the near future.


Keidrich Sellati might still be developing physically, but at 5 feet 8 inches, he has already reached body height comparable to that of a fully grown adult. Along with a slim body that puts his weight at a modest and healthy figure, Keidrich is a good-looking young man.

Additionally, he has other noticeable features which include brown colored eyes and dark brown hair. As the son of white parents, Keidrich Sellati is Caucasian.

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Other Facts About Keidrich Sellati

  1. He has a sister named Peyton Sellati.
  2. Although he is a working professional actor, Keidrich Sellati attends a New York public school.
  3. After graduating from high school, he wants to study cybersecurity in college.
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