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Kayla Moore became famous following her marriage to the Alabama politician and jurist, Roy Stewart Moore, in 1985. She has since been noted for her constant advocacy for conservative positions as regards morality in public life and service areas. Since 2013, she has held the position of the President of the Foundation for Moral Law, replacing her husband Roy who had founded the Montgomery-Alabama-based conservative Christian right legal advocacy group in 2003. Get all the important details about her life below.

Who is Kayla Moore and How Old is She?

Following her birth in Etowah County in Alabama on April 26, 1961, the future politician was named Kayla Danette Kisor. She was subsequently raised in Alabama by her parents, MacDonald and Mack Kisor, both of whom are Alabama natives. She is an American national of Caucasian ethnicity. If she believes in astrology, Kayla’s constellation sign would be Taurus by which she would be expected to be stable and determined.

We do not have any information on the elementary school Kayla Moore attended. However, available records show that she attended Southside High School located in Gadsden, Alabama, where she distinguished herself in academics especially. At the same time, she also competed in a couple of teen beauty pageants, representing Alabama. Although she never won any of the contests, she is remembered for emerging in the third position in Miss Alabama US Teen event.

After high school, Kayla went ahead to enroll at the Jacksonville State University (JSU) in Jacksonville, Alabama. We do not yet know the exact course of study that the controversial politician pursued at JSU but we know she proceeded further to the University of Alabama where she underwent a law program.

Meet Her Kids

Kayla Moore has 4 children from two marriages. She first married John Heald in June 1982. The marriage roughly survived three years as it ended in April 1985. It, however, produced a daughter named Heather. Once the marriage ended, a custody battle ensued between Kayla and John Heald. The battle ended in favor of Kayla.

Having secured full custody of Heather, Kayla went into her second marriage with Roy Moore. Eventually, Roy Moore would adopt Heather who began to go by the legal name ‘Heather Moore’. Currently, Heather Moore is a board member of the Foundation for Moral Law which was founded by Roy Moore and presided over by her mother Kayla. Heather also owns and presides over a business named Cornerstone Speakers’ Agency LLC which helps to arrange hotel bookings and travel schedules for celebrities such as musicians, comedians, and public speakers.

The other three kids (all sons) of Kayla Moore are the products of her second marriage with Roy. They are named Ory, Micah, and Caleb Moore. Ory is an electrical engineer and an ex-soldier with the US Army. He currently resides in Gadsden, Alabama with his family. Micah played college football with the Patriots at Troy University, Alabama. As for Caleb Moore, he has been noted for constantly getting into trouble with the law. Caleb has reportedly been arrested a number of times for offenses ranging from illegal hunting to the possession of banned drugs.

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Other Facts About Kayla Moore

About Her Husband Roy Moore

Kayla Moore husband
Kayla Moore and her husband Roy at a political campaign in 2017: Image source

Kayla Moore’s present husband Roy Moore has been the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama twice and has been noted for advocating Christian principles in state legal system and public life. For instance, he is remembered for placing a plaque bearing the Ten Commandments behind his courtroom seat and for introducing pre-court Christian prayer during his tenure as chief justice.

This triggered legal outrage against him from people who felt these actions were unconstitutional in a state that was supposed to be secular. A GOP politician, Roy was the 2017 Republican nominee for the US Senate special election in Alabama. He is currently a candidate in the 2020 US Senatorial race.

Political Leaning

Kayla Moore is a Republican politician together with her husband Roy. During the countdown to the 2016 Presidential election, Kayla endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for the position of the US President. In 2015, she contested for the position of her party’s secretary in Alabama but lost the contest.

What Is Kayla Moore’s Religion?

Kayla Moore is not only a Christian but also a very active one. She worships with the Southern Baptist Church. Even, she and her present husband are said to have met at a church event for the first time.

Social Media Presence

Kayla Moore maintains an active presence on Facebook. Her Facebook posts were one of the tools she used to defend her husband against a plethora of sexual abuse accusations that greeted his Special Senate Election contest in 2017.

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