Is Katrina Weidman Married And How Much Money Does She Make?

There hasn’t been an established scientific evidence for the existence of paranormal or spiritual activities but that hasn’t stopped a few TV networks from having a string of shows about the subject and a number of personalities becoming famous through their appearance on it, such as Katrina Weidman, who is known for her appearances on shows like Paranormal State, Portals to Hell and a couple of others.

Katrina Weidman has been starring in various paranormal shows since she graduated from Pennsylvania State University and she is also the co-founder of Atherton Paranormal. For fans of the paranormal and Katrina Weidman, here is an article about one of the champions of the paranormal. Read on to learn more.

Katrina Weidman’s Biography

Katrina was born on the 2nd of March, 1983 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to parents whose identities are unknown but the father is known to be of Italian origins. Her interest in the paranormal developed when she was a child in her childhood home where she claims to have experienced paranormal activities well into the age of six. Her interest and understanding of her experience stuck with her well into adulthood when she discovered a paranormal social group while she attended Pennsylvania State University’s Paranormal Research Society, which she quickly joined and worked her way up to become the club’s case manager.

Before she joined Pennsylvania State University, Katrina Weidman, after high school education attended a community college in her local community. Life at Pennsylvania State and her work for Paranormal Research Society eventually led Katrina to the opportunity of a lifetime, as an investigator in the A&E show, Paranormal State in 2007.

Katrina Weidman starred in the show as an investigator and cast member for four years between 2007 and 2011 before she moved on to Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies, a TV documentary she starred in as a host in 2012.

She starred in the sequel in 2013 and featured in a couple of shows before she returned to her work as an investigator via the Destination America show, Paranormal Lockdown, which she appeared in between 2016 and 2019. She began to appear on Portals to Hell as an investigator in 2019. In between her appearances in the paranormal reality TV series, Katrina Weidman has explored her interest in dramatic acting by starring in films like Kilimanjaro, The Last Apartment, Who’s Jenna…?, Café Artist and a couple more.

Outside of her onscreen investigations, her other paranormal related ventures also include public speaking roles on paranormal activities in various conferences and events. She is also the founder of a paranormal investigation and support group, Atherton Paranormal.

Katrina Weidman Net Worth

Katrina Weidman
Katrina Weidman with Nick Groff (left) and Rob Saffi

Katrina Weidman went to school and graduated with a degree in Integrative Arts and Theatre but it is her work searching for the supernatural that has elevated her financial status. From appearing in several shows, films and producing some of them, Katrina has been able to build a net worth estimated at $400,000.

Appearances in shows like Paranormal Lockdown, Paranormal State and Portals to Hell have been considered major contributors to her growing wealth.

Is She Married or Dating A Boyfriend?

You will find plenty of information about Katrina Weidman when it involves her knowledge and experience with the supernatural but you will hardly find any when it comes to details of her personal life.

So far, the only known partner she has is the co-founder of her Atherton Paranormal group and fellow star of Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff, and although they were rumored to be in a relationship, it turned to be untrue.

If Katrina Weidman is in a relationship, she has so far, kept it away from the media and the Paranormal investigator is mostly considered to be single.

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Other Facts About Katrina Weidman

When she is not actively chasing the supernatural or on set acting, some of Katrina Weidman’s hobbies include karaoke, cooking, watching The Golden Girls and reading.

Katrina Weidman, amidst her busy schedule, is a volunteer as a crisis counselor and has been performing the role since 2008.

Out of her love for singing, Katrina Weidman is also the lead singer for the alternative rock band, AwayFrom30.

She has a strong social media presence on all three major platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On the first two platforms, she posts via the handle, @KatrinaWeidman while she has the name Katrina Weidman on Facebook.

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