Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, both Hollywood stars, were first rumored to be romantically involved sometime in August 2013 after they were seen dancing together onstage at the 4th Annual Apollo in the Hamptons Benefit event. Afterward, there were reports that they were spending a lot of time at Katie’s apartment in New York City but while speaking in an interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET) in October of the same year, Foxx denied being in a relationship with the actress. However, that did not kill the rumors.

Almost about a year and a half later, a grainy picture of the duo holding hands in Foxx’s home recording studio hit the tabloids but again, Jaime Foxx shut down the news with claims that they were nothing but just friends. He went further to explain that they were simply recording voice-overs for an animated series titled Amber Aler, however, a glance at the couple’s IMDb profiles shows no record of any such project.

The rumors and denials of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx being involved with each other continued until September 2017 when, for the first time, they were spotted displaying affections publicly, holding hands as they smiled like love-struck teenagers while enjoying the evening sun in the sand on a public beach in Malibu, California. According to a first-hand witness who spoke to ET, the duo visited a friend who lived in the area and decided to take a walk on the beach at around 7 in the evening. Obviously very happy in each other’s company, they chatted and smiled all through the time they spent together, sitting intimately close together at some point and watching as the sun began to set.

The witness, however, added that even though they seemed to be having fun, Katie and Foxx appeared cautious about being seen together. That notwithstanding, it was already certain that they were a pair even though they never admitted it. The couple also attended a number of events in the months ahead, though not as a couple. Sadly, about six years after they were first rumored to be together, Katie, a Dawson’s Creek alum and Jamie, an Oscar winner, reportedly chose to go their separate ways.

Why Katie Holmes Called It Quits With Jamie Foxx

According to an August 19th report by E! News, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are no longer a couple. The pair who managed to keep their relationship very private for many years were said to have broken up in May 2019, as revealed by a source who spoke to the outlet. Speaking to Page Six, another source close to the lovebirds disclosed that they parted ways not long after they debuted as a couple on the red carpet at Met Gala that month. Meanwhile, at the Met Gala event, they appeared to have it all together as they smiled for the camera. Later that month, Foxx daughter, Corinne, talked to People about her father’s relationship with Katie, saying nothing but amazing things about them.

On Friday, August 16, 2019, Jamie Foxx and singer Sela Vave, whom he is said to be mentoring, were spotted hand in hand as they left Bootsy Bellows, a nightclub in West Hollywood, where they attended Lil Pump’s 19th birthday party. The award-winning actor and the singer walked past paparazzi to Foxx’s white Lamborghini SUV and zoomed off together with Vave occupying the front passenger seat. While pictures of the pair resulted in speculations of a possible romantic connection and raised questions about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx relationship status, a source told ET that there was nothing more than a mentor-mentee relationship between Foxx and Vave.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
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A few days after Foxx and Vave were seen together, news of his breakup with Katie made its way to the media. This is not the first time tabloids would be reporting that the pair have called it quits. In June 2018, a similar rumor made the rounds, prompting the actress to make a rare statement about her relationship with Jamie, shutting down a report which claimed that they had parted ways after dating for five years and even called off their wedding.

However, neither of the stars has made any comment about their recent separation report and as it stands now, the cause of their alleged breakup is unknown.

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Will They Get Back Together?

Since the six-year relationship between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes came to an end, fans have not stopped wondering if the actors would ever reconsider their decision and get back together. While both of them are yet to say anything about the subject, a source who recently spoke to JR is not ruling off chances of reconciliation considering the fact that they never had a typical relationship.

Explaining further, the insider said that the couple had always lived independently with their lives not revolving around each other. Not only did they live apart, but they also lived in different cities and saw each other once in a while. Despite having great chemistry, the source added, none of the pair wanted to relocate or have their lives merged totally.

Continuing, the source said Jamie and Katie are simply too involved with their careers, families and personal responsibilities that they had to give their relationship a back seat. So, maybe they will find their way back to each other when they have little less busy lives, the insider concluded.

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