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Paul Manafort’s trial and consequent incarceration have continued to dominate the tabloids lately and during the trial, through to the conviction of her husband, Kathleen Manafort continued to show unwavering loyalty and solidarity towards him.

Apart from this, Kathleen’s name came up severally during the trial, which makes legal practitioners engage in heated discussions over her possible indictment in the short or long run. Thus, many people certainly want to know more about Paul’s wife Kathleen. Find all the interesting facts about the supportive wife of Paul Manafort as you keep reading.

Kathleen Manafort – Biography

As already hinted, Kathleen is the wife of Paul Manafort, the American political consultant and lobbyist who served as President Trump’s campaign manager during the presidential election in 2016. Kathleen’s husband was recently indicted by the Mueller probe. He was then consequently charged for offences ranging from tax and bank fraud to consulting for a pro-Russian overseas political party and owning illegal offshore assets.

Kathleen Manafort was reportedly born Kathleen Bond in December 1965 (and there is a source that said 1952). Her exact birth date is not known to the media and the public. However, we are aware that she married Paul on August 12, 1978. Kathleen was born and brought up on Long Island, New York State. Her father was Joseph Nelson Bond, an aeronautical engineer who died in 2018. As for her mother Patricia Bond, she died three years before her father. Kathleen grew up alongside her siblings Thomas, Jay, and Randolph.

Considering her educational background, we have no details of where and when Kathleen Manafort may have gone for her elementary and high school education. But we know from reliable sources that she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from George Washington University. She is also reported to have obtained her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Georgetown University Law School. After passing her exams, she was called to bar under the District of Columbia Bar Association in 1991.

Kathleen has been putting her law and business administration backgrounds to good use by maintaining a career as a real estate professional. The recent trials of her husband shed light on some interesting real estate deals Kathleen may have been involved in over the years. In one rather funny deal reported by Forbes, Paul Manafort had reportedly sold a five-bedroom mansion to his wife Kathleen at just $10. In case you are wondering, we also made doubly sure the figure was right.

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Kathleen Manafort
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Facts About Kathleen Manafort

1. She went to the same law school as her husband

Until January 2019 when Paul Manafort’s legal practice license was withdrawn, both Kathleen Manafort and her husband Paul were lawyers. Also, both of them obtained their Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the same law school – Georgetown University Law Center. But while Paul obtained his J.D. in 1974, Kathleen obtained hers years later – not earlier than 1979. So, the possibility of both of them having met at the law school before getting married is very lean.

2. She is a recognized donor to her alma mater

According to a document entitled Full Text Of The George Washington University President Report 1990 which is found on Archive.org and quoted by Business Insider, Kathleen Manafort is listed among top donors to the university. Her generosity shows she is grateful to her alma mater for the role it played in her successful life.

3. Height, weight, body measurements

Kathleen Manafort’s height is estimated at 5 feet, 4 inches. Her weight is also pegged at 123 pounds (or 56 kg). As for her bust, waist and hips, they are respectively measured at 34, 26 and 34 inches. With this measurement, it is obvious that Kathleen must have been a quintessential beauty in her heydays.

She has dark brown eyes and her hair colour is also brown.

4. Net worth

Several unconfirmed sources traced to 2018 report that Kathleen Manafort had an estimated net worth of $5 million. These sources have not accounted adequately for how they obtained the figure. However, reports have it that Kathleen has been into real estate business for a long time. She and her husband are reported to be living lavishly. They own a posh property in Bridgehampton New York and it is believed that this is just one out of many high-profile landed assets belonging to the couple. They are even said to own an apartment in Trump Tower.

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