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Not many child actors grow up to maintain their acting careers. Many of them fail to translate the charm and innocence that defined them as child stars into their career as adults, which often leads to disillusionment for many and worse results like drug abuse and sometimes, even death. Thankfully, that is not the story of Katherine Herzer who has been able to pick up from where she left off as a child to star in productions like Madam Secretary.

With the combination of her own talents, good advisors, and luck, Katherine has found herself building a name in the highly competitive industry with a filmography that boasts of popular projects like The Mentalist, American Horror Story, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There is no doubt she has joined the league of child stars who successfully transitioned into bigger roles as they grew up in front of the camera.

Who Exactly is Katherine Herzer?

Katherine Herzer was born on the 17th of January 1997, somewhere in Los Angeles, California. Other than the early appearances she made in films as a child actor, not much is known about the background and childhood of the actress.

Raised in California, she completed her high school education in her hometown in 2015 before she proceeded to New York University to study Theatre at the Tisch School of the Arts. Over the course of her education, Katherine Herzer had the chance to intern for a celebrated politician, former United States Vice President, Al Gore. She helped out during his climate reality project which went down in Washington DC. However, this was before she earned fame as an actress.

Ever since she made her debut on the screen, Katherine has developed a passion for acting that has seen her learn from her co-stars, many of which include notable actors and actresses like Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Peet, and Tea Leoni, among many others. She notably juggled her college activities with work, especially during the filming of Madam Secretary, her most acclaimed work so far.

List of Notable Projects She Has Been a Part Of

Katherine Herzer got an early start to life in the acting industry when she was cast to play a role on the TV show, Without a Trace in 2004. This was her debut in front of the camera for a scripted drama as she was cast as Jesse. The following year, she was cast in A Lot Like Love where she was credited as an unnamed Little Girl.

Also in 2005, Katherine got cast in one of the most significant projects of her filmography thus far, as Hopscotch Girl #1 in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Though a minor part, the role pushed her further to the spotlight considering the amount of publicity the blockbuster movie garnered worldwide.

Katherine Herzer’s rapid start to life in the acting industry, however, slowed down as she wasn’t cast in a role until 2008. At this time, it was almost certain that she would be going down the same path as most child stars who faded away into oblivion. However, the unrelenting actress surfaced again in 2008 when she was cast in The Mentalist and then as an unnamed character in NCIS.

In 2009, Katherine Herzer appeared in shows like Little Monk and Three Rivers. Her other appearances include American Horror Story in 2012, Barely Lethal in 2015 and Men, Women & Children in 2014.

Katherine Herzer
Katherine during an award event with fellow actors

In 2014, Katherine began to star in one of her longest and most significant roles to date; Alison McCord in Madam Secretary. She has appeared in over 100 episodes thus far. The CBS show which premiered on the 21st of September 2014 aired its last episode on the 8th of December 2019 to critical acclaim. According to reviews, Madam Secretary is one of the finest shows ever made and Katherine Herzer is among the main stars that made it happen.

What She Has Earned In Her Career So Far

As far as lucrative professions go, there are very few that offer a wide range of wealth like what is obtainable in the acting industry, particularly in Hollywood. For most professions, you have to be at the top of the ladder to afford and lead a luxurious life but not Hollywood, where a decent career could get you the mildest bit of luxury beyond the reach of the average earner in other professions. This is exemplified by the purchase of a condo in Los Angeles for $850,000 by Katherine Herzer in 2018.

This purchase along with her comfortable lifestyle is borne out of a personal net worth that is estimated to be over $1 million. This figure is entirely speculated as the actress doesn’t share much about her finances with the media. Likewise, her pay on the numerous TV shows she has appeared in are not divulged.

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Her Family Life

In her many years in front of the camera, Katherine Herzer has not disclosed much about her birth family. Nevertheless, we pulled a few strings and got this. She is the daughter of Manuela Herzer, who is noted for being the former companion of Sumner Redstone, a media tycoon. The identity of her father is unknown and there is very little evidence that she grew up having a close relationship with her father. She is one of three children born to her mother and just like her father, their identities are unknown.

Judging by the young age she went into acting, Katherine probably grew up in a supportive home with parents who pointed her in the right direction.

Is Katherine Herzer Dating Anyone?

Visibly striking, Katherine Herzer is not lacking in the looks department. The actress is 5 feet 5 inches tall with a matching weight of 60kg and body measurements of 32, 25, and 34 inches for bust, waist, and hips respectively. Her brown-black eye and dark brown hair further accentuate her beauty, making her catch the fancy of many men and women alike.

However, Katherine is still a single woman. She has never been married and isn’t believed to be in a relationship either. This does not mean she may not be seeing anyone privately as a lot of Hollywood stars like to keep things about them a secret.

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