Who Is Kate Norley? John Oliver’s Military Veteran and Comedian Wife

We all know who the life of The Last Week Tonight TV Show is and is none other than John Oliver, the comedian who became a household name for his satirical stints which he started on The Daily Show Comedy Central. While his incredible comedy ability won him fans, many people became more interested in the private life of the British multiple Emmy-winning celebrities than ever when his love story surfaced online. The woman who made the love story a fascinating one is his American-Iraqi wife Kate Norley. She served in the United States Army medic and Mental Health as a specialist and War veteran. Currently, Kate works as a veteran rights advocate for Vets For Freedom. Below is why their military love story caught the nation’s interest.

Early Life

Kate Norley was in born in Arlington Virginia in 1983. She grew up in a wealthy but broken family. She was a student boarder at Episcopal High School in her birthplace. Her parents parted ways when she was a toddler but were overwhelmingly available for her upbringing. Norley’s biological father Walt Norley designs golf courses. He has worked with big names such as renowned Jack Nicklaus. Also, he is the CEO and founder of OneGolf Team.

Her mother who she describes as a “well-disposed woman” got married again to Dennis Mannion, a senior vice president of business ventures for Baltimore Ravens, a team of National Football League (NFL). Dennis was another reliable father figure Norley had growing up.

Kate Norley’s Career In Military

Surrounded by a supportive and loving family, Norley’s childhood experience especially one from her mom motivated her to begin to serve others. This keenness was manifested when at an early age she joined a non-profit organization that works to provide disaster relief in vulnerable areas of the world that are in lack of adequate facilities.

After a while in the organization, Kate decided to enlist in the army to serve in the Iraqi War. Her motivation to join in the war came from the unforgettable 9/11 terrorist attacks that left the US in great mourning in 2001.

At first, her selfless parents were worried about her decision but didn’t want to come out directly to discourage her. Instead, they tried to make her reconsider the move. When they found out that her firmness came from the urge to lift those in distress, they had no other choice but to cheer her on.

Her first experience in the army was frightening, to put it mildly. She almost got injured by a stray 7.62 mm round that pierced her roof to land on her chest. As luck would have it, she came out unscathed. Although this would have discouraged some people, Norley focused on her pursuit of becoming a veteran. She endured all the training and became a combat medic in Fallujah as well as a mental health specialist who advised soldiers that made it out of combat. She was the only female who served as mental health specialists in Ramadi at the time.

She later joined the Mortuary Affair Team that is tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bodies of the soldiers who unfortunately lost their lives in war fronts. Her 16 months stay there also saw her tending to women and children of Iraq, empowering them to join in the rebuilding of their country. She also directed her empowerment to students of the University of Baghdad. She received a Combat Medic Badge for providing medical care while under fire.

At the end of her active service in her home country Iraq, Norley saw it needful to further her education. She resumed school at the George Washington University to improve her medical knowledge but didn’t abandon her dream of serving others.

She began advocating for veteran rights under Vets For Freedom, an organization established in 2006 to eradicate terrorism. The group also supports politicians that are committed to their goals. She hopes to begin a women-led nonprofit organization that is free from religion and political discriminations and primarily focuses on building women.

Marriage To John Oliver

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If you have been wondering why we said Norley’s love story seems so special, here is why. The first day Kate Norley met John Oliver, she went against some ethics just to please a stranger she barely knew. It all started when John Oliver and his crew went to cover the 2008 Republican National Convention in St.Paul for his Daily Show. The team was refused entry to a restricted area but thankfully, Norley who is a worker at Vets For Freedom saw the need to help hide them. After the favor, they started out as friends and both exchanged emails.  They grew fond of each other and John Oliver asked her out. Shortly after they started dating, John proposed. The two got married in 2011 and in 2015, they had their first child, a boy named Huson Oliver.

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