What Kate Luyben and Jim Jefferies Have Been Up To Since Their Breakup

Tales of celebrities falling in love with each other are heard quite often in our world today. The love story of Kate Luyben and Jim Jefferies happens to be one of such tales we have heard over the years. Nugent has managed to carve a niche for himself as a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. The comic star goes professionally by the name Jim Jefferies and was the star of the highly-rated comedy show, The Jim Jefferies Show. Although it was as Geoff James Nugent that he was born in Perth, Western Australia, Jim Jefferies just happens to be a name that stuck after he created and starred in the popular The Jim Jefferies Show.

However, it is gathered that Jim was launched into the limelight with his debut show, I Swear to God, which was aired in 2009. The comic star has also performed at notable shows, including the Reading and Leeds Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Glastonbury Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Luyben, on the other hand, is a Canadian actress who got her debut television feature in 1998 after she landed a minor role in Files X- The Eerie Cases of the FBI.

Following her exceptional acting, Luyben quickly became the prize to claim for top filmmakers and showrunners. The actress also bagged her first film role that same year after she appeared in Misbegotten. Ever since then, Luyben has made appearances in several highly rated films and television shows. The actress is known for her superb portrayal of her roles in Shang-High Noon, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Criminal Minds, Two and a Half Men, and Intolerable Cruelty.

Because she is yet to make her big breakthrough, it is widely believed that Kate’s relationship with the Australian comedian contributed immensely to the fame she enjoys today. This article seeks to underscore the events that have followed in the lives of both the actress and Jim Jefferies ever since their breakup, amongst other things. However, before we delve fully into the juicy details of their lives post-breakup, let us take at how the former lovebirds met.

How Kate Luyben and Jim Jefferies Met

Kate with her boyfriend Jim Jefferies

Kate Luyben and Jim Jefferies met for the first time while the comic star was performing at a show in 2011. It didn’t take long before they ended up falling in love with each other. They began dating that same year, and barely a year after that, they moved in together. A couple of months later, rumors of the comedian expecting a child with his girlfriend hit the airwaves. However, the speculation was confirmed by Jim in an interview and the father to be was pretty excited to welcome his first child. He went on to reveal that he has always dreamt of having kids, and when he realized he was having one soon he felt fulfilled.

He even revealed that if he visits anyone that has kids, his best time of that visit would be playing around with the kids. Meanwhile, the comedian spends quality time with his nieces and nephews whom he adores. Jim Jefferies assisted Kate in all the preparations down to decorating the baby’s room as they awaited the arrival of their son. More so, the impending phase of parenthood robbed off positively on Jefferies who decided to quit drinking to be a good example for his kid. The couple welcomed their son on November 7, 2012, and named him Hank after Kate’s dad.

Life went on with the family living together happily in Los Angeles, but a few years down the line, stories began to emerge that the duo had split and gone their separate ways. Although some were quoted as saying the couple is still together, our little findings indicate that the sweet relationship shared by both Jefferies and the talented actress has ended. For most fans, the painful part was they haven’t found answers to why and what led to the untimely end of the relationship. Jim and Kate seem too perfect and happy to call off their romance without giving a very serious reason for the split.

What Have They Been Up to Lately?

Following the sad end of their budding relationship, Jefferies and Luyben decided to go their separate ways. However, Kate has not been seen in many films or TV shows since their breakup, which makes many people wonder when her big comeback or onscreen breakthrough will happen. Her recent movies include The Big Bad City (2014), Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout (2016), Young Lion of the West, and The Harbinger.

The widely acclaimed comedian, on the other hand, decided to focus squarely on growing his fast-rising comedy career. His show, The Jim Jefferies Show was aired for the first on June 6, 2017, while the second and final season of the show was concluded in November 2019. More so, the stand-up comedian wowed his fans sometime in 2018 with the release of This Is Me Now, a comedy special filmed at the glamorous Hammersmith Apollo Centre in London. By the end of that same year, Jefferies rounded off his Night Walker Tour with a mind-blowing display in Melbourne, Australia.

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Who Has The Celebrity Couple Dated?

From all indications, Luyben is believed to have a new guy in her life presently, but the identity of such a man remains unknown to us at this time. Ever since the Canadian actress broke up with Jefferies, she has maintained utmost silence about her future love escapades. It is quite impossible to keep track of all the relationships, flings, and hookups of celebrities.

However, before dating Jim Jefferies, Kate was in a relationship with Nathan Fillion. The duo began dating in 2010, but their romance was short-lived and many believed she left Fillion for Jim back then. With regards to Jim Jefferies, he has also kept his dating life off the media’s radar. To date, he has been linked to only two ladies and these are, Ginger Gonzala and Kate Luyben. It would also interest you to know that both ladies happen to be actresses.


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