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We have heard so much about celebrity couples and how they fell in love with each other. Kate Luyben and her partner Jim Jefferies has joined the list of those celeb couples currently making waves in the American movie industry. While Jim has been garnering much fame through his comic abilities; Kate, on the other hand, has been doing well for herself as an actress. Interestingly, the couple has been together for over seven years. Continue reading, as we take you through the biography of Kate Luyben and her relationship with Jim below.

Who is Kate Luyben?

Kate Luyben is a Canadian television and film actress; best known for her appearance in the comedy film titled Shang-High School as well as 40-year-old Virgin, and Legit. The amazing actress was born in Canada on the 30th day of June 1972. She made her first film appearance in 1998 when she portrayed the role of a nurse in the sci-fi series titled X-File: The Creepy Cases of the FBI. She equally made her big-screen debut the same year while appearing in the movie titled Misbegotten.

Later on, she continued to appear in other popular series such as Criminal Minds, Two and a Half Men, True Blood, and Dark Angel, among others. The actress garnered a lot of attention following her appearance in Shang-High Noon, where she starred alongside Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan. Her other movies include The Bears are Gone; The Perfect Murder, Miss March, Road party, An Impossible Hardship, and My 5 Wives, among others. Although Kate is yet to make her big breakthrough from her acting career, the amazing Canadian actress came into the spotlight following her relationship with the top-notch comedian named Jim Jefferies.

What of Her Boyfriend – Jim Jefferies

Kate with her boyfriend Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies is a renowned Australian comic actor, writer, and political commentator; best known for being the creator of popular sitcom Comedy Central Sitcom titled The Jim Jefferies Show. He also garnered fame through his appearance on the FX comedy show titled Legit where he played a recurring role from 2013 to 2014. In addition to his comedy career, Jim is also a prolific actor that has appeared in movies including Killing Hasselhoff, Punching Henry, and Me and My Mates vs Zombie Apocalypse, to mention a few.

The comic star was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. Jefferies completed his education at the Academy of Performing Arts situated in West Australia. Prior to his graduation from the academy, he left school to pursue his stand-up comedy career. He garnered wide recognition in 2007 after he was attacked on stage while he was performing at the Manchester Comedy Store. Since then, he has continued to pull a lot of stunts in the American entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Jim has performed in different popular shows including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He has equally appeared on several shows on Comedy Central including Edinburgh and Beyond as well as The World Stands Up series, among others. Since 2017, Jefferies has been the creator and host of the popular Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central. The show first premiered in June 2017 and is currently in its second season.

While Jim was doing what he knows how to do best, he met the amazing actress Kate Luyben in 2011. Seeing the connection between them, the duo began their relationship shortly after they met each other. Although they have been together, the duo hasn’t made it down the aisle yet. The pair welcomed their symbol of love, a son named Hank Jefferies in 2012. Since then they have been enjoying a blissful relationship with no sign of breakup between them.

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Are They Still Dating?

The question on the minds of many of their fans today has been if this amazing couple is still together or if they have separated. Well, the answer isn’t farfetched. Kate and her partner Jim are still together and have not gone their separate ways. Irrespective of their different career paths, they are both focused on getting to the peak of their careers while giving each other the massive support they require.

Apart from Jim Jefferies, Kate previously had a relationship with her Miss March co-star named Nathan Fillion. The pair dated in 2010 but their short-lived romance ended in 2011 before she met her current partner Jim.

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