Kate Gosselin is an American TV personality with a net worth of $200,000. She gained international fame on reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which documented her life and that of her husband as they raised their 8 kids which consist of a set of twins and sextuplets.

Kate Gosselin Bio

Kate was born Katie Irene Kreider on March 28, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is of English,  German, and  Scottish, descent. Her father, Kenton Kreider (born May 1, 1949) is a preacher while her mother, Charlene Ruth Kreider (née Kolak, born January 14, 1958) owns a trailer park/campground in Lancaster.  She hails from a family of five of which she is the second child. She received a diploma at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania and became a registered nurse. In 1999, she married Jon Gosselin whom she met at a company picnic in 1997.

Family And Kids And Feet

Kate and Jon welcomed their first kids in 2000, they were a set of twin girls Cara and Madelyn. In May 2004 with the help of fertility treatment after suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, Kate gave birth to her next set of children sextuplets including 3 sons and 3 daughters. Kate retired as a labour nurse in 2004, the same year she conceived her sextuplets.

Kate has been praised for having really lovely feet with nicely arranged symmetry. Some fans of have been know to obsess over pictures of her feet that make some people cringe as the thought of such obsession.

KAte Gosselin Net Worth

 Rise To Fame With Jon & Kate Plus 8

An atypical family with 8 kids, Kate’s family received much attention from the media. They were first featured in NBC reality show Home Delivery which was filmed in their revamped Wyomissing, Pennsylvania home. In 2005, they were then featured on a special titled “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins” on Discovery Health, following the popularity and high ratings of the sequel, Discovery Health signed the family to a reality series titled “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. The series began airing in April 2007 and after the first two seasons, it was moved to The Learning Channel (TLC). The family received $25,000 per episode of the series.

Kate made additional $25k to $40k from speaking engagements, church tours and image rights.

The show ran until 2009 when it was put on hiatus following Kate’s divorce from husband Jon. However, after the divorce was finalized, the show restarted with the name “Kate Plus 8”, Jon made random appearances. In 2011, after two seasons the show was put on hold as a result of series of controversies between Kate and Jon. However, reruns and specials of the show still air on TLC.


After divorcing from husband Jon Gosselin she began dating millionaire Jeff Prescott, a divorced father of three kids who is the COO and Co-founder of an Internet-based stockpiler and supplier of digital images “Dreamstime.” The company also has media outlets for both corporate and personal clientele was valued at $15 million as at 2007 and this value is estimated to have increased to about  20 times its former worth in recent times.

Their relationship came to limelight in October 2014, which is almost 5 years after her divorce. However, just after a year in 2015, the pair broke up and much of  this has been attributed to his indifference or sudden development of cold feet to appearing on the reality show “Kate plus 8.” He was then spotted with his new 26 year old girlfriend who is from Belarus. She is a model and a business-major who interestingly speaks five different languages.

Kate Gosselin Net Worth

Kate Gosselin Net Worth: Other TV Shows and Endeavors

As Kate Plus 8 wasn’t as successful as the original show, Kate opted for other means of making money. She featured on other reality TV shows including “Dancing With The Stars”, “Celebrity Apprentice” featuring Donald Trump, Celebrity Wife Swap, and others. She also planned to start her own show Twist of Kate, but it was later cancelled.

Kate Gosselin also made money from penning books, her first two books debuted at #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Kate Gossling House 

The reality Tv star owns a home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania which she got after parting ways with her husband Jon. The home costs $1.2 million and she resides there with all her eight kids her kids. As with the life of reality Tv, she has also had to share her home with the crew of “Kate plus 8.” Understandably, having such external persons around and in your house more often than not can be quite unnerving and Kate had a few rules to help her and her kids cope with it. Such rules include the bathroom crew could use, the particular door they could use as well as the no smoking policy in or around the house.


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