Kate Gorney – Bio, Family Life and Everything About T.J. Miller’s Wife

Success in Hollywood can be unpredictable. You can go years appearing in various projects without any significant breakthrough and in one moment, a movie or a TV show transforms you into a superstar with global recognition. Many actors and actresses have experienced this and one of them is T.J Miller, whose appearance in the show, Silicon Valley made him into a national and international star. Since then, closer attention has been drawn to his life, which includes his wife, Kate Gorney.

Although his wife does not share a similar profile with him, she is also an actress, who has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows and could very well be destined for a career story like her husband.

Much has been said of T.J Miller already, so in this article, we take a look at his wife, Kate Gorney. Scroll below to learn more.

Who Exactly is Kate Gorney?

Kate Gorney was born sometime a couple of decades ago in the United States as Kathryn Titus Gorney. When it comes to her background, not much has been revealed about her, with the exception of the fact that she grew up on a farm and her father was a poet and a retired priest. Through her father, she developed love and passion for Art and grew up with a deep fascination and interest in art of all forms, dedicating her life to their expression.

Starting from her childhood years, Kate began training as a ballet dancer at the age of four and incorporated other art forms such as singing and acting. Her life as a ballet dance continued well into high school where she became a member of the Ann Arbor Civic Ballet Company.

For her post-high school education, Kate Gorney traveled to Europe and Scandinavia where she studied different forms of art before she returned to the United States and enrolled at The George Washington University for a degree in liberal arts. She joined the school via a scholarship in the Women in the Arts program.

One of the most popular art forms in the world is acting and, in that regard, Kate Gorney has accomplished a significant body of work as an actress. She has appeared in movies and shows like Gossip Girl, where she played the character, Bleeker Inn Barista on the show for 9 episodes. The actress has also appeared in Fringe, and in movies like Twelve, Tattoo, a Love Story, Lovesick, Bristel Goodman, and The Emoji Movie, where she played the ‘Heart Eyes’.

She has also engaged in other art forms like singing and painting. Some of her works have featured in a couple of exhibitions and she is known to sell some of them on her own website.

Kate Gorney’s Husband & Kids

Kate Gorney
Kate Gorney with her husband, T.J Miller during an event

Kate Gorney and T.J Miller are yet to welcome a child into their family but it hasn’t stopped the growth of the relationship that began at George Washington University. Both of them were students of the school and were members of the drama group. They began dating shortly after they completed the production of a school play, A Chorus Line.

Gorney and Miller remained a couple well past graduation and into their respective professional careers and took things to the next level shortly before 2015 when T.J Miller proposed to the actress at the La County Museum of Art. Although the proposal itself was a mixed experience, it was a happy ending for both Kate and Miller and they eventually got married in 2015.

Since they got married, Kate Gorney, who now goes by the name, Kate Miller, has continued to live a happy life with her husband as shown on her Instagram page @rosepetalpistol.

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Other Interesting Facts About Her

  • Kate Gorney’s wedding to T.J Miller was an unusual event that featured special cocktails served in a squirt gun and an old cologne bottle. The couple also wore an untraditional dress and had a picture of Kate’s grandmothers in her bouquet.
  • In 2017, her husband, T.J Miller was accused of sexual assault by an unknown woman.
  • The allegation was published by The Daily Beast, claiming the incident happened in 2001. Kate Gorney released a public statement in support of her husband.
  • Having appeared in over 70 movies and TV shows which include commercially successful movies like Big Hero 6, Deadpool, her husband had a modestly successful career as a comedian and accrued a net worth estimated at $9 million.
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