Interesting Facts That Prove Kate Bilo’s Success in Balancing Her Family and Career as a Journalist

The term superwoman is often used to describe women who are able to do several things in their lives successfully and at the same time. Whatever reservations one may have about this term, the truth remains that there are women like that out there and one of those who perfectly slots right in is Kate Bilo. Bilo is a well-celebrated chief meteorologist working for the CBS 3 network. 

She has achieved enviable feats in the field of broadcast journalism, turning what was a childhood passion into a thriving career. While at that, Kate has also established a happy marital life and is the mother of three rambunctious kids. Even though juggling her career with being a housewife can be quite difficult, the meteorologist approaches it with zest and relishes conquering each challenge thrown her way, either at work or at home. 

Bilo Has Always Been a Weather Geek

Kate was born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and her birth date is June 20, 1986. Unfortunately, there is no information about her parents and siblings (if any). However, Kate has revealed that her love for the weather and environment stems from a childhood filled with observing and measuring several weather elements such as blizzards. She has also disclosed that both of her parents noticed this passion early and encouraged her to nurture it.

Despite falling in love with everything weather as a child, Kate Bilo never saw herself making a career as a meteorologist. She rather wanted to become an anchor or a reporter and as such, attended State College in Pennsylvania. At college, Kate initially majored in broadcast journalism but didn’t find it so fulfilling. She, therefore, changed her major to Spanish and International Business and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2003. 

Upon graduation, Kate found work at the weather-forecasting services company, AccuWeather. She was employed as an administrative assistant but it turned out that they were looking for someone to deliver forecasts in Spanish. She jumped at the chance to combine the two loves of her life, Spanish and meteorology, and so started her journey to becoming an accomplished weatherwoman. Returning to school in 2006, Kate Bilo went ahead to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences/Meteorology from Mississippi State University after four years. She also continued to work for AccuWeather all through this period and used her paychecks to see herself through college.

Strides at AccuWeather and CBS 3 Eyewitness News 

Kate Bilo
Bilo doing what she knows best: Image Source

Kate worked with AccuWeather Inc. for a total of five years and during this time, focused on providing commercial weather forecasting services. Her main job was to give weather forecasts for clients that included the likes of ABC News Now, FOX, and CNBC. While doing that, she also worked with Bloomberg Television Network as its morning weather anchor.

Kate Bilo eventually left AccuWeather in 2010 to join CBS 3 Eyewitness News, Philadelphia. The Phoenixville native has been at the channel for about a decade now and has risen to become their chief meteorologist. She coordinates all of the weather forecasts provided by the channel. She also runs several forecasts each weekday, specifically at 5, 6, 10, and 11 PM. Kate has endeared herself to the people of Philadelphia with her sharp wit and banter. She has also been tapped to host CBS’ award-winning talk show, The Talk, on two occasions.

Kate Bilo Is a Loving Mother and Wife

Kate Bilo’s husband and kids

Kate’s time in the public eye has made her a star in both her hometown as well as the city of Philadelphia. Such fame has however been fraught with some challenges. Back in February 2012, a 30-year-old man named Justin Vermont sent her threats on twitter, threatening to harm her and her son.

He stated that he knew her itinerary and would murder her in front of her son. Bilo of course alerted the authorities and they swung into action. Justin was later arrested and sentenced to five years in federal prison in the year 2013.  

She is happily married to Scott Eby, a senior software developer she met during her time at Accuweather. The couple tied the knot on the 31st of August 2007 and have been together ever since then. In over a decade of marriage, there have not been any unsavory stories about Kate and her husband and as such, it is quite obvious that they have built a stable and rock-solid union. The couple has also expanded their family to welcome three children comprising of two sons and a daughter named Solenna Marit Elisabeth, who was born on the 1st of June 2017.

She Dedicates Her Weekends Entirely to Her Family

The coming of multiple kids has posed some difficulties for Kate as she tries to make headway in her career. Sometimes, she may not be able to come home for several days due to snowstorms and the likes, and at other times, the Phoenixville native will pop into the house for just a change of clothes before heading back to work. Kate however tries to make up for such absences by ensuring that her husband and kids realize that they are the most important aspects of her life. 

The meteorologist dedicates her weekends entirely to her family. She spends time lounging around with them. The whole family also embarks on fun activities such as running trails with their dogs. Summers are for water skiing, winter weekends are for skiing, while spring weekends are for soccer. 

Such family time has a dual advantage. It helps Kate to bond with her loved ones and also recharges her so that she can get back to work refreshed each Monday. The meteorologist has acknowledged that it is a bit difficult juggling the two aspects of her life but maintains that she wouldn’t change it for anything. According to her, she wants her children, most especially her sons, to grow up seeing women in high powered roles so that they will know that women can do everything that men can do. 

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Here’s How She Regained Her Pre Baby Body

Kate Bilo is no doubt a beautiful woman with a sexy physique. The meteorologist is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters) tall while her weight is around 54 kg (120 lb). She also boasts of a slim body with her bust, waist, and hip measuring 32-23-36 inches respectively. Even though Kate is naturally slim, she has had to cope with weight gain issues as a result of pregnancy. For her first two pregnancies, she easily lost the additional weight after giving birth and went back to her old self. 

It was however a bit difficult with regards to her third pregnancy. In a Facebook post in February 2018, Kate shared her struggles and stated that it was a result of her advancement in age, post-partum issues, and lack of time for self-care. She however went on to disclose that she was tired of feeling out of shape and not fitting into her great clothes. The meteorologist, therefore, resolved to run several miles each day as well as stick to healthy foods. She also used a picture of her old body as her screen saver and all these eventually paid off.

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