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A versatile and highly talented woman, Karoun Demirjian is an American multimedia international journalist who is renowned for her complete devotion and passion for the job. She has worked with several media outfits and has contributed lots of written and visual pieces in her illustrious career. Her work has taken her around the world, including places like Russia, Jordan, Israel, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Germany. Karoun is also interested in music and is a professional classical soprano who competently plays the piano.

Having worked with different media outfits over the years as a journalist, Demirjian now works as a freelance reporter with the Washington Post where she covers areas like foreign policy and defense. She has won a devoted circle of followers who are often eager to read the works she produces for the Washington Post. We have been able to dig out some facts about this journalist for your reading pleasure. Read on to see some more for yourself.

Karoun Demirjian Biography

Karoun Demirjian was born on the 28th day of the month of April in the year 1981. According to sources, the journalist grew up just outside of Boston, the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, USA.

She was born to a mother identified as Karen Demirjian, a devout Christian woman who worked fervently in the church as a choir member and even served as the assistant organist in her church. Nothing much has been revealed about who her father is. She has a brother called Aram Demirjian whom she is very fond of.

Apparently, Karoun took after her mother because she too picked interest in singing from an early age. She would sing around the house as a child and sometimes did so with herself as an accompanist. She also joined the church choir just like her mother and learned to sing religious, classical, and jazz/blues music. She also learned instrumental music.

Details about her high school education remain quite elusive at the moment. However, we know that she bagged two degrees in history and international law in the Boston area. First, she attended Harvard University then studied at Tufts University both in Massachusetts. While at Harvard University, she worked as a classical disk jockey at WHRB, a radio station operated by Harvard students. When she later studied at Tufts University, she also worked as a disc jockey at WMFO, a radio owned by the school. She would later become one of those reporting the news at the station. In 2003, she also served as a contributing writer for the Harvard Crimson, the athletic team of Harvard University.

After her first degree, Karoun proceeded to bag an M.A. in Law and Diplomacy, International Law at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 2006.

Her Career

Upon her graduation from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 2006, Karoun immediately began to work for Christian Science Monitor as a freelance writer. Here, she developed her writing skills and won the admiration of readers. In 2008, she left Christian Science Monitor and joined the Congressional Quarterly where she worked for one year till 2009.

Karoun briefly worked at the United Nations where she helped to co-author several reports on disaster relief, peacekeeping operations, and even emerging democracies. Months later, she decided to commit herself fully to her journalistic career.

In 2010, she joined the Associated Press and worked as a stringer for the news agency. Her work for the Associated Press carried her around the world; she was in Israel, the West Bank and even the Gaza Strip covering developments in those areas. After some time, she joined Congressional Quarterly and the Chicago Tribune, covering Capitol Hill.

The journalist soon joined Tribune where she reported on various beats including crime, community, and the courts. She also worked for the Las Vegas Sun, covering the White House, the federal courts, and other beats.

In 2014, Karoun Demirjian joined The Washington Post’s bureau to work as a correspondent in Moscow. Around this time, she was also working as a freelance reporter for the NPR. Months later, in 2015, she became a freelance reporter assigned to cover defense and foreign policy for The Washington Post. Karoun has also appeared on CNN and CNN international as an analyst.

What’s Her Net Worth?

There is not a doubt in the world that Karoun Demirjian has been able to rake in some money for herself over the years as a journalist. She has traveled around the world covering her beats and has become a prolific writer who has turned in countless reports for different media houses and is expected to have consolidated on her financial independence by so doing.

According to sources, reporters at The Washington Post earn salaries ranging between $59,797 – $101,024. Apparently, Karoun’s salary falls within this range. However, at the moment, her exact net worth has not been determined.

Karoun Demirjian
Karoun Demirjian and Margaux Ewen during an event

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Boyfriend or Husband, Is Karoun Demirjian Married?

Karoun is not a married woman at the moment and fans have often wondered why not. The journalist has not been linked to any man romantically. Karoun once told her fans in a 2012 tweet that she was single and was dating herself. Since then, she has not made mention of any man in her life.

At the moment, it is safe to say that she is a single woman focusing on making the best out of her career. Soon, we may get details to counter this assumption.

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