Does Jusuf Nurkić Have A Girlfriend Or Is He Married?

The Bosnian NBA star Jusuf Nurkić towers at the height of 7 feet and weighs 280 lbs – which makes him easily noticeable even among his teammates. So, it is not quite a surprise that while his NBA career only kicked off in 2014, he is already well-known among basketball lovers across the country and beyond. Of course, with his status as a star athlete and his intimidating appearance, the Portland Trail Blazers center has no doubt become the centerpiece of many ladies’ attention. While it is expected that ladies would be teeming up around the star player, let’s find out who Jusuf Nurkić’s girlfriend or wife is.

Does Jusuf Nurkić Have A Girlfriend?

Emina Duric WAG
Jusuf Nurkić and his girlfriend Emina Duric share a kiss before a game: Image source

There have been several stories about the Portland Trail Blazers star’s romantic dealings with girls. In one particular case, a Twitter user told a long story of how Jusuf Nurkić walked up to their table at a club and asked his friend’s girlfriend to join him at his own table instead. According to the story, the girl actually complied with his demand to the dismay of her original boyfriend (Mike) who helplessly watched as the story unfolded. As sensational as the story sounds, we have not been able to confirm it as the basketball player has not commented on it. Nonetheless, it won’t be a total surprise if it actually happened since ballers command a lot of attention among the ladies who easily trip for their chiseled abs and gigantic height, as well as the fat cheque they smile to the bank with.

However, we have been able to find that the star has a regular girlfriend of his own actually. Her name is Emina Duric. From the much we have been able to unearth about her, she actually comes from the same country as Jusuf himself (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and, in fact, from the same city of Tuzla, the administrative center of Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Indeed, they have been in a relationship for a long time back home.

A very beautiful brunette, Jusuf Nuric’s girlfriend is not quite popular yet – at least not in the USA or on the internet. At the time of writing this piece, she has 1,228 Instagram followers and just 18 following her on Twitter.

But back home, she seems to be quite an important figure as she is said to have received recognition from the prestigious Rotary Club of her city in 2014. As for her family background, we have been able to find that she comes from a close-knit Bosnian Muslim family. However, we know only about one member of her family, her brother named Emir.

Aside from Emina, Jusuf has not been linked to any other lady who may have been his girlfriend in the past.

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Is Jusuf Nurkić Married Or Getting Married Soon?

Life’s many surprises aside, it seems almost certain that Jusuf Nurkić will never have any cause to call it quits with his girlfriend Emina Duric. Jusuf has been seen wearing a shirt with the inscription ‘if you can read this, you’re too close, he has a girlfriend’.

It is believed in some quarters that his girlfriend Emina compelled the dude to wear the shirt that way and he is rumored to have been receiving banters from his teammates in the locker room for it. Well, that’s in addition to the ones we see him receive online which he doesn’t seem to care about. This is somewhat proof of the star’s total resolve to never end his relationship with Emina, which is wonderful of course. However, they are yet to make the relationship official by becoming husband and wife.

While expectations are high that the relationship will lead to marriage one day, at the moment, however, there is no information available to us as on whether the lovebirds have started venturing towards that direction. Whatever the case may be, Jusuf Nurkić and his girlfriend still have their years in front of them. Born on August 23, 1994, the basketball star has age on his side and might want to invest more in his professional basketball career which kicked off in his home country in 2012 before he joined the NBA in 2014.

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