Justine Karain – Inside The Family Life Of Patrick Reed’s Wife

Golf may not be a pervasive world sport but its personalities are globally recognized personalities, celebrated for their achievements in their chosen profession. One of them is Patrick Reed, a two-time winner of the European and multiple winner of the PGA Tour. While his achievement in the sport is recognized by a niche group, his personal life – with his wife – Justine Karain has been the subject of national discussion.

WAG is a popular term that is used to describe the wives of sportsmen, often with the implicit of them being bimbos who only contribute by looking pretty, Justine Karain is no ordinary WAG. She has multiple degrees and she is a big part of Patrick Reed golfing life, including being his caddie.

Learn about Justine Karain and her relationship with the former world champion, Patrick Reed below.

Justine Karain Bio

On the 19th of December, 1986, Justine Karain was born to her parents in Houston, Texas. Not much is known about her childhood but she is believed to have a brother, Kessler Karain. Growing up, one could not have guessed that Justine would end up in a life surrounded by golf but the foundations were forming right from high school, where she helped start the women’s golf team at her high school – Klein Forest High School.

Following graduation from high school, Justine Karain who was always a brilliant academic student earned her first undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University for Health Service Administration. Her second degree, she earned at Augusta State University, in Nursing.

While Justine Karain dabbled in the understanding of human anatomy and caregiving as a nurse in training, she met Patrick Reed and their resultant relationship led Justine to caddie for Patrick for two years. It was the expression of bond and love between the couple and it ended only after Justine got pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Before she became a full-time caddie, as part of the requirement of becoming a full-time nurse, she worked as a nurse in training before she made the switch to be her husband’s biggest supporter, on and off the field.

However, after her pregnancy, she has remained on the sidelines, supporting her husband from outside the field while she continues to raise their two children.

Who is The Husband Patrick Reed?

We mentioned earlier Justine Karain and Patrick Reed met when she was at Augusta State University. This was made possible by the fact that Patrick Reed was transferred from the University of Georgia to Augusta State after developing somewhat of a bad reputation at the former. Their fateful meeting at Augusta kickstarted a love story that has lasted over 10 years thus far.

Justine Karain
Justine Karain with her husband, Patrick Reed during a tournament victory

Upon meeting, Justine and Patrick developed an affection for each other and dated for three years before they committed to spending the rest of their lives with each other through engagement on the 9th of January 2012 and in a private wedding ceremony on the 21st of December 2012.

While their relationship may have gotten plenty of people excited, the effect hasn’t been shared by the family, particularly the parents of Patrick Reed who opposed their relationship. As a result, Justine Karain does not have a relationship with her in-laws and have even publicly criticized them.

The estrangement from his family, which went as far as blacklisting them from their wedding has continued in their marriage. The marriage so far has produced two children, Windsor-Wells, a daughter who was born in May 2014 and the second child, Barrett Benjamin, a son who was born on the 6th of December, 2017.

How Tall is She?

Justine Karain might be more than the ordinary WAG but she is still a WAG, a beautiful woman at the side of her husband. As far as specifics go, we do not have one regarding her height, but we know she is of average height as her husband is 6 feet tall, with Justine just a few inches shorter than he is. She has other noticeable features like blonde hair.

Other Facts About Justine Karain

During a tournament in Florida in 2014, Justine Karain went into a seizure in a bathtub, causing her to have a near-drowning experience. Thankfully, her husband, Patrick was around and with his help and the swift response of paramedics who transported her to a hospital, Justine survived.

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Justine Karain may not be a professional golfer like her husband but she is a trained athlete. Through high school and her first time in college, she was a competitive swimmer, soccer player, and golfer.

Her husband, won the biggest trophy of his career in 2018 when he won the Masters Tournament.

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