Justin Timberlake Movie Roles
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When his name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is his silky voice which he uses to sing with all the ease in the world. But then, there are many Justin Timberlake movie roles that show he is much more than just a singer.

The first taste of the spotlight for Timberlake came as a result of his music career which he began professionally with the boyband NSYNC and that stint spanned from 1996 to 2002. After the band fell apart, he continued as a solo singer who has gone ahead to become one of the biggest voices in the business with many awards, including the Grammys to his name and over 10 million copies of his albums sold.

In 2000, he made appearances in Longshot and Model Behavior, launching his career as a film actor. He made his debut on TV in 1999 when he appeared in Touched by an Angel as a street performer. Since then, he has continued to appear in more TV and film productions.

Justin Timberlake Movie Roles

1. Dylan (Friends With Benefits – 2011)

Justin Timberlake Movie Roles
Timberlake and Mila (Image Source)

This will always top other Justin Timberlake movie roles as it has some of his best moments in front of the camera. In the film, Timberlake takes the role of Dylan who meets Jaimie Rellis portrayed by Mila Kunis and the two became friends. They believe that they can maintain their friendship and still be having some benefits (sex) without any complications to the relationship. They later realize that they were wrong and have already started having feelings for each other.

In most of his other appearances, Timberlake mainly takes the supporting role but this time around, he played the lead together with Kunis.

2. Will Silas (In Time- 2011)

Justin Timberlake Movie Roles
Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried (Image Source)

This is another film in which he takes the lead role. Directed by Andrew Niccol, the film gained commercial success but it did not so much as get on the best side of critics. However, it still remains one of the most memorable roles played by Timberlake.

The film tells the story of a system in which once you reach 25, you stop aging but the currency you have is time so once your time runs out, you will die. Timberlake takes the role of Will Salas, a factory worker who gets 116 years transferred to him in his sleep by a man who is tired of living. Now, he is the chief suspect in the death of the man, Henry Hamilton.

3. Sean Parker (The Social Network – 2010)

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In this 2010 biographical film about Mark Zuckerberg and the other co-founders of Facebook and the legal battle between them, Justin Timberlake takes one of the roles that have established him as more than just a musician. He has all the charisma to make the Napster creator whom he portrays in the film easy to like. He played a good one alongside others like Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield.

This David Fincher film is one of the most successful films he has taken, both critically and commercially, having recorded an incredible $224.9 million at the box office worldwide from a budget of $40 million.

4. Scott Delacorte (Bad Teacher – 2011)

Justin Timberlake Movie Roles
Justin and Cameron (Image Source)

Some Justin Timberlake movie roles will never go unnoticed even when you drop them in a pool of many other performances. One of such is his portrayal of Scott Delacorte, a substitute teacher who is very wealthy.

In the Jake Kasdan-directed film, he appeared alongside Cameron Diaz who portrayed Elizabeth Halsey. She is a gold digger and an abusive teacher who falls for Timberlake, rejecting the school gym teacher who happens to be in love with her because he is nothing more than a gym teacher.

Apart from the memorable role of Timberlake in the movie, it was also a success both critically and otherwise.

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5. Jason (Model Behavior – 2000)

Model Behavior (Image Source)

No, this is by no means, not the greatest movie role of Justin Timberlake but it is one to remember on one hand, as well as one of the earliest roles he took as an actor.

He appeared alongside Maggie Lawson and Daniel Clark in the TV film as a male model and like most of his other roles, is easy to love. He finds himself between two girls, Alex and Jenin, who decide to switch their lives and because of this, Alex goes out on a date with Timberlake.

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