How Did Justin Timberlake Achieve a Net Worth of $230 Million?

The man credited with bringing sexy back has not only been one of the best male singers in the 21st century but has also been one of the richest. Justin Timberlake, with a net worth of $230 million has been one of the most successful musicians in recent history, and possibly of all time, with music influence and popularity to back up his high status.

Justin Timberlake has had a long career in the American entertainment industry, starting as a member of a boyband, to a solo career and a career as an actor and producer. We took a closer look at how Justin Timberlake achieved his remarkable net worth below. Scroll down to check it out.

How Justin Timberlake Achieved his Net Worth

Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis, Tennessee on the 31st of January 1981 and after about a decade, he began his career in the music industry when he was discovered on the show, Star Search in 1991 and was recruited to become a part of the boy band, NSYNC. Since then, he has had a career that has spanned over two and half decades as a member of the group, a solo singer and an actor, accruing a net worth of $230 million in the process.

Through three different means – Music, Acting and Entrepreneurship, Justin Timberlake became a rich man and we took a closer look at each means below.


Even though it is not the only thing responsible for his net worth, music is the number one and major source of Justin Timberlake’s net worth as well as his popularity and it all began with NSYNC.

Justin was one of the lead singers of the band and through it, he quickly became one of the most popular faces on television. The band released its first album in 1998, selling a total of 11 million copies, and their subsequent albums have gone on to sell over 60 million copies worldwide, making them one of the top five bestselling boy bands in history.

Combined with the income from album sales and the band’s global tours, which is estimated to have brought in over $110 million, Justin Timberlake had built a considerable amount of net worth through the band. However, if Justin Timberlake was already at the precipice of wealth through NSYNC, his solo career shot his net worth to the moon. Following the dissolution of NSYNC, he began a solo career that quickly transformed him into a global superstar.

His first album, Justified, was both a commercial and critical success, selling almost four million copies as well as winning two Grammy Awards. His second solo album, Future Sex/Love Sounds, sold higher than his first, with almost five million copies in sales. So far, he has sold over 32 million albums and 56 million singles worldwide, all from five albums.

For the subsequent tours in promotion of his albums, Justin Timberlake has seen a considerable increase in his net worth, with at least two tours for Man of the Woods and The 20/20 Experience, earning over $200 million each in revenue. He also reportedly earned $20 million in a collaboration tour with Jay Z in 2009.


In addition to a very successful music career, Justin Timberlake has forged a career as an actor, appearing in over 20 movies thus far, such as Trolls, In Time, The Social Network and several others.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake in The Social Network

Although his exact salary for each of these movies is unknown, with over $2 billion in box office revenue as a leading and supporting actor, Justin is believed and expected to have earned millions in salary.


Outside of acting and music, Justin Timberlake has proven to be quite the businessman and has made a fraction of his wealth through investments in the fashion and hospitality business. Through business ventures like three restaurants in the US, Justin Timberlake has had a significant contribution to his net worth. He also has a fashion line, William Rast.

Other business investments include another fashion line, Fresh Leaves and his liquor line, Sauza 901. He also has investments in Bai Brands, a beverage company, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour and along with his wife, owns a minority stake in the Memphis Grizzlies.

However, with career earnings well over half a billion, that has resulted in a net worth of $230 million for Justin Timberlake, he has committed a fraction of his wealth to charity, with over $15 million donated to various charities and organizations so far, including Shriner’s Hospital for Children whom he helped to a tune of $9 million.


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