Who is Justin Ervin Ashley Graham’s Husband and What Does He Do For a Living?

Tall, classy and confident-looking, Justin Ervin is an American movie director and cinematographer who is also known as the husband of the very famous American model, Ashley Graham. It is quite hard to be connected to the model romantically and not be popular as well especially because her many fans keep digging into her life to find out all there is to know. Their marriage has been widely discussed among fans on social media who feel the couple are the definition of what a good marriage should look like.

Justin Ervin is a multi-talented and hard-working man. Apart from being a director, he is also a photographer and producer who is considered in many quarters to be a ladies’ man.

Justin Ervin Biography

The movie director was born on the 31st of December, 1988 in Atlanta, a city in Georgia, USA. His father has been identified as Louis Ervin and his mother’s name has been given as Katie Griffy Ervin. Justin has two siblings identified as Kia and Louis with whom he grew up.

Not much is known about the early life of Justin Ervin or about the towns in which he grew up. However, we know that he had always been a keen fan of film-making and cinematography and this reflected in what he opted to study in school. According to reports, Justin attended the School of Visual Arts, a college which is based in New York City from where he bagged a degree in Social Documentary Filmmaking in 2012. He has also been a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, a professional organization based in Los Angeles where he did a Master Class. Armed with his experiences and qualifications, he was set to rule the world.

Everything To Know About Ashley Graham’s Husband

Many people know Justin Ervin as Ashley Graham’s Husband but not many know that he has actually had a very successful career as a movie director and cinematographer. Below are the facts you must know.

Career As A Film Director

Boiling with the passion to create images and make films, Justin Ervin set out to make a documentary about the living conditions of Senegalese merchants who were staying in Florence, Italy. It was his first ever documentary and he called it As In A Mirror. In 2005, he was credited as a production assistant on the documentary called Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take 2 1/2.

Justin was not resting on his oars. In 2007 he also worked as a production assistant on Paranormal State, a popular American television series. The same year, he worked on Derby In Black, a documentary that captured the true impact of black jockeys on horse racing.

Justin Ervin was not interested in just being a production assistant, he also had a passion for directing moving picture projects and in 2012, he made his debut when he directed Elephant In The Room, a full-length documentary. The documentary which featured the story of an ex-boxing champion trying to mentor his daughters went on to catch serious attention and was selected to feature in the Vail Film Festival as well as the San Diego Black Film Festival. The documentary was so good that it also won the award for Best Documentary Short at the ‘Garden State Film Festival in 2013. The award made critics very confident in his abilities as a director and filmmaker.

After his success with Elephant In The Room, Justin went on to establish his company called Elements Films Inc. in 2013. He explained that the company was created to promote pure excellence in digital motion picture imaging. The same year in 2013, he made his debut as a writer when he wrote and also directed a short film titled Six Months Later. The film went on to be selected for many film festivals cementing his place as a director of repute.

In 2015, Justin worked on another short film called Leap. The production would later win the audience award at New Filmmakers LA. The next year, he went on to show his prowess as a cinematographer when he handled the cinematography projects in two short films; Essence Black Girl Magic: A Dorian Thomas’ and Peach Fuzz winning praise for each of them. Today, Justin Ervin continues to make films. He has also created campaigns for high-class clients such as The Gap Inc and CNN.

How Justin Ervin Met Ashley Graham

Justin Ervin
Justin Ervin and his wife, Ashley Graham

Justin Ervin met Ashley Graham at a church in New York City. At the time they met, Ashley was volunteering as an elevator lady at her church when Justin walked in and they took an interest in each other. They decided to fix a date where they met and spent some time together to figure each other out. They soon started dating and took things to the next level.

While they were dating, Ashley and Justin were both celibate and decided to stay without having sex until they got married. Talking about this in an interview, Ashley explained that their romance was very innocent. All they did was to go biking, rollerblading and watch movies or do karaoke together. They didn’t sleep with each other until after their wedding. In fact, they never paid visits to each other’s houses after dark so as not to tempt themselves.

Ashley also revealed that her grandmother did not like Justin when they first met. He had to work his way into the old woman’s heart gradually before she accepted him into the family.

The Marriage

Justin Ervin and Ashley Gram finally tied the knot as husband and wife on the 14th of August, 2010 in a ceremony which was attended by family and friends. Today, the couple are adored by their many fans on social media for the way they show love to each other. Justin is very supportive of his wife and has even appeared in one of her photo-shoots. Ashley is always posting photos of her husband on her page showing them doing different loving things together. The couple is yet to have a baby together.

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