Julieanna Goddard’s Career Pursuits, Net Worth and The Ways She Courts Controversy

Ever wondered how much technology has changed our lives in the last few decades? For instance, some ten to fifteen odd years ago, social media influencing as a profession would have been some over-imagined fairy tale. But today, it has become a major economic player. All over the prominent social media platforms, several influencers are making a fortune off their activities thereof. Among them is Julieanna Goddard, who is more commonly known as YesJulz.

It is not every day that a high profile news publication dedicates its time and space to a millennial on social media as the New York Times did with YesJulz when they dubbed her ‘Snapchat Royalty’. With that, we can safely conclude that the controversial social media stalwart has become quite a force to reckon with in the global social space. Indeed, she is one of the few young women living what has been described as the millennial dream.

Julieanna Goddard’s First Job Was In a Strip Club

She was born in the United States on March 3, 1990, and was raised in a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Her family history reveals that she is of Puerto Rican and Italian descent. But her childhood years weren’t exactly ideal as she was taken away from her mother and her stepfather after they were both apprehended for doing drugs, forcing Julieanna to live with a foster family from age 4. Her foster mother named Johanna owned a children’s home into which little Julieanna was taken and raised.

Having grown up in one of America’s most notable partying cities, Julieanna Goddard had developed an affinity for fun and fanfare quite early in life. But that did not deter her from going through the conventional education system. So, after earning a degree from the University of South Florida, Julz immediately took up a job as a hostess in a strip club. Later, she started working as a party promoter in Tampa, Florida.

Following years of grounding her experience in the free-for-all entertainment industry, Julieanna also began to learn the rudiments of social media image laundering. She did this because, as the social media culture began to gain more and more traction, she saw a big future therein and it made her begin to think of capitalizing on the enabling tech, she eventually did and it made a great difference for her.

Throwing Loud Parties Helped Her Career

As soon as Julieanna Goddard understood the rudiments of the social media technology, she swung into action by creating her online profiles and began to grow her social media brand via Twitter and more importantly, Snapchat in 2013. As the Telegraph of the UK once put it, she basically became famous by throwing loud parties, the kind that everyone wished they had attended. Thus, her reputation as a go-to party organizer soon spread like a wild-fire across the United States, and she began to host her shows and to attract clients from far and near. These included high-profile clients like Dwyane Wade and David Beckham.

With so much experience, the soon-to-become social media big dog started her own creative agency named YesJulz in 2014. Then, she followed it up with the establishment of an entertainment company named 1AM Entertainment only two years down the line (in 2016). YesJulz’s work as a social media influencer and party organizer has seen her win over topnotch clients like Skype, EA Sports, Vevo, Puma, and several big entertainers such as Travis Scott and Hailey Baldwin, who were leveraging on her unique ability to create intense awareness to promote their brands.

Julieanna Goddard Is Worth at Least $3 Million

Today, Julieanna Goddard’s entertainment company has almost grown into a conglomerate that comprises of a record label, a radio station, and a marketing company. What’s more? Her record label brought her face to face with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Kanye West and Pusha T.

Julieanna Goddard
Julieanna Goddard at an event for Puma

All these years, the highly industrious American has not fared badly in terms of income-generation. She made it to the highly enviable Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2017. As of 2020, she has been reported to have built a personal net worth estimated at $3 million.

What We Know About Her Sex Tape Scandal

Julz is no doubt a very beautiful girl that could have passed for a model and has got one of the most entrepreneurially passionate personalities you can find. Yet, it is clear that a good deal of her fame and fortune has been due to a lot of controversies that she courts. As, earlier noted, she became famous by throwing loud parties.

But Julieanna Goddard’s kind of controversies is more than that. For instance, in 2016, Scandal Planet reported about a sex tape and nude photo scandal involving the brand ambassador. The tape even got on porn websites. Soon, social media was awash with the news. But it was also mused that the tapes got leaked by hackers, which no one has got close to confirming.

She Has Been Accused of Racism

It started back in 2017 when she posted a photo of a t-shirt with the inscription ‘Niggas lie a lot’ and was asking if she could put it on while attending a party. Two years later, she came under a heavy fire of criticisms over her series of attacks on black women. What her critics especially considered provocative was a case where she was in the midst of black men while claiming that black women hated her.

She immediately earned a reputation as a ‘culture vulture’.

Although she apologized at the time, it appears her effort at image mending didn’t pay off. Julz has acquired a reputation for her brash behavior. She is known to have caught her biological parents’ drug-gene, puffing marijuana publicly without any care in the world.

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Julz Is Dealing With Disappointments In Her Love Life

For a popular young woman like Julieanna Goddard who is both successful and beautiful, it is expected that there would be no shortage of men who would cherish the chance to be her romantic partner. Throughout her time in the limelight, there is no doubt that she has had her share of relationships. In the eyes of the public, she has so far been linked to Rambo Diego Ramos, a director and a photographer based in Los Angeles. They were supposedly together in 2016. She was also linked with Maxwell Osborne at a point in time.

Amid the plethora of men Goddard is exposed to on a personal and professional basis, she is yet to publicly declare one as her spouse. It appears that she has been having a lot of romantic challenges of late. The social media star seemed to confirm this in May 2020 when she posted a page of meditation, talking about the need to give intimacy time to build up rather than forcing it. She talked about the “constant disappointment” in her relationships and saw the COVID-19 stay-at-home as an opportunity to work on her romantic challenges.


In all, Julz’s love life is going through a discovery phase, only time can tell how things would turn out for her in this regard.

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