Untold Truths About Julianne Phillips’ Family Life, Net Worth and Whereabouts

Julianne Phillips has been in Hollywood for over three decades, and in that time, she was able to establish herself first as a model and later as an actress. She has also achieved fame through her shortlived marriage to one of Hollywood’s (and the music industry’s) biggest personalities, Bruce Springsteen.

After her failed marriage to Bruce, she continued with her career in the showbiz for a while before deciding to simply vanish from the scene. Nonetheless, the attention she attracted in the early days of her career still stands as many still want to know what is now happening with the beautiful Julianne. Learn more about Julianne Phillips and her career so far by reading below.

Facts About Julianne Phillips’ Childhood & Career

Julianne Phillips was born a beautiful child on the 6th of May, 1960, in Evanston, Illinois, and she was raised in Lake Oswego in Oregon by her parents, William Phillips and Ann Phillips, both of whom were middle-class Americans. The model and actress was brought up alongside five siblings (which consisted of four older brothers and an older sister) in the Catholic faith. Although her father was known to have worked as an insurance broker and executive, what her mother did is not known.

She is a well-spoken woman who got her education at Lake Oswego High School before she went on to Brooks College, where she completed her education. When she was very young, Julianne was encouraged by her father to pursue her passion, which happened to be modeling and acting; so she did. She was a shy kid and a complete tomboy, but the encouragement she also got from her entire family and passion saw her through. Julianne headed to New York, where she began to work as a model in Manhattan. She signed on to Elite Modeling Agency in the early days of the ’80s.

Julianne Phillips was in the highest class of models at the time, and it reflected in the gigs she took and the financial compensation that came with them. Eventually, she headed to Los Angeles, where an appearance in a music video led to the start of an acting career for her. She made her debut in 1984, in the TV movie, Summer Fantasy as Joanna Brannigan. The film was the first of 23 total credits Julianne Phillips acquired throughout her time as an actress.

Following her debut, she got her first big-screen appearance via Odd Jobs in 1986, playing the character of Sally. Her TV show debut was in 1990 for Midnight Caller. Ultimately, over her brief career as an actress, Julianne Phillips’s biggest role came in 1991 when she was cast to play Francesca Reed Margolis in the TV show, Sisters. Julianne Phillips played the character from 1991 to 1996 before she moved on to star in other projects until she retired in 1997.

How She Navigated Her Family Life and Failed Marriage

Julianne Phillips
Julianne Phillips with her ex-husband, Bruce Springsteen

One of the most significant events in the life of Julianne Phillips was her relationship with Bruce Springsteen. She was married to him as his first wife in May 1985 after they began dating in October 1984. They were together for four years before they separated in August 1988 and finalized their divorce from each other in March 1989.

Unfortunately, nothing of significance can be known about her marriage or why it came to an end because the former model agreed that she was never going to reveal anything about it by either writing or talking to reporters about it. On his part, Bruce revealed in his memoir 2016 “Born to Run,” that the marriage was full of distrust as he once thought his wife, who was 11 years younger, could as well only be using him to either get something or further her career. He claimed he knew that was not true but still things could not move on well, and he ended up drifting towards Patti Scialfa who was in his band.

Although by 1991, her former husband had moved on and decided to marry Patti Scialfa, Julianne has since remained unmarried. However, nothing can be said about her love life and relationships as she has maintained a notoriously private life. Julianne Phillips may have been born into a family of six children, and while several people, who are born into large families such as this, grow up to create large families of their own, the case hasn’t been so for Julianne.

Whatever may have been her reason not to have children is unknown to the public, but Julianne Phillips, despite having been married once to Bruce Springsteen between 1985 and 1989, does not have any children, as far as we know.

She is a Rich Woman with a Good Net Worth

As mentioned, Julianne Phillips was in the industry for over a decade, and in that time, she worked as a model and an actress. She had a career that was on the rise as she had the good looks and grace to excel as a model, and the talent to see her through as an actress. While those two roles were well capable of making her a millionaire and ensuring she lived a luxurious life, it is her divorce from Bruce Springsteen that gave her the most.

She got a $16 million settlement from her ex-husband for their divorce since it was initiated by him. The settlement is still among the most expensive divorce settlements in the world. She was one of the most successful models of the 1980s, taking home a massive $2000 each day. More so, she also got well paid for the numerous acting gigs she took. Thanks to these, she has been able to accumulate the $30 million she has as her net worth today.

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How Has Her Life Now Turned Out?

Julianne Phillips is not a name that could be forgotten in a hast, and she might still be a revered individual in years to come in Hollywood. It is because of this that she continues to get mentioned even after she stopped being an active member of the industry in 1997 and has sat mostly out of media spotlight since then.

That said, she has only made occasional appearances in public events, with her most recent onscreen appearance being a documentary of a reunion with other members of her hit show, Sisters. The documentary was aired on NBC’s Today. Described by her former husband as someone decent, down to earth and discreet, she has still maintained her discretion so much that it is not known where she is at the moment or what she is doing.


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