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The public appeal and interest in major criminals go beyond Hollywood representations across movies and TV shows, in real life, there are a number of criminals who have achieved popularity and sometimes, have been celebrated by members of the public, a prime example being Pablo Escobar. Another is Frank Lucas, who was also a notorious drug dealer and his notoriety extended to his wife, Julianna Farrait.

Not only is Julianna Farrait popular as the wife of the famous drug dealer, but she is also known as a co-conspirator, who has been arrested multiple times for her contributions to her husband’s criminal enterprise. While she is no Wendy Byrde from the Ozark series, she has committed enough crime to spend multiple years behind bars.

In this article, we take a deeper look at Julianna Farrait, her background, and relationship with Frank Lucas, among other facts. Read on to learn more.

Julianna Farrait’s Biography

While we do know that Julianna Farrait was born in Puerto Rico, not much is known about her background, including facts about her date of birth. However, her interesting life began shortly after she met Frank Lucas, a notorious drug dealer and began a relationship with him. Through the relationship, she has had a life of going in and out of jail. She got involved in her husband’s drug business and was sentenced to five years in prison during her husband’s first major arrest, which saw him bag 70 years in prison with over half a million dollars seized from him in 1975.

Following her eventual release from prison, Julianna Farrait has since returned a couple of times for other offences, with another major occurrence being in February 2012, when she was sentenced to another five years in prison after she was caught and arrested in 2010 for trying to sell 2kg of cocaine in a hotel in Puerto Rico.

She was caught during a sting operation that saw her try to sell to an undercover DEA agent. She has been under surveillance since February 2009.

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Personal Details

Julianna Farrait
Julianna Farrait with her husband, Frank Lucas

Julianna Farrait’s personal details are intertwined with her career as a criminal and accomplice of Frank Lucas. We do not know when but we do know that Julianna met Frank when she was a homecoming Queen, in a night club, during one of his visits to Puerto Rico.

A personal admission of her attraction to material things led Julianna to Frank and have developed a lasting relationship ever since. After an extensive period of dating, Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas got married and have given birth to multiple children, specifically seven children ever since.

So far, out of their seven children, two of them have become notable names – Francine Lucas-Sinclair and Frank Lucas Jr.

Having children was not the only thing Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas did together. Together, they also engaged in the illegal drug business, with Julianna helping in regards to money laundering and cover-ups.

After years of being in the drug business, both of them were caught and arrested, with Lucas sentenced to 70 years in prison while Julianna Farrait was sentenced to five years in prison. Julianna Farrait relocated back to Puerto Rico upon the completion of her jail term. She moved with her children to Puerto Rico where she lived with her parents.

After a few years in Puerto Rico, her husband, Lucas was released from prison following his cooperation with prosecutors, getting his prison time significantly reduced as a result of helping officials prosecute and close over 100 drug cases.

His release got Julianna to move back to the US and they returned to their home in New Jersey. The couple continue to live together in their home in New Jersey.

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Other Facts About Julianna Farrait

The movie, American Gangster, was an adaptation of her husband’s drug career, including her own part in his criminal enterprise. Julianna Farrait was played by Lymari Nadal while Denzel Washington played the role of her husband, Frank Lucas. The movie earned an Academy Award nomination.

Julianna and Frank were known to spent extravagant sums on gifts for each other. One of such gifts was a chinchilla coat and a hat that was bought for him by his wife. The coat and hat were worth a total of $125,000.

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Their daughter, Francine Lucas-Sinclair, having grown up with both her parents going in and out of jail, has created a website, Yellow Brick Road which is focused on providing resources to children of imprisoned parents.

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