The Love Story of Julia Carey & James Corden and More About Her Kids

Julia Carey is not one of those people that many have come to know even though she has worked in the movie industry as a producer. Nonetheless, she is still one that some have come to love while others have come to envy for being the wife of one of the most favorite late show hosts, James Corden.

Although the beautiful and classy woman has been with the actor-cum-comedian for a good number of years, she has largely managed to escape media attention. This may make one conclude she is only famous because of her marriage, that’s far from the truth.

Julia’s Life Before She Met James Corden

In as much as she is mostly only known as the wife of James Corden, the truth is that Julia is more than just that. It was in 1976 that Carey was born, but unfortunately, there is not much that is known about her including how she was brought up or anything about her family.

What we do however know is that Carey grew up in England and dabbled into the movie industry at some point, scoring minor roles in several TV series. They include Wings (a British wartime drama), A Bunch of Fives (an English children’s TV series), and Enemy at the Door (a drama series set in WW1).

From the movie world, the selfless Julia switched direction and went to work for the popular children’s charity, Save the Children. She spent several years in this role during which she gained immense fulfillment from knowing that she was making a difference in the lives of children all over the world.

Following her marriage, Julia Carey has now moved back to the film industry, working behind the scene as a producer. She is based in Los Angeles and has helped to create and produce some of the shows you have seen on television.

Meeting and Marrying The Late Late Show Host

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As stated, Julia Carey is the better half of British superstar, James Corden. For the benefit of those who may have returned from the stone age and do not know him, Corden is a British actor, singer, writer, and comedian who was born on the 22nd of August 1978 as James Kimberley Corden. Having started acting since 1997, he came to be very popular for works such as Fat Friends and The History Boys. He is today more popular as the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, for which he has won several awards including the 2020 Critics’ Choice award for Best Talk Show.

Julia Carey and her future husband first met in 2009 after they were introduced by a mutual friend, actor Dominic Cooper, who co-starred in The History Boys with James and was also his roommate. At that time, the comedian was just through an on-and-off two years relationship with English actress, Sheridan Smith, and wasn’t really in the mood for going out or meeting anyone new. He preferred to spend his evenings at home but Cooper persuaded him to join him at a Save The Children charity event one evening. Corden reluctantly agreed and during the event bumped into gorgeous Julia.

The actor was bowled over by her beauty and immediately told her that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Julia couldn’t resist such a bold declaration and so, a relationship started between the two. The couple dated for roughly a year before getting engaged over the Christmas holidays in 2010. They then tied the knot in a ceremony held at Somerset at Babington House. The £250,000 wedding was witnessed by the couple’s families and friends. There were also some celebrity guests involved including model Lara Stone, comedian Michael McIntyre, and singer Gary Lightbody.

Insight Into Julia Carey’s Family Life With The Comedian 

Julia Carey
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Julia and her husband have remained together for almost a decade now and have built a strong union. The couple has made several joint red carpet appearances, including attending the 2018 royal wedding involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as the Golden Globes. Corden never fails to appreciate the role his wife has played in his success story and often references her in his award acceptance speeches.

The couple has also expanded their family to include three beautiful children. Julia and her husband welcomed their first child, Max, before they even tied the knot, specifically in March 2011. They subsequently had a daughter named Carey Corden in 2014. By this time, Corden’s career had grown in leaps and bounds and he was tapped to replace Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show.

Settling In The United States of America

This impressive new gig necessitated that the family move to America and Julia, who had just given birth to her daughter about five weeks earlier, tackled the business of relocation without many complaints, a fact for which her grateful husband publicly praised her. Since arriving in America, the Corden family has increased to five as they have welcomed another daughter named Charlotte.

Julia Carey
Carey and her husband walking their kids to school: Image Source

Charlotte was born in December 2017 and her father had to relinquish his hosting duties on his show to the former 1D member, Harry Styles, to be there for the birth. An ecstatic James later revealed that the birth moved him and his wife to tears. He also quipped that he had thought of naming his newborn after Beyonce but his wife was having none of that.

Julia Carey and her family now make their home in a lavish L.A. mansion, featuring five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, worth 7.5 million pounds. However, they may soon relocate back to their native England in the nearest future as they miss their extended relatives and would love to be closer to them. Also, her husband’s time on the late late show is coming to an end and there is yet no talk of a contract extension. If that remains the case, then it is quite obvious that there is nothing else holding the family back in the United States.

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