Julia Carey
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Julia Carey is not one of those people that many have come to know even though she has worked in the movies industry as a producer. Nonetheless, she is still one that some have come to love while others have come to envy for being the wife of one of your most favorite late show hosts, James Corden.

Although the beautiful and classy woman has been together with the actor and comedian for a good number of years now, she has managed to escape media attention even as there is a lot of interesting things about her.

Who is Julia Carey?

In as much as she is mostly only known as the wife of James Corden, the truth is that Julia is more than just that. It was in 1976 that Carey was born, but unfortunately, there is not much that is known about how she was brought up or anything about her family.

What is known about her is that she works now as a Television Producer after working with Save the Children.

Julia Carey’s Husband and Kids

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As stated, Julia Carey is married to James Corden who, for those that have returned from the stone age, is a British actor, singer, writer, and comedian. Corden was born on 22 August 1978 as James Kimberley Corden. Having started acting since 1997, he came to be very popular for works such as Fat Friends and The History Boys. He is today more popular as the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.

It was in 2009 that the two first met after they were introduced by a mutual friend, Dominic Cooper who co-starred in “The History Boys” with James. At the time, the comedian was just through an on and off 2 years relationship with English actress, Sheridan Smith who he first met in 2002 and later began dating in 2007. What makes it even more interesting is that Corden and Smith were said to be preparing to tie the knot before they broke off for good.

Soon after they were introduced, Julia Carey and Corden fell for each other and that was how the two soon became an item. In 2012 at the Tony Awards, Coden revealed that Julia who at the time was his fiancée was the woman who had changed his life and also helped him in his career.

It was in that same year that the couple decided to settle down as man and wife by tying the knot in Somerset at Babington House. The £250,000 wedding was witnessed by the couple’s families and friends. Shortly before then, Julia gave birth to the couple’s first child, Max. Years down the line, the couple has been blessed with two more kids, Carey Corden who was born in 2014 and Charlotte Corden, born in 2017.

In 2014, the family moved to the United States where obviously, the TV star now works since he replaced Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show in 2015. Julia and her family now live in Malibu, Los Angeles in a £19m mansion. But then, Corden has revealed that he misses home, and hopes to get back before too long, as such there will come a time when Julia, her husband who has become a favourite TV host of many, and their kids would leave the United States.’

Other Interesting Facts

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  • As revealed by Corden, when he first met Julia Corey, she was working with Save the children and she didn’t even own a television.
  • Carey followed her husband to the United States when their second child was only five weeks old, leaving behind their larger family members including relatives.
  •  Julia is an old school friend of Dominic Cooper who happens to also be a friend to James Corden. It was he that linked the two, and he is now a godfather to their son.
  • Surprisingly enough for someone living in today’s world the beautiful TV producer has kept herself mostly away from social media. Because of this, she is not active on any social media site including Twitter and Instagram.
  • Before Corden met Julia and settled down with her, the actor has dated other women including English singer and TV presenter Lily Allen whom he dated shortly after he broke up with Sheridan Smith before they would later come together again, only to eventually break up.
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