Josh Winterhalt – Bio, Facts About Sarah Wayne Callies’ Husband

From Wentworth Miller to Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah Wayne Callies, Prison Break, at the height of its popularity, was a vehicle in making these actors popular; particularly Sarah Wayne Callies who played Sara Tancredi on the show. She has continued to maintain a presence in the spotlight since the show’s influence waned, drawing attention to her personal life and her marriage to Josh Winterhalt.

Sarah Wayne Callies has been married to Josh since 2002, making their relationship a long one in an industry notorious for its short marriages and relationships. Josh Winterhalt is a known martial artist and has so far maintained a fair distance away from the media spotlight.

Regardless, we have been able to compile some interesting information about him and other interesting facts and you can read all about it below.

Josh Winterhalt’s Biography

Many spouses of Hollywood stars, particularly those who are not members of the industry often find themselves becoming popular with multiple information about their lives available to the curious eyes of fans and admirers of their spouse, but so far, that hasn’t been Josh Winterhalt.

The longtime husband of the Prison Break star, Sarah Wayne Callies has been able to shield himself from the media intrusion that comes from being romantically involved with a popular star like Sarah. Details such as his date of birth, or birthplace are currently unknown and neither is information about his parents or childhood background as a whole.

In fact, the extent of lack of information about him extends all the way to adulthood until college years, where he is believed to have met Sarah while they both studied at Dartmouth College. While his wife’s post-graduation career took her all the way to Hollywood, Josh Wintherhalt’s path led to martial arts, where he became a certified martial artist and a teacher of the art form.

According to available information, Josh Winterhalt works as a martial artist and he also teaches it in various institutes. So far, that is the extent of available information about the actress’ husband.

The actress, on the other hand, has spent a considerable amount of time in public life, establishing herself as one of the popular actresses known for bringing interesting and complex female characters to live on-screen, as shown by her work on Prison Break as Sara Tancredi. She made her debut in 2003 in Queens Supreme as Kate O’Malley and played Jane Porter in the TV show, Tarzan.

Her career has seen her earn a couple of award nominations, including a Saturn Award for Best Actress and Scream Award for Best Horror Actress.

Josh Winterhalt’s Net Worth

Josh Winterhalt’s wife, Sarah Wayne Callies has an estimated net worth of $3 million, a significant wealth earned from working on commercially successful shows like Prison Break and The Walking Dead. As for Josh himself, however, we cannot say definitively what he is worth due to the limited knowledge about his career and experience thus far. Some reports, however, do suggest that he is worth an estimated $2 million.

Relationship With Sarah Wayne Callies

Above everything else, it is his relationship with the woman who was known around the world as Sara Tancredi that made Josh Winterhalt famous. When exactly that relationship began is unknown but they became husband and wife on the 21st of July, 2002.

The couple, who were believed to have met while they were in college, got married in a private ceremony that featured friends and families of the couple.

Five years into their marriage, they welcomed their first child, a daughter, Keala Winterhalt who was born on the 20th of July, 2007 and about six years after, a second child, Josh Winterhalt, was born in August 2013.

The family has continued to maintain a modest life outside of media spotlight, with little available information about the state of their marriage except through Instagram pictures posted by the wife, Sarah Wayne Callies on her page.

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Other Facts About Sarah Wayne Callies’ Husband

1. Josh Winterhalt has a height of 5 feet 9 inches with a bodyweight of 70kg. His height makes him slightly taller than his wife, Sarah who has a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

2. He has noticeably long black hair and brown colored eyes.

3. His wife, Sarah is a lover of traditional Hawaiian music and speaks basic Hawaiian.

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