Biography of Josh Blaylock ‘Johanna Braddy’s Ex-Husband’

A versatile and talented entertainer, Josh Blaylock has enjoyed a successful career that has lasted for over a decade. The actor and photographer, who has a special love for the camera, has appeared in various TV shows and films as well as in a multi-award-winning hit video game. Besides his professional achievements, Blaylock also became a fan favorite as a result of his off-screen romance with his Video Game High School co-star. Though Blaylock and Johanna Braddy are no longer an item, the former cute celebrity couple’s relationship has remained a matter of interest to many. These interesting facts about Johanna Braddy’s ex-husband are worthy of note.

An Overview of Josh Blaylock’s Background

Josh Blaylock is a Texan native born on March 29, 1990. While the identity of his parents has not been disclosed, the actor is known to not be an only child; he is the second son of his parents. Not much is further known about his older brother.

Blaylock was raised in his hometown. It is, however, not clear where he attended school as there are no official records of his educational background. As soon as he became an adult, the actor who always had an interest in the entertainment industry relocated to Los Angeles in search of greener pastures.

Josh is perhaps considered a relatively fresh-to-screen face but he has achieved impressive feats in the course of his entertainment career. Interestingly, in addition to the multiple awards he has won for his contribution to the Red Dead Redemption video game, the actor personally earned himself an award for Best Voice Acting at GameSpot Best of 2010.

What Has He Accomplished In His Career?

Josh Blaylock has been on the entertainment scene for more than a decade. He made his acting debut in the 2004 short film, Crossing the Trinity. His outstanding performance in the movie opened the door for subsequent roles as two years later, he landed another lucrative role in the TV film, Not Like Everyone Else.

Blaylock went on to get his first big break in 2007 when he featured in the multi-award-winning film, No Country for Old Men. Other movie roles he went on to bag include Love at First Hiccup (2009), Shit Year (2010), Carnal Innocence, and Firelight, both released in 2011, 16-Love (2012), and Dean Slater: Resident Advisor (2013).

Josh Blaylock also has impressive TV credits. He notably featured in three episodes of The Bernie Mac Show (2005 – 2006), an episode of Numbers (2008), Bones (2009), and American Experience (2009), and then four episodes of Warehouse 13 in 2013. Others are The realms of Labyrinth in 2014 and more recently, The Long Road Home in 2017 where he appeared in eight episodes. He has also featured in some web series such as Conan Intern Diaries (2012), Video Game High School (2012 – 2014), and RocketJump: The Show (2016).

As a voice actor, Blaylock voiced the character of Jack Marston in the 2010 video game, Red Dead Redemption. In addition to all of this, Josh also earns a living as a photographer. It is worthy to note that the actor and photographer once made it to an edition of a Texan community magazine called Allen Image.

Josh Blaylock’s Marriage To Johanna Braddy

Josh Blaylock and Johanna Braddy
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Josh Blaylock was once happily married to actress Johanna Braddy, a Georgian native best known for playing minor and lead roles in projects like The Grudge 3 (2009) and Paranormal Activity 3 (2010). She most recently played the main role of Shelby Wyatt in the ABC series Quantico.

The duo, who were co-stars in the Video Game High School show, reportedly first crossed paths on the set of the web series early in 2012. They quickly established a romantic bond and a few months later, stepped things up a notch by tying the knot in November 2012.

Blaylock and Braddy were presumed to be a perfect match while their relationship lasted. However, after living together as man and wife for about two years, the pair went their separate ways in 2014. Their divorce was later finalized in early 2015. The marriage was a first for both parties and it did not produce any kids.

What Happened To Them?

Blaylock and Braddy broke many hearts when the actress confirmed their split on social media. The reason for their breakup has not been disclosed as they are yet to publicly address why they fell apart. But then, there are unconfirmed reports that the actors’ split was connected to infidelity on Johanna’s part.

It was also suggested in some quarters that the age difference between them was an issue. While this has not been authenticated in any way, we can confirm that Josh Blaylock is younger than his ex-wife. The actor was born in March 1990 while the actress was born in August 1987, a testament to their three-year age gap.

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Has Josh Blaylock Found Love Again?

Following his divorce from Braddy, it was presumed that Josh Blaylock would be solely focusing on his profession and getting to the peak of his career. It was uncertain if the actor was open to finding love again in the near future and he was not romantically linked to anyone.

All that changed when Josh announced the birth of his son Charles Darton Blaylock on Instagram. He asserted that he’s proud of the boy and his mother. Based on what he said, it is fair to conclude he had been going out with the mother of his child. Practically nothing is known about the woman but one can tell that things are pretty serious between them.


On the other hand, his ex-wife Johanna Braddy has since moved on to another actor named Freddie Stroma. The pair dated for a while before taking their relationship to the next level with an engagement in 2016. Braddy and Stroma eventually exchanged marital vows a few months later in December 2016 and are still going strong.

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