All The Details of Josh Allen’s Draft Profile, Career Highlights and Relationship History

Josh Allen is a fast-rising National Football League (NFL) star right now. He became the Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback in 2018, after getting picked 7th overall in the first round of the NFL draft of that year and subsequently signing a $21 million all-guaranteed contract with the team. A couple of years prior to that, the 6 feet 5 inches QB had been drawing a lot of negative media attention for his inability to land deals in spite of his obvious footballing potentials.

First, after graduating high school in 2014, Josh got no NCAA Division 1 scholarship offer which made him resort to spending a season of junior college football at Reedley College California. At the end of his junior college career, Josh still failed to receive any FBS (or even second-tier FCS) offer from any Division 1 collegiate team to the utter consternation of his coaches at Reedley. Eventually, he got an offer from the University of Wyoming but only after he had sent out over 300 emails to officials at various NCAA Division 1 team.

The above-stated scenario got many football commentators, analysts, enthusiasts, and fans focused on Josh Allen during the countdown to the 2018 NFL Draft and since. If you are here, chances are that you are one of those seeking to know more about this athlete.

Why Josh Allen Became A Media Sensation Prior To The 2018 Draft

During his high school days, Josh Allen was involved in several sporting activities in his school. Interestingly, he was the highest scorer on the school’s basketball team and he equally participated in other sports such as baseball and football. Yes, he played high school football as a pastime but football wasn’t his mainstay.

So when Josh decided to pursue a football career from the collegiate level and got steeply rebuffed in spite of his great build and skills, everyone found it difficult to understand why. However, in an attempt to find possible reasons for the rejection, some analysts – such as the ESPN journalist Schlabach and Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports – hinted that the fact that Josh Allen did not have football as his overriding high school athletic interest may have been the reason. The think-tanks at various NCAA Division 1 (and later on, NFL) teams seem to reason that besides the athlete’s build and skills, the candidate’s top-level athletic interest would help them predict the athlete’s future performance on the team.

And, with Josh having been “the leading scorer on his (high school) basketball team and also pitched on the baseball team reaching 90 mph with his fastball” as Schlabach put it, it seemed obvious to the experienced football managers that football wasn’t Josh’s main interest and so, he wasn’t a really promising football talent in spite of his apparent potential to the contrary.

Another overriding interest Josh had which those analysts seemed to hold responsible as a possible reason for the career rejection he suffered is agriculture. After living in and working on his family-owned farm in Firebaugh throughout his growing up years, Josh got a profound inclination for growing crops. In his high school days at Firebaugh, he was actively involved with the National FFA Organization and even gained national prominence for his agricultural work.

How Josh Allen’s Career Performance Has So Far Proved The Naysayers Wrong

As earlier mentioned, soon after his graduation in 2014, the youngster enrolled at Reedley Junior College. Following an impressive performance during the 2014 season and his email campaigns, he was recruited by the University of Wyoming football team. Joining the team in the 2015 season, Josh featured in two games for the Cowboys before he was ruled out following a broken collarbone. The injury placed him on a medical redshirt for the rest of the season.

The following year, he played all fourteen games for the Cowboys covering 3.203 passing yards while scoring 28 touchdowns. At the end of the 2017 season, Josh Allen had made six interceptions while scoring 16 touchdowns and throwing for 1,812 yards. Josh also led the Cowboys to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl competition where he emerged as the Most Valuable Player in 2017.

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As earlier mentioned, during the 2018 NFL Draft, Allen was the seventh overall pick by the Buffalo Bills. Soon after that, the quarterback signed a four-year rookie contract worth $21 million with the Bills in July 2018. Joining the team, Josh competed for the starting shirt with Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron during the preseason games.

While the 2018 season was underway, Josh was placed as a backup to Peterman following the departure of AJ McCarron to Oakland Raiders. The player made his first professional appearance for the Bills in their game against the Baltimore Ravens on 9th September 2018. Although the Bills lost the game, Josh was able to complete 74 passing yards for his team.

In their next game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Allen showed great improvement; thus finishing the game with two interceptions, one touchdown, and 245 yards. He led the Bills to victory after their triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3. Notably, the player broke Bills record for rushing yards in a single game by rushing for 135 yards in their Week 12 loss against the Miami Dolphins. So, as you have seen, Josh’s rookie season was quite an impressive experience.

His 2019 season even began on a more impressive note as he was named a team captain. As the starter QB, Josh was live at the Buffalo Bill’s opening game against New York Jets where he led his team to a comeback win against their adversaries. All the way from 16-0 down in the third quarter, the Bill’s went over to 17 unanswered points. Apart from this, at the game, Josh Allen posted two career highs of 254 passing yards on 24 completions. At the next game against the New England Patriots, in spite of the fact that he obviously struggled, Josh became the first NFL player to score an offensive touchdown in the season. He, however, sustained a head injury that saw him out of the game, leading to a 16-10 loss for the Buffalo Bills.

He returned from his injury and continued his top form from the following week in a game against the Tennessee Titans. After successfully completing 23 of 32 pass attempts at the game and with his 2 touchdowns and 1 interception, he led the Bills to a 14-7 win. Among other great records he put up during the season, Josh went ahead to get named as AFC Offensive Player of the Week in the 11th week in a game against Miami Dolphins. He wrapped up the season with 3,089 passing yards, 109 carries for 510 rushing yards, 9 rushing touchdowns, 20 passing touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. Interestingly, he topped the league charts with 4 4th quarter comebacks and 5 game-winning drives.

A Close Look At His Profile 

Prior to the NFL Draft of 2018, Josh Allen participated in the NFL combine where he finished as one of the best quarterbacks. During the drills, Josh stood at 1.95 m (6 ft 5 inches) tall with a commensurate weight of 108 kg (237 lbs). His hand size was 10 1/8 inches while his arm length was 33 ¼ inches. These were the exact measures he eventually brought to the draft according to the NFL Website.

As for his average record at the time, he reportedly completed the 40-yard dash in 4.75 seconds, 20-yard shuttle in 4.4 seconds, and three-cone drills in 6.90 seconds. Considering his impressive performance and powerful build as stated here, it’s no wonder Josh was projected to be among the top picks in the first round of the draft.

As for Josh Allen’s footballing weaknesses, he never had a completion rate higher than 56 percent in either season as a starter which could be attributed to poor decisions as a result of trying to use his arm-length advantage to overcome obstacles. He also took chances excessively and was impatient.

In all, Josh Allen’s physical value was widely commended while it was touted that he needed to improve on his mental side of the game.

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A Peep Into Josh Allen’s Love Life

While Josh Allen is in the field doing what he knows how to do best, the star player is also successful in his love life. He is currently in a relationship with a lady named Brittany Williams. Brittany was born and raised in California the same as Josh. She is a former student and cheerleader at Fresno State University. Being that the pair grew up in the same California neighborhoods, they had known each other since childhood but didn’t start their relationship until college.

In 2018, the gorgeous couple celebrated their one year anniversary of togetherness with a trip to Disneyland. Although they are not yet married at the moment, the bond between them shows they are really meant for each other. The last time we spotted them was during the COVID-19 scourge in April 2020 when Josh Allen and Brittany together with quarterback Kyle Allen and his own girlfriend, Summer, were quarantining in a cozy hideout somewhere in California.

Looking at the couple here, we can safely say they are still very much together. So, we wish them the best.

As for any other relationship that Josh Allen has been in, we have not been able to lay our hands on any. So, we presume that his childhood crush Brittany remains his only date ever – at least since he became prominent.

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