A Look At Jorge Mendes Net Worth and Facts About His Wife and Children

Net Worth:
$100 million
Income Sources:Sports, endorsements
Age/Date of Birth:
58 years old (7 January 1966)
5 feet, 8 inches (1.78 m)
Last Updated:

Jorge Mendes is a Portuguese football agent who represents some of football’s biggest names including Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho. Having spent quite a long time in the business, Mendes now has over $1.2 billion tied up in contracts for his clients.

As of the time of this writing, Jorge Mendes has a net worth of $100 million

Jorge Mendes’ Early Life and Career Beginnings 

The Portuguese football agent who is registered with the Portuguese Football Federation was born on January 7, 1966, as Jorge Paulo Agostinho Mendes, and started his career as a footballer before he abandoned his hopes for a professional career after being rejected by several clubs during his early 20s. After taking a walk from football as a player, the man began working as a DJ, before he went on to start his own bar and nightclub to expand his business.

Mendes frequently attended soccer schools and youth teams and soon he got to learn how players were signed and traded. Thanks to that, he was able to found Gestifute International in 1996, which has seen his stock rise comfortably in recent years. The company provides agent services for footballers. It was in 1996 that Jorge brokered Nuno’s move from Vitória de Guimarães to Deportivo de La Coruña, and that became one of the first deals the company got involved in.

He then attracted more Portuguese players to his bar and brokered deals for Hugo Viana from Sporting CP to Newcastle United of the Premier League for around €12 million in 2002. Jorge Mendes would become super popular after it was learned that he oversaw the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting CP to Manchester United in 2003 and again to Real Madrid.

In 2004, he also brokered the move of Jose Mourinho from FC Porto to Chelsea despite the fact that Mourinho already had an agent. He became a renowned name in no time and several players like Ricardo Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira, Tiago, and Maniche moved to Chelsea because of him. In 2008, he guided Mourinho to Inter and then to Real Madrid in 2010, making Mourinho the highest-paid coach in the world.

Analysis of Jorge Mendes’ Net Worth

Referred to as a “Super Agent”, Mendes is considered the most influential football agent in the world. He has masterminded transfers worth over $2 billion already; the amount continues to rise and it is said that he takes 10 percent of the total transfer fees. His clients include several players and football coaches like Diego Costa, Jose Mourinho, Anderson, Angel Di Maria, Radamel Falcao, Cristiano Ronaldo, Victor Valdes, James Rodriguez, David de Gea, among others. What this means is that even as he only began in Portugal, he was able to extend to other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.

Consecutively from 2010 to 2020, Mendes receive the Best Agent in the World gong from the Globe Soccer Awards. Currently, his active client contracts are estimated at billions of dollars, headlined by Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo. Back in 2017, it was reported that Jorge Mendes, through his Portugal-based agency, Gestifute International, had successfully pulled off as much as 190 contracts for players and coaches. It was estimated that the contracts it had handled amounted to $769.2 million.

Earlier in 2015, Forbes magazine named the company as the seventh Most Valuable Sports Agencies in the world: a position it retained in 2020 when it was estimated that the company had $1 billion worth of contracts under its portfolio with a total of $104 million in commission.

Some Popular Players He Has as Clients and Their Contract Details

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Date of Birth: February 5, 1985
    • Age: 39 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Juventus F.C.
    • Contract Duration: Four Years (2018 – 2022)
    • Transfer Fee: €100 million ($119.275 Million)
  • Bernardo Silva
    • Date of Birth: August 10, 1994
    • Age: 29 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Manchester City
    • Contract Duration: Five Years (2017 – 2022)
    • Transfer Fee: €50 Million ($59.638 Million)
  • Fabinho
    • Date of Birth: October 23, 1993
    • Age: 30 Years Old
    • Country: Brazil
    • Club: Liverpool F.C.
    • Contract Duration: Five Years (2018 – 2023)
    • Transfer Fee: £39 million ($54.161 Million)
  • Rúben Dias
    • Date of Birth: May 14, 1997
    • Age: 26 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Manchester City F.C.
    • Contract Duration: Six Years (2020 – 2026)
    • Transfer Fee: €68 Million ($81.071 Million)
  • Ederson
    • Date of Birth: August 17, 1993
    • Age: 30 Years Old
    • Country: Brazil
    • Club: Manchester City F.C.
    • Contract Duration: Eight Years (2017 – 2025)
    • Transfer Fee: €40 Million ($47.694 Million)

Popular Football Managers That Are Clients of Jorge Mendes

  • José Mourinho
    • Date of Birth: January 26, 1963
    • Age: 61 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Tottenham Hotspur
    • Contract Duration: Four Years (2019 – 2023)
    • Amount Involved: £15 Million ($19.3 Million) Per Year
  • Nuno Espírito Santo
    • Date of Birth: January 25, 1974
    • Age: 50 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • Contract Duration: Three Years (2017 – 2020); (2020 – 2023)
    • Amount Involved: N/A
  • Vasco Seabra
    • Date of Birth: September 15, 1983
    • Age: 40 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: Moreirense
    • Contract Duration: One Year
    • Amount Involved: N/A
  • Aitor Karanka
    • Date of Birth: September 18, 1973
    • Age: 50 Years Old
    • Country: Spain
    • Club: Birmingham City
    • Contract Duration: Three Years (2020 – 2023)
    • Amount Involved: N/A
  • Nuno Capucho
    • Date of Birth: February 21, 1972
    • Age: 52 Years Old
    • Country: Portugal
    • Club: S.C. Covilhã
    • Contract Duration: Undetermined (2020 – Present)
    • Amount Involved: N/A

Issues That Have Threatened His Source of Income

In 2014, an investigation by The Guardian implicated Jorge Mendes alongside ex-Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon. It was said that the breached FIFA regulations regarding third-party ownership and conflict of interest in player representation.

There were reports that suggested Kenyon’s former club, Chelsea, invested in third-party ownership via Mendes and Kenyon, a practice banned by the Premier League. Chelsea declined to comment on the accusations and the controversy had UEFA declare its intent to crack down on the practice of third-party ownership on the 23rd of September 2014.

Despite this challenge, Jorge and his company remain a dominant force in the business. Reports have it that his company makes as much as $100 million in profit yearly.

The Football Agent Has Been Married To Sandra Barbosa Since 2015

Jorge Mendes’ activities as a football agent have cast a shadow over his personal life; as such, much is not known about his life outside of his career. Nonetheless, it is not a secret that he is a married man with kids: he got married to his wife Sandra Barbosa now known as Sandra Mendes in 2015.

How Jorge and Sandra met, in addition to the circumstances that surround the beginning of their love story isn’t a tale that has been shared with the public. But it is known that they spent many years together before they decided to walk down the aisle. As it has been reported in some quarters, the couple were together for a decade before they got married and had been cohabiting for years prior to their 2015 wedding.

Theirs was a colorful event that happened in August 2015 at Sao Joao Baptist Church in Foz, Portugal. The wedding was attended by many soccer royalties including Cristiano Ronaldo who was the best man. After the wedding, the couple had their honeymoon in Ibiza, Spain. It is hard to tell what Mendes’ wife did for a living before she met the football agent, but she is now involved in running his career management company for sports professionals, Gestifute.

The Couple Are Parents To Three Kids

Sandra and Jorge Mendes are parents to three kids named Jorge Mendes Júnior, Beatriz Mendes, and Bárbara Mendes. Almost nothing is known about Jorge’s children apart from Marisa Mendes who is said to be Jorge’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Marisa gained a lot of attention in 2015 after it was rumored that she was dating Cristiano Ronaldo. She is college-educated with a degree in marketing. In 2016, Ronaldo made her his PR manager. It is said that she also works in the marketing department of her father’s company.

Profile Summary
First Name:Jorge
Last Name:Mendes
Estimated Net Worth:
$100 million
<strongSource of Wealth:</strongSports, contracts, endorsements
Last Updated:
Also Known As:
Paulo, Agostinho, Cabanas, Mendes
Football agent
Famous For:Heading the GestiFute company
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
58 years old (7 January 1966)
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Birth Place:
Lisbon, Portugal
Country of Residence:
Physical Attributes
5 feet, 8 inches (1.78 m)
75 kg
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Sandra Mendes (m. 2015)
Family and Relatives
Manuel Cabanas
Mother:Maria Boa Hora Grosso Agostinho
Bárbara Mendes (Daughter)
Beatriz Mendes (Daughter)
Jorge Mendes Júnior (Son)
Other Relatives:
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