Jordyn Blum – What You Should Know About Dave Grohl’s Wife

There are many who prefer to pull off remarkable feats behind the spotlight and glamour of the media. This category of people for some personal reasons, choose to keep more to themselves and this is why you will find a good number of people wondering – who is Jordyn Blum?

To begin with, the light-skinned beauty is one of the reasons people harbor ideas regarding Los Angeles and why it’s called the city of angels. Growing up in California did little to hide her from the spotlight she shied away from. At 17, she was already on the cover of magazines, including the likes of the famous Teen Magazine which she appeared on sometime in June 1994. This opportunity ignited and spurred her into working with several top fashion brands in the US, as she mounts their runways, cat-walking to the top.

What Does Jordyn Blum Do For A Living?

It is difficult to pin-point what Jordyn Blum is up to these days. The professional director, filmmaker, TV producer, and one-time model seems to be more interested in taking care of her family lately.

After she quit the modeling industry in her teenage days, she went into productions. Blum will later work as a producer for the media giant, MTV, directing the 2002 Foo Fighters documentary, “Walking A Line”, amongst other productions credited to her name.

Perhaps, her marriage to Dave Grohl slowed down her career, who knows? Besides, Jordyn has a couple million bucks to her name, not forgetting that she is married to the 3rd richest drummer in the world with an estimated net worth of 280 million US dollars.

Her Relationship With Dave Grohl

On the second day of August 2003, Dave and Jordyn tied the nuptial knot in a colorful and private ceremony at their LA home. Considering the fact that little was known about Jordyn Blum before her marriage to the rock star, social commentators have been divided over a heated debate which suggests that Jordyn owes much of her success to Grohl.

In as much as many will want to ascribe to the affirmative in that regard, it is a fact that Jordyn was already a successful model before she met the drummer. Also, the fact that she switched into filmmaking and later became a director says a lot about her being a woman of her own making. Thoroughly looking at her career, one will observe that she has always been driven and passionate.

Although you can not take away the fact that her relationship with Dave Grohl whom she married in 2003 made her famous and well-known to the public, it is not the only reason she is famous.

Almost always, the first thing that comes to mind whenever Jordyn Blum’s name is mentioned is her famous husband, Dave Grohl. But then, there are other things that are worth knowing about the mother of three as you will find below:

1. She’s Good At What She Does

No doubt, she’s a good producer, director and was an outstanding model with a simple but classic fashion sense. Although there are few gigs credited to her name, the ones she has directed are categorized as masterpieces. One of these is The GQ Man of The Year Awards in 2003. Also, her appearance as a vixen on “White Limo”, a music video of her husband, was impressive.

2. Jordyn Blum Never Loved The Spotlight

This may not come as a surprise to many since she rarely makes public appearances or honor interviews. But, what is surprising about her is the fact that there are no traces of her early life. There are speculations that she has refused to disclose these aspects of her life to the media. Even her marriage to the famous Dave Grohl was a private ceremony in their home. How many ladies will not fancy or opt for a grand wedding, especially considering Grohl’s status in the entertainment industry? Indeed, she must really be a private person.

3. She’s The Woman of Dave’s Dreams

Jordyn Blum's name is mentioned is her famous husband, Dave Grohl
Jordyn Blum and her famous husband Dave Grohl: Image Source

In 1999, Dave Grohl who had recently part ways with his first wife, Jennifer Youngblood (in 1997), revealed in an interview that he and his former partner weren’t ready for marital life when they got married in 1994. Now, considering the awkwardness surrounding how he met his future partner (Jordyn Blum), how he got himself drunk just to approach her, and the years they have spent together, it wouldn’t be out of place for one to conclude that they were destined for each other from the onset. Unfortunately, Dave’s first marriage lasted barely three years but look at him now, Blum must have been the woman of his dreams.

4. Blum Has Being Named A MusiCares Person

Despite not being out there in the spotlight, Jordyn Blum is a force to reckon with. In 2009, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, she and her husband were named MusiCares Person of The Year.

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5. There’s Another Drummer In The Family

What comes to mind with that caption? Did Jordyn take drum lessons from Dave? Is she as good as Dave? So much for wishful thinking. There is another drummer in the family, and she is Harper, the couple’s first daughter. Harper is receiving lessons from her rock star father and has performed alongside him in one of his concerts. In that case, Jordyn should expect more drums to roll in her home.

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