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Hollywood has a large number of actors and it has found a way to classify them in the degree of their talent, commercial power, and experience. Those at the top are often referred to as A-List actors. This group consists of actors like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and so on. Then you have actors like Jonathan Sadowski, who is not an A-list actor but exist in that divide between superstar and irrelevance.

Although not the most recognizable face nor with the most recognizable, especially to those who do not follow his work, Jonathan Sadowski has starred in over 30 films and television shows since he began his career in 2003. His roles have included parts in shows like House, The Wedding Bells, Chuck and a couple more. You can learn all about the career and life of the actor below.

Jonathan Sadowski Biography

Jonathan Sadowski was born on the 23rd of November, 1979 to parents Robert Sadowski and Marirose Sadowski. His parents are Polish and Italian respectively. He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

High School turned out to be a defining period for Jonathan Sadowski whose part in his school’s production of The Phantom of the Opera inspired him to pursue acting as a professional career. This ignited passion followed him to college at the University of Illinois where he studied Theater and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Following graduation, Jonathan relocated to Los Angeles, where like several millions of people, he hoped to become an actor. The beginning was rough as he lost out of several auditions while the roles he was able to get paid too little to sustain his life. This forced him to take up odd jobs as a bartender and a chauffeur.

Through persistence and his own talent, Jonathan Sadowski eventually found consistency in the roles he got to become a full-time professional actor.

Movies and TV Shows

In many professions, the hardest part is getting your foot in the door. Once you are in, all you have to do is maintain a level of hard work and professionalism and you are set for decades as a member of that industry. Although Hollywood shares a similar requirement, it does not guarantee a long career.

Not many get to have a long career in the industry, with several people never even getting their chance but that is a story Jonathan Sadowski cannot relate to. Since he got his first credit in 2003, he has been able to secure a consistent flow of roles in both film and television.

Jonathan Sadowski
Jonathan with co-stars of Young and Hungry

He began his career with an episode of NCIS in 2003, playing Lt. Norski in the show’s episode – High Seas. It was his solitary credit in the year and Jonathan had to wait till the following year for his next credits, appearing in The Division and LAX.

The slow start to his career seemed to end in 2004 as he got his first recurring role in American Dreams, playing the character Jefferson in five episodes. Although 2005 was a solitary credit year for him, it was his first feature-length project, although it was a TV Movie.

Jonathan Sadowski’s first silver screen project came in 2006 through She’s the Man, where he played a character named Paul. Since then, Jonathan has maintained a solid career, mostly appearing in television shows and sometimes in films. He has appeared in Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Entourage, Sirens, and one of his most notable roles yet, as Josh Kaminski in Young & Hungry.

He has been able to accumulate over 35 credits over the course of his career and there is no sign of stopping.

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Jonathan Sadowski’s Wife

Jonathan Sadowski can be said to a man that has it all. A successful career with the financial strength to go with it, fame, and a woman that loves him.

Although he is yet to walk to the altar, Jonathan Sadowski is engaged to be married to Melissa Lynn. Although not an actress, both parties have been making it work since they began dating in 2010. Jonathan then took the next step in their relationship on the 5th of June, 2015 when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend.

Not much is known about Melissa Lynn, but according to her social media, she is a professional stylist. She also loves traveling and food.

Net Worth

For an actor who is not commanding the biggest salaries in the industry, consistency in the flow of decent salary he commands as an actor is paramount in building and maintaining a comfortable life as an actor. In this regard, Jonathan Sadowski can look to shows like Young & Hungry, Lethal Weapon, American Dream and $#*! My Dad Says and the combination of his multiple guest appearances as responsible factors for his net worth of $4 million.

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