What Is Jonah Hill Up To Now Since He Played Seth In ‘Superbad’?

Jonah Hill has risen to become one of the most talked-about actors to play comic roles in Hollywood movies. He is known for his appearances in many projects since he kick-started his acting career, winning many fans for himself and becoming globally famous, one of the movies for which he is best known is the 2007 teen/comedy movie, Superbad. The movie, which made a lot of buzz around the world when it was released, helped to launch his acting career that has now spanned nearly two decades.

Because of his ever-increasing popularity and success as an actor in Hollywood, fans have turned more attention to the movie star as they seek to understand his business and career moves. Since his breakout role in Superbad, he has grown into a more mature actor and branched off into doing other things alongside his acting.

Jonah Hill Before ‘Superbad’

Long before he became a star; long before he was known worldwide as Jonah Hill of Superbad, Hill was just a young man with dreams who hoped to do great things in Hollywood. Born on December 20, 1983, Jonah Hill grew up in the wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, California.

Hill developed an interest in acting from when he was just a little boy and decided to pursue his dream of rising to become a movie star. So, while in college, he started writing and even performing his own plays. According to sources, Hill performed his plays at a popular bar in the East Village neighborhood of New York City during his college days. His performances got him some following and opened doors for him to start featuring in Hollywood movies.

Jonah Hill eventually kick-started his acting career in 2004 when he starred as Bret in I Heart Huckabees, an Indie film. He went on to land roles in more movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005, Campus Ladies and 10 Items or Less in 2006, as well as Evan Almighty in 2007.

Jonah Hill’s “Superbad” Breakout Role

After appearing in different feature movies and TV series with a minimal notice from the movie audience, Jonah Hill finally landed his breakout role in 2007 when he was cast to play Seth in Superbad, an American coming-of-age teen comedy film. The movie became very successful, grossing $169 million on a $20 million budget. The movie was rated one of the best comedy films of the 2000s and today, it is still regarded as one of the best high school movies of all time.

Being the star of the movie, Jonah Hill found immense fame, especially as the film kept finding more acceptance around the world. His role was highly acclaimed and he was thrust into the spotlight for it. He, thereafter, began to land more roles in other popular movies from the 2000s and beyond.

Some of the popular movies he has starred in include Strange Wilderness in 2008, The Invention of Lying in 2009, Get Him to the Greek in 2010, The Sitter in 2011, 21 Jump Street in 2012, The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, Maniac in 2018, and The Beach Bum in 2019, among many others.

Jonah Hill of Superbad
Jonah Hill (middle) in Superbad (2007)

What Is Jonah Hill Of Superbad Up To Now?

Like many of his colleagues in Hollywood, Jonah Hill of Superbad does not only act in movies now; he has also branched off to do other things on the side. Let’s take a look at some of the things he has been doing, along with acting since his breakout role in Superbad.


Jonah Hill has always been interested in directing movies and not just star in them. He has made this intention known in different interviews in the past. Hill finally got his chance to direct his first feature film in 2018 when he worked on Mid90s, a coming-of-age comedy-drama film. The movie was well-received by critics.

Apart from Mid90s, Jonah Hill has directed some documentaries and short films. Apparently, the future is bright for the Hollywood star in terms of directing.

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Jonah Hill has also ventured into film production. He was the associate producer for Brüno, a 2009 comedy film and the executive producer for The Sitter, a 2011 comedy movie. His first major work as a producer was on the 2014 buddy cop action comedy film, 22 Jump Street. In 2016, he produced Why Him? – a romance/comedy film. He also produced Mid90s.


Jonah Hill has also written for several productions. As a matter of fact, he was the writer for Mid90s. In 2012, he wrote 2 episodes of the TV series, Allen Gregory. He also provided the story for Sausage Party, a 2016 adult computer-animated comedy film, among many others.

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