What Are Jonah Hill’s Height & Weight And Does He Have A Sister Or Brother? 

While his talent has never been a thing anyone has ever questioned, Jonah Hill’s height and weight have always been open to speculations. The talented and driven actor doesn’t seem to be the tallest out there and for a while before now, his weight seemed to be on the higher side.

Asides acting, he is a screenwriter, director, and producer who within a career span of 15 years, has featured in several successful movies and has grown beyond his signature comic roles to take up some serious roles. He has also won several awards and earned several prestigious nominations including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, SAG Award, and British Academy Film Awards amongst others.

What Are Jonah Hill Height & Weight

Jonah has always been sensitive about his weight. It is one of the subjects he never wants to talk about with the press. In 2011, he made an appearance at the ESPN ESPY Awards looking very trim. He had lost a significant amount of weight. He surprisingly offered the information that he lost around 40 pounds.

He also revealed that he achieved his weight loss through consultation with a nutritionist and a trainer. He also went through a diet change and was mainly eating sushi which helped him achieve his desired weight.

Hill who is known for his comic roles also admits that for him to be taken seriously and to get serious roles, he knew he had to lose weight.

His assertion wasn’t far from the truth as he landed a role in Moneyball (2011) featuring opposite Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman after his weight loss. He played the role of Peter Brand and it was a departure from his early comic roles. Asides the success of the movie, Jonah received positive reviews for his performance and he also earned his first Academy and Golden Globe Awards nominations for Best Actor and Best Performance in a supporting role.

In his bid to achieve success as an actor, he now loses weight on and off as his roles demand. In 2015, Jonas appeared to have gained a significant amount of weight for his role in War Dogs (2016). After the completion of the movie, he hit the gym this time around to get back in shape.

He weighs about 87 kg (192 pounds) now. If you have ever wondered what Jonah hill’s height is, he stands at only 5 feet 7 inches.

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Does He Have a Sister or Brother?

Jonah Hill and sister Beanie Feldstein (Image Source)

The talented actor has two siblings. His elder brother Jordan Feldstein who was born in 1977 tragically died in 2017 when he was 40 years of age. He worked as a music and talent manager; was the founder and CEO of Career Artist Management (CAM) and worked with several musical artists including Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles and Robin Thicke. He also had several clients on his firm’s roster like Elle King, Miguel, Rick Springfield, Big Boi, Chromeo and The B-52’s. He was said to have died from DVT/pulmonary embolism.

Jonah also has a sister (Beanie Feldstein) who was born on the 24th of June 1993. Although she is not yet as successful as her brother, she is also an actress and has shown lots of prospects in her field.

Despite the age difference between Jonah and his sister which is close to ten years; they seem to share a genuine bond, especially after the death of their other sibling. Jonah is very supportive of Beanie’s works and he promotes every movie that she appears in on his page. He wore a tee-shirt with the inscription ‘Beanie’s Brother to the screening of Booksmart which she featured in. He also got a tattoo on his arm that says ‘Hello Beanie’. From Jonah’s posts on his social media account, it is obvious that he loves his sister. He once referred to her as his hero and praised her for her self confidence which he reveals she already had while growing up.

Beanie hasn’t come out to discuss her sexuality so it’s difficult to conclude if she is a lesbian or heterosexual but presently, she is dating a girl – Bonnie Chance Roberts.

Moreover, Jonas and Beanie haven’t spoken about the loss of their older brother publicly. To deal with her grief which she describes as a process, she recently penned an essay titled Grief Glasses for InStyle magazine. Jonah continues to selflessly support his sister in all her endeavors.

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