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When he began his career in Hollywood, he was a young man with big dreams. Jon Gries’ time in Hollywood has seen him appear in a slew of classic projects like Sons of Anarchy, and Napolean Dynamite.

He began his career as an actor in 1967 and he is one of a number of actors who have continued to appear in various Hollywood productions, despite not necessarily having mainstream popularity to back up their career.

In this article, we explore his life, his movies, and TV shows and other interesting facts about him. Read on.

Jon Gries’ Biography

Jonathan Francis Gries, better known as Jon Gries, was born on the 17th of June, 1957 to Mary Eleanor Munday and Thomas Stephen Gries in Glendale, California. Not much is known about his background but he has been a member of the acting profession since he was eleven years old. However, he did not begin his full-time career until he was twenty years old where he began a consistent flow of appearances in movies or TV shows.

While he is mostly known for his acting work, Jon Gries is also a writer, a producer, and a director who has worked on a number of films in the behind the scenes roles, such as Jackpot, Northfork, Second Coming where he was a producer and Coker, Pickin’ & Grinnin’ where he was a director. He has also directed a slew of music videos.

Apart from his work on the popular medium of TV and movies, Jon Gries has also appeared in a video game, Hitman: Absolution.

Movies And TV Shows

Jon Gries began his film career at the age of eleven, and he hasn’t relented ever since, going on to star in over 140 movies and TV shows.

His first movie appearance was in the movie, Will Penny, where he played the character, Boy Horace. At the age of eleven, Jon Gries could not have predicted he would go on to have a career that would span decades in a highly volatile industry like Hollywood. He simply took it one project at a time, hoping to see where it all leads, starting with his follow up appearance nine years after, in Helter Skelter, his first TV show, playing William Garretson in an episode. In the same year, he appeared in another film, Born of Water.

During the second decade of his film career, which was in the 70s, Jon Gries appeared in several movies and TV shows, including More American Graffiti, Sunnyside, Swap Meet, and Mulligan’s Stew, among others. The appearances in multiple projects continued into the 80s where he appeared in movies like Real Genius, Running Scared, Number One With A Bullet and TV shows like The Jeffersons, September Gun, and The Twilight Zone.

In the 90s, when most actors who started in the industry alongside him fell off the wagon, Jon Gries continued his appearances in several Hollywood projects, including appearing in shows like Seinfeld, Beverly Hills, 90210, The X-Files, Martin and movies like Men in Black, Get Shorty, The Maze and a lot more others.

Jon Gries
A younger Jon Gries (right) with co-stars of Napoleon Dynamite

And even when the new millennium began, Jon Gries has remained a part of the industry, constantly starring in projects across both major mediums, with credits in movies like Taken, Good Intentions and shows like Lost, where he famously played Roger Linus. He also appeared in Napoleon Dynamite where he played Uncle Rico. Over the years, he has appeared in over 140 movies and TV shows, building an impressive filmography.

Over the course of his career, he has been the recipient of a number of awards and nominations, including Best Supporting Male nomination by the Independent Spirit Award for his work in Napoleon Dynamite.

Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Jon Gries’ career hasn’t seen him in enough leading man roles to earn mainstream popularity which results in hefty salaries and movie contracts. He has, however, maintained a consistent place as a supporting character, earning just enough to maintain a comfortable life, building an estimated net worth of $2 million in the process. The bulk of Jon Gries fortune comes from his acting career.

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Family Facts About Jon Gries

• His parents are both members of the film industry. His mother is an actress while his father is a renowned director, writer, and producer.

• He got his first movie role through his father, who was directing the movie.

• Jon Gries has never been known to be married, although he has been rumored to be in a couple of relationships, including one with Kimberly Rose McConnell, an actress.

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