Johnny Argent – Net Worth & Facts About The Film Score Composer

For those who are fans of film scores and soundtracks, there is a high chance that the name Johnny Argent rings a bell, having worked on shows like The Tipping Point and the short film, Rockin’ with Roseanne, but more than his professional accomplishments, it is his relationship with superstar comedian, Roseanne Barr that has made him into a recognizable name in entertainment.

Johnny Argent has been in the industry since 2003, during which he has worked in different capacities, both in front and behind the camera. While he often stays outside of the news, the rumored marriage to Roseanne Barr which he eventually canceled has brought him media attention.

Learn all about him, including his relationship with Roseanne Barr below.

Johnny Argent Biography

Johnny Argent was born on the 4th of July, 1949 in Baltimore, US. Much of his background is unknown but he is known to have been born into a family of four children, with him as the youngest child in the family.

The educational and professional journey that led him to become a writer and a composer are some of the details unavailable about the writer. However, since he became a recognizable name in the industry, he has worked in different capacities, both in front of the camera and behind it.

Johnny got his first credit in 2003, both as a cast member in The Real Roseanne Show, a TV documentary about his long-term girlfriend and he also worked in the music department, earning his first credit as a composer.

Since then, he has worked on several projects, such as Roseanne for President, another documentary, Roseanne’s Nuts, The Tipping Point, all of which he appeared in.

Behind the camera, Johnny has worked as a producer and writer for Downwardly Mobile, The Tipping Point and Rockin’ with Roseanne, and as a composer for the latter two.

What is Johnny Argent’s Net Worth?

As mentioned earlier, Johnny Argent has spent the bulk of his professional career working as a writer, a composer, producer and a couple of other roles and all of which has earned him a significant income thus far. Unfortunately, the exact amount is unknown and thus his net worth cannot be determined. His longtime girlfriend, Roseanne Barr, however, has a known net worth in the excess of $80 million.

She earned a large amount of money through her work on the show, Roseanne, which ran from 1988 to 1997 and a solitary season in 2018. She also has additional income from other works such as 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Office and The Rosey & Buddy Show.

Inside Johnny Argent’s Personal Life

If Johnny Argent was in a relationship with someone else before he met Roseanne Barr, that information is yet to be shared with the public. However, Roseanne was known to have been married to Tom Arnold for four years before she met Johnny.

Johnny Argent
Johnny Argent, his girlfriend, Roseanne Barr with Douglas and Holly Vermeeren

Both Johnny Argent and Roseanne Barr began to date in 2003, after Roseanne had been divorced for nine years from Tom Arnold. The couple has remained together ever since, with their relationship surviving every controversy that has come their way, including the 2018 racist attacks that led to the cancellation of the revival of her classic show, Roseanne.

Although their relationship is primarily personal, Johnny Argent and Roseanne have worked together professionally on some of her works like her Comedy Special, Roseanne Barr: Blonde and Bitchin’ and The Real Roseanne Show.

After over 15 years of dating, it was announced that Johnny Argent and Roseanne Barr will take to the altar and cement their lasting love but the proposed wedding was reportedly canceled by Johnny who claimed to be wary of his girlfriend’s mental health following the 2018 incident. The couple, however, still live together and currently reside in Hawaii.

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Other Facts About The Film Score Composer

  • According to Johnny Argent, he claims his girlfriend, Roseanne Barr intentionally sent out the racist tweets in order to get her show canceled, because she couldn’t deal with the pressure anymore.
  • Argent stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and accompanying weight of 78 kg. He also has dark brown eyes and brown colored hair.
  • Although Johnny Argent and Roseanne Barr do not share any children, his girlfriend is the mother of four children, three of whom she had with her first husband, Bill Pentland and the fourth, Brandi Ann Brown, from an unknown relationship when she was 17 years of age.
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