John Corby Biography – Life and Death of the Legendary Radio Personality

Death has always the definitive and inevitable end of all human – we all fall/will fall to it. What has always remained in flux, however, and subject to our own actions is how we are remembered after we die. While many leave the world improving and impacting others’ lives, some take the other side of the pole. John Corby was a positive influence while he was alive, particularly to his radio listeners.

The radio host, who died at the age of 61 was in the broadcasting industry for 30 years, affecting multiple generations with his words and his thoughts. In celebration of his life, this article takes a look at his life and the final days of the man who blessed radio listeners in Central Ohio.

John Corby Biography and Life

His life began on the 26th of March, 1956 in Nelsonville, Ohio when he was born to parents Betty Corby and John Michael Corby. As far as siblings and other childhood information are concerned, they are unknown at this point in time.

John Corby was raised in Ohio and attended high school at Logan High School where he achieved notoriety as an athlete, especially in baseball. However, it would not be baseball that would endear John to the heart of millions of Ohio residents. It would be his chosen profession as a radio host after he completed his higher education at Ohio State University.

His career began at WNCI (97.9 FM) where he worked as a news director. It was the first step in a journey that would last 30 years. As he grew into his role, he became the co-host of the radio’s morning show.

After time spent at WNCI, John Corby moved to WTVN where he worked for ten years between 1984 to 1994, perfecting his growth into a beloved radio host.

John Corby spent a majority of his life in his home state in Ohio but for a brief period in his professional career, he headed out to Pittsburgh where he worked for KDKA before he eventually returned to Columbus and 610 in 1997, where he worked as a radio host until his death.

John Corby
John Corby with one of his Ohio listeners

During his time at Columbus and 610 (WTVN), he worked several shows and was particularly known for his late afternoon drive-time show. Over the course of his period as a radio host, he popularized radio bits like The Big Bass Brothers and Billy Ray Vulgar.

Known as a regular guy who was kind and respected his audience, John Corby’s good-natured delivery to his listeners turned his programs into a place of peace and comfort. His understanding of his audience’s needs furthermore made him into a popular personality in Ohio, as demonstrated by his decision to dedicate a show to the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, which despite being opposed by the radio’s management, was widely received by listeners.

Personal Life

During his time on earth, John Corby was married to two women over the course of his life. His first wife was Jennifer Long Corby. The marriage perhaps would have been the happily ever after that was promised at the altar but for the death of Jennifer Long at the age of 50 in 2006.

He may not have had his happily ever after with Jennifer but he fulfilled his promise of till death do us part and they had a child together, Emily Passias.

After grieving his wife, he took chance on another promise of happily ever after by getting married to Jodi Corby. Until his death, he was married to Jodi Cordy.

Cause of Death

One of the intriguing and perhaps, unflattering truths about death is its suddenness and tendency to not deliver warnings. For members of his family and staff of News Radio 610, John Corby simply complained of a mild sickness on a Friday and was declared dead on Saturday morning. He died at Columbus, Ohio at the Mount Carmel West Hospital.

If further investigation revealed any lingering illness is so far unknown to the public.

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His death was announced to fans and audience of the radio station via a statement on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, with fans pouring in their condolences via the call-ins and social media.

At the time of his death, he was survived by his parents, a sister, his daughter, and his wife.

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