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William Clark Gable (1901 – 1960) may pass as the most successful Hollywood professional that ever lived. He was so successful on the field that he is popularly acclaimed as ‘the King of Hollywood’. But one of the most telling proofs of his career success may be that he ended up getting top-notch movie professionalism to run in his family. For instance, John Clark Gable of Sunset At Dawn and Bad Jim is his son while the multi-talented actress, producer, writer, and therapist Judy Lewis is William’s daughter. Moreso, the popular actor and model Clark James Gable, is his grandson and actress Kayly Gable is also William’s grand-daughter.

This article, however, is about William’s son John Clark Gable. It seems quite obvious that John had to struggle a lot under the big shadow of his famous father. Yet he ended up making his own mark that is worth more than just a mention. So, here, we take a deep look into the life and career of this celebrity son of an Alpha Centauri.

John Clark Gable Bio – Personal Profile

John Clark Gable is an American actor who was born on March 20, 1961, in Los Angeles California, four months after the demise of his father. As earlier mentioned, John Clark’s dad was the legendary ‘King of Hollywood’, William Clark Gable and his mother Kay Williams – an actress and hairdresser – is William’s fifth wife. Williams died while John was only five months a fetus.

Imagine being the son of a fifth wife who became a widow four months before you were born! This is probably why John could never maintain a stable relationship. He has gotten divorced two times chose to remain single after his girlfriend died mysteriously in his home.

More importantly, this may also provide a reason John was arrested by the authorities in 2013. As CNN reported, John Clark was arrested and charged for drunken driving and hit-and-run. John Clark Gable reportedly rammed a Ford vehicle he was driving into six parked cars. This CNN report cited above, gets even more profound as it compares the reason a 52-year-old John Clark was arrested for the reason his 22-year-old son James had been arrested two years earlier.

James was arrested for directing a laser beam into the cockpit of a police helicopter thereby endangering the pilot’s life. James’ manager is said to have defended his boss saying he never meant harm as he (James) was only playing with what he took for a toy and inadvertently directed the laser to the wrong place.

The point here is that what a Clark was arrested for at 22, might sound more reasonable than what another Clark was arrested for at 52. The mystery surrounding this irony will subside as soon as you realize the 52-year-old Clark never enjoyed the presence and guidance of a father figure for once. Let’s see how all these have added up to the career success John Clark has enjoyed and it’s consequence reward in net worth.

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Career Achievements

John Clark Gable
John Clark Gable as Mr. Golden Globe in 1995 alongside Miss Golden Globe: Image Source.

The core influences that molded John Clark Gable is better experienced than imagined. In a word, it was simply sad. This may also explain why John could hardly achieve even 5% of his father’s imposing fame and fortune – if net worth was the measure. Yet, it is quite remarkable that John Clark ended up carving out a niche for himself in the highly competitive Hollywood in spite of the obviously great disadvantage that attended the circumstances of his birth and childhood.

John Clark Gable became the first ever Mr. Golden Globe (now called Golden Globe Ambassador) in 1995. It was due more to his father’s name. But, even if his father’s dominant name helped to pave the way for him into Hollywood, John also brought his own personal asset to bear. Thus, although he does not have too many in his line of acting credit, he has featured in some of the most enviable screen projects in Hollywood such as Bad Jim (1990), Aliens From Uranus (2012) and Sunset At Dawn (2014).

What is His Net Worth?

There is a certain report that John Clark Gable inherited the sum of $400,000 from the sale of his father’s estate in 2014. This in addition to other sources of income like the movies he has been a part of has reportedly given him a net worth of $5 million in late 2018. This amount is a far cry from what his father achieved in his lifetime because John Clark’s father William is said to be worth $100,000 at the time of his death in 1960.

Is He Dead or Alive?

In February 2019, John Clark Gable’s son Clark Gable III (Clark James Gable) was reported dead. He was discovered unresponsive on his bed in his Dallas home and was rushed to a hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Although this began to fuel death rumors and started a death hoax, there is no record that John himself is dead. But, where is John Clark Gable now? Apart from the news of his arrest in 2013, the latest we have heard of John Clark is that he refused to let his late son be buried on their family property claiming that his son “disgraced” the name of his father William Clark Gable by doing drugs.

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