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During his time in the NFL, which spanned a period of fifteen years, Joey Galloway forged a career that made him into a notable wide receiver, climbing the rankings to become one of the NFL career leaders in receiving yards and touchdowns. Since he retired, he has traded the applause of thousands of fans for the applause from producers and colleagues as a sports analyst for ESPN.

During his time in the NFL, he played for a number of teams, including franchise royalties like Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.

Joey Galloway crafted a successful career as a player and he has been doing the same as a former player. Here is a look at him, his background, NFL career and other interesting things you should know about him.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Joseph ‘Joey’ Scott Galloway was born on the 20th of November, 1971 to James Galloway and Carolyn Galloway. Not much is known about his familial background other than the fact he was born to African American parents and he went to high school at Bellaire, Ohio, where he was born.

At Bellaire High School, he began his life as a footballer, performing excellently well into his senior year. At high school, Joey Galloway also competed at track events, where he won the state championship in the 100 and 200-meter dash event. He also played basketball where he made the All-Ohio choice team.

The sporting excellence he showed at different sports suggested that Joey could have pursued any sport and found success in it. He chose football over the others, joining Ohio State University for his college career.

He spent four years in Ohio, during which time, he set a few records and achieved a number of personal accolades. Some of them include a place in the First Team All-Big Ten Conference and Second Team All-Big Ten Conference.

After his college career came to an end and he entered the NFL draft, Joey Galloway was drafted into America’s topmost football league by the Seattle Seahawks, where he quickly set the league on fire through his displays.

His rookie season for the Seattle Seahawks saw him set a number of franchise season records. He spent four years with the Seahawks before he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys where he spent three years.

His time at the Cowboys was a mixed bag and it eventually came to an end in 2003, when he was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent four years at the Buccaneers before he was traded to the New England Patriots, where he failed to play make any significant impact in the team, spending very little time before he was traded again to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He did not spend long with the Steelers before he was traded again to the Washington Redskins.

After fifteen active years, he called time on his career and finished his NFL journey with 77 receiving touchdowns, 701 receptions and 10,950 receiving yards.

Joey Galloway
Joey Galloway during a training session with Tom Brady at the New England Patriots

Post-NFL, Joey Galloway has moved into the studio for ESPN as a college football analyst.

Joey Galloway’s Net Worth

Over the course of his fifteen years in the NFL, Joey Galloway earned a significant amount of money, enough to record net worth of $10 million.

Apart from his career earnings, Joey Galloway has also had a significant contribution to his net worth through investments, such as his ownership of the Columbus Destroyers between 2003 and 2008.

At the moment, Joey Galloway earns his income primarily from ESPN with a salary of about $3 million per year.

What To Know About His Wife & Children

When it comes to his personal life, there hasn’t been much to report for Joey Galloway. During his time as a player, he was never one to be mired in the controversies about women and he has maintained the same trait since retirement.

Joey Galloway hasn’t been known to be in any relationship and he is not married. Questions have been raised of the secrecy about his personal life but so far, there hasn’t been satisfying answers for many who seek to know more about the personal life of the wide receiver.

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How Tall is The Former NFL Player

During his active playing days, where physical discipline and fitness was paramount, Joey Galloway maintained a bodyweight of 89 kg over a height of 5 feet 11 inches. And even though he is no longer bound by the necessities of an active career, Joey still continues to maintain a fit and healthy body.

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