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The NBC sitcom Rise was really a memorable show that was not only successful but also launched and provided new opportunities for a handful of stars. No doubt Joe Tippet is among those stars as the show helped in propelling him into the limelight. The lightly built actor started acting in 2006 but his career gained major attention in 2018 for his role on the TV show, Rise. Now that he is dating Sara Bareilles, a highly respected singer, and songwriter, he seems to have gained widespread fame. Let’s take you through his profile below.

Who is Joe Tippett and How Old is He?

Joe Tippet was born in New York on September 2, 1980, to John Tippet and Amy Tippet. As a child, Tippet was passionate about sports and thought he would go to college on an athletic scholarship. However, his high school English teacher urged him to try out acting. And as he became drawn to theatre, his athletic dreams began to wane off. He later left high school with a huge love for acting but didn’t immediately figure out how to pursue the dream.

One day, he returned home and found the comedy-drama film Afraid of Virginia Woolf showing on his TV. After watching a few scenes, he realized that he had what it takes to be an actor. Interestingly, he was actually drunk on the day he made this big decision which has however paid off today.

He later sought admission into the university on scholarship but couldn’t go through with the plan, therefore, Joe Tippet moved to Williamstown to take up small jobs. At 26 years of age, Tippet finally debuted with a role in the 2006 film Gray Matters which was when he first caught people’s attention. Shortly after this, Tippet began his professional stage career with gigs in both Broadway and off-Broadway. In 2013, he gained attention for his performance in Ashville and followed this up with Airline Highway. Other stage productions which Tippet gave indelible performances in include Waitress, Indian Summer, Familiar, and All the Fine Boys.

Despite standing out on stage and in several films for over five years, Tippet did not really have his big break until 2018 when he performed in the musical NBC show, Rise (2018) in which he portrayed Coach Strickland, a passionate football coach who loves football more than anything in the world. Since emerging onto the scene, the prolific actor has had a number of outstanding performances including another NBC show Blacklist.

Joe Tippet also gained a deserving recognition for his performance in Patsy and Loretta (2019), Monsters and Men (2018) and Our Very Own Carlin McCullough (2018) and Red Dead RedemptionII (2018). But none of his stints in films has been able to get him the amount of attention his relationship with Sara Bareilles has got him.

Joe Tippett’s Relationship With Sara Bareilles

It is believed that Tippet and Sara Bareilles met in 2016 while working on the Broadway show Waitress. However, in actuality, the duo met in 2015 during the tryout of the same show at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was at this point that their love story started. Luckily for the duo, they won spots on the show with Sara gaining two roles, first as the writer of the show’s lyrics and music, secondly as the character, Jenna. Her lover, Tippet was given the role of Earl Hunterson in the show.

 Joe Tippet
Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippet (image source)

Their relationship was confirmed publicly when the lovers made their first public appearance in 2017 at that year’s Tony awards. Ever since then, their bond has remained strong.

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Net Worth

Joe Tippet’s net worth is not known, but some news sources have estimated his income at $500, 000 based on what he earned from his movies and TV shows. Considering that he is still in the earliest stages of his stardom, this amount is quite a lot. However, it is hardly a fluke that the amount is meager when compared to Sara’s $16 million net worth.

Meet Sara Bareilles

Sara is a multitalented star known as a songwriter, author, actress, and above all a singer. As a singer, she has extensive credits including three live albums and five studio albums and a host of other accomplishments. Her notable acting jobs include Waitless and Girl Play. The University of California graduate was born in 1979, so she is nearly a year older than Tippet. Sara began her career in 2002, four years ahead of her boyfriend. So far, she has been nominated for Grammy Awards several times.

Joe Tippet Is A Terrible Singer

Tippet may be a cool actor but he is far from cool when it comes to singing and he has no time to argue about it. In one of his interviews, he described himself as a terrible singer, noting that he is not considering delving into that path anytime in the future.

How Tall is He

The New York native is 5 feet 8 inches (1.76m) – four inches taller than his girlfriend who is about 5 feet 4 inches (1.64m) tall. He weighs 70kg which is equivalent to (154lbs).

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