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Over the years, social media has changed the lives of many people, especially those who know how to use it for business. Many youngsters and even older persons have banked on the coming of social media to establish themselves online as influencers and entertainers, raking in lots of money in the process. One of these people making some buzz on social media in the contemporary world is Joe Jo.

Joe Jo is an American YouTube star, vlogger, comedian and entrepreneur who has become an online sensation following years of hard work on YouTube. He is the co-founder of JustKiddingFilms, a popular YouTube channel that has succeeded in attracting a lot of attention over the years. Joe and his business partner now have millions of subscribers across the different channels they have been able to establish on the video-sharing platform.

Joe Jo’s Biography

Joe Jo was born on the 13th day of April 1985. He was born in the city of California, USA and grew up there. Even though he is now widely known around the world as Joe Jo, it is noteworthy that his real name is actually Joseph Masato Jitsukawa.

Joe is clearly an American man by birth but he also has Japanese roots. This is because, according to reports, his parents are both from Japan. Back in Japan, they worked as classical musicians but people did not respect this genre of music very much in Japan so, they decided to move to the USA before Joe was born, so as to pursue their music interests.

Details about where Joe Jo had his elementary and high school education remain vague at the moment. However, we know that he attended California State University, Los Angeles, where he studied Psychology. Following his graduation, he has since gone on to make a name for himself on YouTube.

Joe Jo’s Net Worth

Joe Jo has become one of the highly sought after figures on social media, having been able to successfully build up his YouTube business which he co-founded with a friend, Bart Kwan. He and his friend have garnered several hundreds of millions of views over the years and have apparently raked in quite a lot of money in the process.

From his earnings so far during his career, he is estimated to be worth about $1 million at the moment. Apparently, this figure may rise soon as he continues to explore new grounds on social media.

Everything You Need To Know

  • He was into e-Bay business

Before finding fame on YouTube, Joe Jo was into an e-Bay business. According to reports, he set up his e-Bay business after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a book by Robert Kiyosaki and becoming inspired by it. He started selling car parts on e-Bay and was very passionate about the business, determined to succeed. He also did other kinds of jobs such as shipping goods and was also into logistics.

Joe Jo
Joe Jo and Bart Kwan
  • How he began his YouTube business

When Joe Jo finished from California State University, he started looking for a job and applied to several companies but was unsuccessful in his bid to get employed. This was when he met with Bart Kwan and became friends with him.

Joe and Bart met at a mixed martial arts gym and found out they shared the same ideas about life. They decided to start making funny videos on YouTube. They created their channel called JustKiddingFilms on August 18, 2007, with the initial aim of unifying the Asian-American community through comedy.

At first, the channel caught little attention but with time, it started growing and today, it has become one of the highly sought after comedy channels on YouTube. Joe Jo and his business partner, Bart Kwan have succeeded in building the channel to envious heights and it now serves as a full-time job for the co-founders.

  • They now have different channels on YouTube

Joe Jo and Bart Kwan have expanded their business on YouTube by creating several other channels under the JustKiddingFilms brand. They now operate other channels such as JustKiddingGamers, as well as JustKiddingNews and JustKiddingParty. JustKiddingNews and JustKiddingParty have more than 1 million subscribers each and JustKiddingGamer is also rapidly growing.

  • Who is Joe’s girlfriend?

Joe Jo is in a loving relationship with a woman called Jessica Caldwell who happens to be a film producer and author. According to reports, the couple met in 2015 and kick-started their romance. They have been together ever since.

Jessica who is a graduate of Texas A&M University, joined JustKiddingFilms as a producer after she started dating Joe.

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  • He loves traveling

Joe Jo loves traveling and the nature of his job actually gives him ample room to travel around the world. He has had the opportunity of visiting different countries of the world, including Australia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and his native country Japan.

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