Jodi Faeth Bio – Everything To Know About Mike Wolfe’s Wife

A personal journey to turn garbage into money led Mike Wolfe to become a TV personality via the show, American Pickers, and that journey has made him famous enough to command the interest of the public in his personal life. That interest has revealed one of the interesting men on television is married to a woman named, Jodi Faeth.

Unlike Mike Wolfe however, Jodi Faeth is not a famous woman, and whilst she’s had her own life journey, it had remained outside of media spotlight, with her relationship with Mike being her only conduit to fame. Regardless, this has not dampened the interest in who she is and we have been able to compile some information that answers that question below. Read on.

Jodi Faeth’s Bio

Much of the information available about Jodi Faeth has involved her relationship with her celebrity husband, Mike Wolfe. As a private person with limited connection to fame of her own, very little is known about her, including her date of birth, place of birth or parents.

Also, among in the dearth of information about her is her education history and profession. Unlike her husband, Mike Wolfe, who is renowned for his work on the show, American Pickers, where he puts his knowledge of antiques to build a successful television show that has attracted several million viewers to the History Channel where the show is hosted.

Relationship with Mike Wolfe

As we mentioned in the introduction, the biggest link in Jodi Faeth’s life to fame has been through her relationship with Mike Wolfe and it all began in 1994, long before Mike Wolfe became the man he is known as to the general public today.

Mike’s profession has been about taking what is considered dead and making it anew, extending its life cycle and that is exactly what can be said about his relationship with Jodi Faeth. In a society that considers love to be dead with each breakup, Jodi and Mike have brought a renewed belief into the idea of long-lasting love.

Jodi Faeth
Jodi Faeth with her TV personality husband, Mike Wolfe and their daughter, Charlie

Kicking off a relationship in 1994, they were together as a couple for 18 years, before getting married as husband and wife in 2012 in a celebration of their time defying love. The presence of family and friends at Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe’s wedding hasn’t been the only evidence of their love either, in the same year they got married, they welcomed their daughter, Charlie Faeth Wolfe who was born on the 30th of January, 2012.

Whilst the couple so far, have only one biological child, Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe have another child in the family. A son named Kyle who is believed to have born from Jodi’s relationship with another man prior to meeting Mike Wolfe.

Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe live together in Le Claire, Iowa where they reside in their home that comprises of two home décor stores, a courtyard and two car garages. The house was bought for a sum of $175,000.

Health Challenges

It hasn’t all been joy and sunshine for Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe since they met, however, in that time, they have dealt with their own relationship issues but none has been more prominent as Jodi Faeth’s battle with cancer.

Jodi Faeth, in 2013 was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks the white blood cells and spreads through the lymph system. Luckily for the family, the disease was discovered while it was in its second stage and Jodi was immediately placed on treatment, which involved surgery.

At the completion of the treatment, Jodi Faeth made a complete recovery and continues to live healthily with the rest of her family.

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Other Interesting Facts About Jodi Faeth

  1. A wedding after 18 years of being a couple demands a beautiful honeymoon to go along with it and that was exactly what Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe did, going on a honeymoon to Hawaii after their wedding.
  2. Cancer is a terrible disease and unfortunately for Jodi Faeth’s husband, Mike Wolfe, she wouldn’t be the first person in his life to battle the disease. His mother is also a cancer survivor, having battled breast cancer.
  3. The family has also dealt with another medical problem. The daughter, Charlie was born with a cleft lip and a palate, which required surgery in order to correct it.
  4. Her husband, Mike Wolfe is also a published author, having written and published two books.
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