How Did Joanne Tucker Meet Adam Driver and What Does She Do For a Living?

Joanne Tucker may not have a career that is as groundbreaking as the likes of Angelina Jolie and Julie Robert, but she has refused to be identified as just the wife of a very successful actor (being the wife of Adam Driver) but also as a star herself. With lead roles in some great films such as Gayby and Listen Up Philip, the beautiful actress has shown that she too is poised for TV success. And she continues to actively display a refusal to assume a minor role to her husband even in the face of his massive success by adding several successful theatrical projects to her own portfolio. With her fast-growing acting career, there is no doubt that in no time she will gain a spot among the Hollywood elites for her works and not just for her marriage. Here’s is a highlight of her journey in the industry thus far.

Her Marriage To Adam Driver: How Did They Meet? 

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While Joanne’s popularity basically came from her marriage to Adam Driver (the actor of Girls and Star Wars: The Last Jedi), she is not divulging when it comes to things about her marriage and private life. The fact that neither Joanne Tucker nor Adam Driver is active on Instagram or Twitter makes the situation even worse.

But trust the world to be able to do some accurate digging when they are passionate about something and committed to learning about it. This is the case of the celebrity couple whose journey of love has been unveiled.

According to some of the things discovered is that the lovers who got married in 2013 have been together almost forever. They met while studying at Julliard School as members of Drama Division’s Group 38 and started as best of friends. In the mid-2000s, however, they started a relationship and finally sealed their love in 2013. This was prior to the time actor Adam first got his break for his role in on-screen love film Girls in 2012 and winning his life-changing role in 2015 film The Force Awakens.

Apparently, the college lovers who always keep each other company on the red carpet events have figured a way to sustain their love since their marriage. Currently, they are based in Brooklyn, New York where they share a home with their rottweiler-put-bull mix named Moose.

How Old Is Joanne Tucker Really?

The success of Star Wars: The Last Jedi day got fans and everybody eager to learn about the film’s cast especially the actor who played Kylo Ren, Adam Driver, and his wife. This keenness has led to the discovery that something doesn’t seem perfect in the ages of the lovers. So what how old is Joanne Tucker? She was born on June 26, 1982, in the United States while her husband Adam Driver was born on 19 November 1983 which means that she is a few months older than him. She grew up in a somewhat theatre supporting environment and caught an interest in acting quite early. She first spent time at elite k-12 Dalton School and decided to pursue her acting dream by getting a training in performing arts in Julliard School where she basically didn’t just hone her talent but also found her man.

What Exactly Does She Do For A Living?

Apart from being the heartthrob of her husband and his consistent red-carpet companion, Joanne Tucker has a flourishing career in the business and she is also a remarkable character when it comes to acting, just like her husband.

The 5 ft 6inches tall actress started acting in the 2000s even though she has very little filmography. Her first on-screen appearance was in a series of short films that started in 2010. One of her memorable stints was in the Loft (2011). The film which was written and directed by women gained her significance in the film world. She also gained prominence when she appeared as Ruthie in TV show Girls which also starred her husband. The HBO comedy-drama show chronicled the lives of four New-York-based women and was based on the true-life story of its creator Lena Dunham.

Even though she has found both film and TV success, Tucker’s strongest point seems to be on stage performance. She is very active with the New York theatre and has played in different projects such as The Yellow Hour held at NYC’s 99-seat Ratthlestick Playwrights Theatre. She has also directed Stephen Adly Guirgis play titled Our Lady of 121st Street. Also, she alongside her husband established Arts in the Armed Forces in 2006  and would serve as artistic director.

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