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The American news industry can boast of several individuals who have achieved fame, wealth and prestige through its high standards and international superiority. One of those individuals is Joan Walsh, a journalist who works for CNN but made her name working for the news giant’s counterpart, MSNBC.

Joan has been in the industry for quite some time, having spent decades in the industry, including twelve years at MSNBC as an anchor and a correspondent. Her career so far has seen her cover several important stories across America and beyond and she has taken her experience and knowledge beyond TV into a couple of written works.

There is a lot more to learn about Joan Walsh and you can learn all about them by reading below.

Joan Walsh – Biography

Joan Walsh was born on the 18th of September 1958 in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn. Although much is unknown about her background, specifically the identity of her parents, she is believed to have spent her childhood life growing up in Oceanside, Long Island where she grew up with two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Her family later relocated to Milwaukee, where she completed her high school education and earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin.

The early days of her professional life before she joined MSNBC is unknown but public information so far suggests she worked her way up to become the editor-in-chief of the popular magazine, Salon. It is believed that she worked for Salon for 16 years, during which she wrote her first book, Splash Hit! Pacific Bell Park and the San Francisco Giants.  Since Salon, Joan has worked for both MSNBC and CNN and she is also a national affairs correspondent for The Nation.

After her first book, Joan Walsh has published another, What’s the Matter with White People? Why We Long for a Golden Age That Never Was.

MSNBC and CNN Career

Just before Christmas in 2017, on the 23rd of December, it was revealed that Joan Walsh, who had spent 12 years of her career with MSNBC would not be continuing her role with the national news network in the new year. Her journey with the network, which began in 2005 came to an unceremonious end on that day.

Although the news was not well received by fans of the network and also among some of her colleagues, like Chris Hayes and Joy Reid, it was the end of a career with the network that had seen her work as a news anchor, an anchor, and a correspondent.

After she left MSNBC, Joan Walsh next step was CNN, a rival network of her former news network and she began her career with the news network in 2018, shortly after leaving MSNBC. She has been working for CNN as a political analyst ever since.

Joan Walsh
Lynn Nottage, Jessica Neuwirth, Joan Walsh, and Carol Jenkins during the ERA Coalition’s A Night At The Theatre for Women’s Equality

Her time with CNN hasn’t been without its own share of controversies, including an incident in 2018 where she was criticized by a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting because she liked a tweet.

Regardless of her tendency to draw criticism and controversy for her political opinions, she has continued to maintain her place at the highest level of journalism in America.

Family: Husband

Joan Walsh, since becoming an adult and ultimately a public personality through her work as a journalist, has only ever been known to be married once, to a man named Randy C. Cherry. The details of their relationship remain unknown, including when it began but they got married on the 19th of June 1976.

The marriage did not last and although we do not know when exactly they got divorced, they eventually did, with the evidence of their relationship being their memories and one solitary child, a daughter named Nora Walsh DeVries. When Joan Walsh gave birth to Nora is also unknown but if Joan’s Instagram page is anything to go by, she has managed to raise her daughter into an upstanding and beautiful woman.

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Other Facts About Joan Walsh

  • Her daughter, Nora Walsh DeVries, has also taken after her to become a journalist. She works as a freelancer and she is also an editor and a web content specialist.
  • Joan has a body height of 5 feet 11 inches.
  • She grew up as a Catholic but was raised with liberal parents who supported a number of progressive policies.
  • Joan Walsh lost her mother at the age of 17.
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