Joan Rivers Net Worth was $150 Million

Joan Rivers was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky, on 8th June 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. She was a comedian, writer, actress, film director and television personality. At the time of her death, she had a net worth in the tune of $150 million.

Joan Rivers Net Worth: Brief History

During her earlier life, she went to Connecticut College to study anthropology. She did several part-time jobs and later took a job offer as a tour guide-instructor and as a sales consultant in a departmental store. However, she later earned her degree in Literature, English and Anthropology from Barnard College in the year 1954.

Before entering the showbiz business, she took up several jobs at the Rockefeller Center as a writer and proofreader at an ad agency. She also worked as a fashion consultant at the Bond Clothing Stores.

Joan Rivers Net Worth

Joan began her show business as a stand-up comedian in night clubs before joining The Ed Sullivan Show as a co-host with Johnny Carson in the 60s and 70s. She later moved on to host her own television show, “In Bed with Joan” which became a huge attraction among viewers from different social and economic backgrounds. Her unique and witty approach was the main reason why people liked her show.

Rivers was famed for her controversial and funny humor. She took controversial roles from the very first day she started acting. Her first movie role was as a daring lesbian in a short play that helped bring her to the limelight.

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Joan Rivers Net Worth: Businesses, QVC Clothing

Over the years, Joan continued hosting a variety of talks which earned her a huge amount of money. She invested a part of her earnings in the real estate sector which ensured the rise of her net worth.

Joan Rivers’s net worth plummeted in 2013 when she listed her Connecticut country house for $4.4 million. In the same year, she went ahead and listed her opulent 5,000 square feet penthouse in New York City for $29.5 million. Some months before she listed it, the house was valued at $35 million.

In addition to her real estate investment, Rivers had jewelry and clothing lines which helped to bolster her earnings. Her QVC clothing sold scarves, dresses and brooches. Available statistics reveals that she made more than $1 billion in sales.

Joan Rivers Net Worth


Joan Rivers died in September of 2014 aged 81 and she will mostly be remembered for her prowess as a television host as well as for her sharp wit. She often ruffled feathers with many people the wrong way, but still remained a staple of the red carpet. In most instances, she was seen together with Melissa her only daughter.

Joan put a massive amount of her money into charity, with AIDS Relief being one of the organizations that attracted her interest. Two years before her demise, Joan continued keeping a busy life and her last TV appearance on the Fashion Police on August 2014.

Rivers willed most of her money and properties to her daughter and dogs. Yea you read it right, dogs, Joan always had special love for dogs. In her will, she left an extravagant apartment in New York’s Upper East Side worth $35 million to daughter Melissa.