Jimena Sanchez – Bio, Family & Facts About The Mexican Model And Presenter

Fame is not a commodity that once you have the cash you can head to a local supermarket and get your hands on it. It is something that you need to work hard for and sometimes it will take time to come to you. However, some people are too lucky that they don’t need to channel all their energy on pursuing fame. It just comes to them when they least expect it. Jimena Sanchez is in this class of people.

Also called “the sexiest sports anchor in the world” online, Jimena popped out in the limelight for sharing a random sexy picture on her online blog. Today, the Mexican beauty who works with FOX Deportes enjoys a huge amount of fame that many rising stars can only imagine. Learn more facts about the Mexican model and presenter below.

Early Life

Jimena Sanchez’s birth took place on September 28, 1982. She spent her early days in Mexico City, where she was born and later lived in Veracruz. This is much that is known about Jimena’s early life as the Mexican beauty has proven to be notoriously private with matters concerning her personal life. There is also no information on her education except that she dropped out of her acting classes.

Career and Rise To Stardom

The world first took notice of Jimena Sanchez when her beautiful picture made it to a photo web page titled “Mad Mamacitas” that she had opened with some of her best friends. In the blog, the friends shared only racy photos of themselves captioned in an engaging style to entertain their followers. One of their pictures happened to go viral and Jimena being the sexiest of them all was given special attention. As the picture continued to circulate rapidly among internet users, many noticed her striking resemblance to the famous reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

The life-changing picture soon earned her the nickname “Mexican Kim Kardashian” and also became a catalyst in launching her to model status. She quickly became a familiar face on many magazines like Soho magazine. Shortly after that, the TV presenter got contacted by an American sports magazine known as “Record.” And though she wasn’t as experienced as some sports reporters, Jimena was also able to win a spot in the Latin American division of the FOX News known as Fox Deportes. In addition, she began to host shows for different versions of Fox News including Fox Sports 2’s Lo Mejor De Fox Sports. She has as well become a contributor to different sports magazines like the Medio Tiempo.

Jimena Sanchez’s Family

Jimena Sánchez
Jimena Sanchez and her co-presenter image source

Even with her active social media life and her growing presence in the limelight, Jimena has been able to hide things about her private life from the public. She enjoys her new found fame but remains discreet about things concerning her life. As such, not much is known about her family and siblings. The only thing that could be found is that her family lived in Veracruz and practiced Catholicism.

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Facts About The Mexican Model And Presenter

1. Jimena is not only a TV star. The beauty has gone on to become a social media sensation with over 2.6 million dedicated fans following up her updates on Twitter. In addition, she also has over 6.3 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million on Facebook.

2. She is enthusiastic about sports particularly soccer and holds “Las Chivas de Guadalajara,” a Mexican professional soccer club very close to her heart. Other sports teams that have captured her interest include; the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Jimena is a very confident woman. A lot of people would prefer to be associated with the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian considering that most people think she is super sexy and hot. But this sexy Latina is not one of those people. Apparently, she doesn’t like to be linked to the reality TV star. She feels humiliated when people link her to Kim Kardashian and prefers to look like nobody but Jimena Sanchez. Talk about self-confidence!

4. The model/presenter has also proven her self-confidence by always talking unreservedly about herself. The stunner calls herself the “sexy girl” of Mexican Television. And of course, there is no denying that she suits this description.

5. Although it seems Jimena gained prominence by chance, the Mexican reporter had always loved fame. As a young girl, she studied acting with hopes of being on TV. However, she dropped out halfway through to build her blog alongside her friends.

6. Sanchez’s hot body is hard to miss on a first glance. Normally for someone with such a nice body, you would think that she works out consistently and follows a certain diet plan to maintain her figure. However, the sports reporter doesn’t do all that. According to her, she hates working out and oddly, loves to eat.

7. Jimena Sanchez is apparently not on the tall side. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs between 50 to 55 kg. She has an hourglass figure with her bust and waist measuring 35 inches and 26 inches respectively. Her hips measure 37 inches. What’s more into the mix is her stunning black hair, dark brown eyes, and overall gorgeous look.

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